Things I Love

1 Those early morning moments alone for prayer time and coffee; my new, vivid blue bedroom walls; early ’70’s Corvettes; mopping my floors with lavender-scented cleaner; toasting wieners and marshmallows over a bonfire in fall; lemon and rosemary roasted chicken; old Bette Davis and Joan Crawford movies; my nephew’s sharp wit; and working on a project with my mom and Aunt Ruth when they get goofy.

2 Leaving my kitchen window open so I can hear my daughter’s giggles when she jumps on the trampoline; riding the roller coasters at Kings Island; giving myself a pedicure and ending with hot pink nail polish; fresh fish, dipped in cornmeal and fried over a campfire; reading anything I can find on Cleopatra; Obsession cologne; going to Keenland in the fall just to take in the sights; homemade potato soup with bacon; and getting silly on FB with my friends.

3 Homemade peanut butter fudge; sleeping with my window open on summer nights, listening to the frogs; that “new car” smell; watching old Carol Burnett skits; going bowling with the kids because I always win; creeping the walls of my FB friends; licking the spoon after making brownie batter; history of the Tudor dynasty; lounging in a hammock; and natural-grain hardwood floors.

4 The courtroom scene from TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD; drinking “Totally Nuts” coffee at my kitchen table and chatting with an old friend; getting surprise packages in the mail; finding money I didn’t know I had in a forgotten jacket pocket; reading handwritten notes and cards; splashing barefoot in rain puddles; the scent of fresh-cut grass; crispy chicken, fried in a cast-iron skillet; and seeing my girl dolled up in her new Easter dress.

5 Wearing flannel pajamas on cool nights; the scent of wild honeysuckle by my back steps; my girls’ pink and purple “retro” bedroom; having an entire evening to myself to just read; eating popcorn and watching Gone with the Wind for the gazillionth time; seeing my mom wear the hat and scarf I crocheted her for Christmas; the cloud of violet blooms, bursting forth on Mom’s tulip tree; and homemade quilts.

6 The scent of a freshly-painted room; a hard, spring rain; buckwheat pancakes with maple syrup; cooking a big meal for friends; wind chimes; the way my hair feels after a fresh cut; Civil War history; watching the dog prance after she’s been groomed and knows she’s pretty; hearing Mark Tabata preach; and using Johnson’s Baby Lotion after a long, hot shower.

7 My friend, Anna’s amazing nature photos; funky flip-flops; playing on my new blog; having my first, new car ever, that I don’t have to share; listening to the rain on a tin roof; seeing the sunlight on my girl’s hair when it’s first washed, watching hummingbirds at the feeder; and bacon.

8 Peasant blouses in bright colors; sleeping on clean, crisp sheets right after shaving my legs; sitting on the deck after dark, watching hundreds of lightning bugs put on a fireworks display; turquoise and silver jewelry; Birkenstock sandals; swinging on the park swings that have long chains; that look my brother gives me when I do something he considers weird, and taking a bubble bath by candle light, while listening to Motown.

9 Anticipating The Hatfield”s and McCoy”s coming out on DVD; making something beautiful and useful out of other people’s throw-a ways; panda bears; catching a rare glimpse of bluebirds from my back porch; my girl’s framed works of “puzzle art” hanging in my den; the “look” you can only get from a golden retriever; beefsteak tomatoes, still warm from the garden; driving to work on a cool morning with the windows down, getting story ideas from the characters in my life.

10 The crooked hearts on my hand-drawn Mother’s Day card I just got; marcasite jewelry; handbags made of soft, supple leather; playing Hello Kitty Monopoly with my girl; men who enjoy cooking; old-fashioned, apple, stack cake; the time I went to an outdoor Jethro Tull concert and got so excited at the flute music that I embarrassed my guy-friends; Gregory Peck’s portrayal of Lincoln; a dog’s “grin,” and psychedelic, fuzzy socks.

Written by Debbie Hoskins Dunaway 2012 she also does her stuff on

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