Scylla Of Greek Mythology

There were two Greek legends of Scylla but both are different. But both have been turned to the sea after being transformed. One was transformed to be tortured forever and the other was transformed and tortures every thing.

One was the princess of Megara. King Nisus was her father and was immortal as long as he kept his lock of red hair within his white hair upon his head. King Minos of Crete decided to attack Megara and to kill King Nisus, But Nisus knew that he would win this battle because he still had his lock of red hair and was undefeatable. The Princess fell in love the King of Crete and decided to help him kill her father.  She felt like she had to prove her love to the King and drugged her father then waited for him to fall asleep then cut the lock of red hair from his head which would mean that he was doomed for death. After Nisus death the kingdom of Megara fell into the hands of the …

Poseidon Pictures and Info

Here you  will  see art work of Poseidon,  his wife,  and siblings as well as  statues and coins. You can buy some of this art work and coins at many places such as e bay( and amazon and other places.

Some of this art work dates back as far as the 4th BCE (before Christ existence)

Amphitrite And her husband Poseidon.  They look very much in love,  but he had so many lovers and affairs… including with his own sisters.

This is just one of many of the coins that has The God of the Seas on it. From what I can find, it looks like these coins date back from 264 BCE (before Christ existence) to 37 ACD (After Christs Death)

Amymone was the princess of Argos.
She was a wife and was loved by Poseidon. She was a Water Nymph and was said to be very beautiful.   It is believed she was the only woman that Poseidon really did love… but that is another story.

Most of the Greek Gods and Goddesses have …

God Poseidon Of the Sea’s

Poseidon is the god of all waters, fresh and salt as well as of the horses and earth quakes too, and is a brother to the great Zeus and to Hades. he is the son of the Great Cronus and Rheia. Poseidon was older then Zeus as well.poseidon140

After their father Cronus was over thrown Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon divvied up what would be ruled by them. Zeus got the sky’s, Hades got to be the ruler of the under world and he got this his watery domain.

His weapon was what is called the Trident which many has said that the pitch fork that is link with the Devil when held upside down resembles Poseidon’s weapon the Trident.

So even parts of Poseidon is linked to the bible

Poseidon was the the second supreme God of Mount Olympus but he would always prefer to stay in his water kingdom.

When sailors would go on a voyage they would rely on Poseidon to keep them safe and secure they would some times make sacrifices of …