Health Facts

It was in 1945  when the US did the atomic bombings on Hiroshima and Nagasaki,  Japan. 65 years later, and  people are  dying from the radiation to this day.

Are you a smoker?   Do you feel well rested after a nights sleep? It has been proven that smokers feel up to four times more unrested  after a full nights sleep than one who doesn’t  smoke. Wow!   I need to quit smoking. I deal with kids and I need some good sleep.

Allergy advice:  By simply rinsing your nose out with lukewarm  salt water every day, you can help  keep your immune system up.   It  is said to help ward off those terrible allergies.

Pain medications are not as good as having sex.
Sex is a great pain reliever and happens to be ten time more powerful then Valium. Sex can also help to bring fevers down due to the sweat that is worked. The reason for this is right before a person has a orgasm the hormone oxygen goes up to about five times the …