Pandora The First Woman of Greek Mythology

Do you wonder some times why we suffer so badly and why there is so much heart ache, blood shed, greed, death, old age and the list goes on and on.

Could there be some type of truth, that is in the legend of Pandora herself and the box or urn that was given to her. The name Pandora means “the one who bares all”. Pithos pandora's box

Today opening Pandora’s box means to create or unleash evil that can not be undone. The Pandora’s box was really a large Urn or jar (pithos) meaning all gifted.

In the Ancient Greek Mythology the First woman to ever walk on Earth was named Pandora and was used as a secret weapon against mankind.

Epimethius and Prometheus were Titans of Olympus was ordered by Lord Zeus to take a special gift to every animal on earth. Epimethius had gotten to the last animal which was mankind and he had nothing left to give to him. Prometheus, was gifted with foresight and with this gift he was able to steal fire …

The Sisters of Fate Of Greek Mythology

From the goddess Themis and The Great Lord Zeus was born three very lovely daughters, or at least they were at the time. As time passed they were known as the three ugly hags of destiny who dressed in white robes and sat by the throne of Zeus.

Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos

The names of these daughters were; Clotho, who combed and spun the wool yarn life of man, Lachesis was to measure the length that was given to each and every living being which was their life form, and last but not least was Atropos who is the oldest and smallest of the three sisters.  Atropos was also known as the Goddess of Death and was the one that did the final thing and snipped the yarn. When this was done the man to which the yarn was attached to died.


Zeus being the main God and the father of these ladies even had the fates kill men due to wanting his own revenge.  He was also known to command the fates …

Poseidon Pictures and Info

Here you  will  see art work of Poseidon,  his wife,  and siblings as well as  statues and coins. You can buy some of this art work and coins at many places such as e bay( and amazon and other places.

Some of this art work dates back as far as the 4th BCE (before Christ existence)

Amphitrite And her husband Poseidon.  They look very much in love,  but he had so many lovers and affairs… including with his own sisters.

This is just one of many of the coins that has The God of the Seas on it. From what I can find, it looks like these coins date back from 264 BCE (before Christ existence) to 37 ACD (After Christs Death)

Amymone was the princess of Argos.
She was a wife and was loved by Poseidon. She was a Water Nymph and was said to be very beautiful.   It is believed she was the only woman that Poseidon really did love… but that is another story.

Most of the Greek Gods and Goddesses have …