Summer Vacation

It was the summer of 2007, in June, and my sister, my cousin, my friend Riley, and I were all jumping on the trampoline outside in the back. We were having a great time, then I suggested that we should have a sense (considering we were all into the paranormal and ghosts and stuff), everyone agreed, but we decided to jump a little longer. So we continued having fun, when my friend Riley glanced at the back sliding glass door to the basement, and screamed. We all looked over at the door, but saw nothing.

“What’s wrong?” We asked.

She shivered and said that she had seen two pale, transparent figures in the window. She wasn’t afraid of ghosts, but she said that their faces were only a shadow, so she couldn’t see their faces, but she could sense them watching her. She said that there was a girl, about mid 20 or 30s, and a young boy, about 8-10.

We were all kind of shaky, but we sat down on the trampoline and decided to continue talking, trying to forget what just happened. Then Riley jumped and said “ow” quietly.

“What?” I asked. “Something poked me in the back.” She said turning around.
I shrugged. “Seriously, you come sit here Steph.” she said to my cousin.

Stephanie got up and sat down where Riley had been. A shocked look crossed her face and she reached around to her back, turning around.

We all got pretty freaked, so we decided to go inside, as long as it wasn’t through the back door, so we walked around front. We went inside and went to the living room, turning on the light.

I went into the kitchen calling out “Anyone else want a marshmallow?”

Everyone said no, so I got out two giant marshmallows and started squishing them together, then I went back into the living room and plopped down on the big comfy chair, still squishing my marshmallow (it was something I enjoyed while I was deeply thinking, and it tasted good aft.

We started talking about what just happened, and Riley got a little jumpy because she was sitting on the couch by the window and it was getting dark outside, so I switched places with Riley. I was sharing the couch with my younger sister, Tinisha, and my cousin Stephanie, was in a rocking chair facing the couch and chair.

Riley asked if we could close the curtain because it was freaking her out, so we did.

Riley and Stephanie were freaking out but my sister and I kinda chuckled, we were used to the house, we lived in it after all.

Stephanie got freaked out, so she went and sat with Riley on the big chair, we talked for a bit about what happened on the trampoline, and I periodically went to the kitchen to get marshmallows to make me feel better,and chocolate milk for everyone. While I was in the kitchen Tinisha jumped and said that she had seen Stephanie’s face look like an elderly lady’s face, for a second, then it was back to normal.

I came back in and Stephanie moved back to the rocking chair, Riley moved back to the couch, and I moved back to the chair (so we’re back where we started). Then Riley saw a silluette of some people standing behind the rocking chair. Riley and I switched places again (so I was on the couch, Riley was on the chair). Riley asked if we could have a sign to know if there were accually others in the room, a smell, an noise or something, then she laughed a bit and said “How about the smell of pizza!” And a few seconds after she said that, the smell of stale cardboad pizza filled the room. We talked a bit more and Riley and Stephanie were giggling and laughing, then all of a sudden Tinisha started crying. She kept crying and mummbling something about a fire, we asked her a few questions, like her name, what she looked like, and stuff like that, we couldn’t really understand her answers, but we thought for sure that she was possessed by one of the ghosts.

We thought she had died in a fire, but she said that her grandson, Damend, had died in a fire and she was supposed to be watching him, but because he was around 8, she didn’t think he needed as much supervison, so had let him roam the house. A fire had started and she got out, thinking Damend had too, but when she looked up, she could see him in the window, crying. That’s when he died.

Soon Tinisha stopped crying, but Riley had started crying and said that she couldn’t move the bottom half of her legs, as if someone was holding her down. She said the hands got tighter and tighter, and she started crying from the pain, while everyone crouded around her, except me, I stayed in the couch, watching all this. We felt the presence of the elderly lady, but another one was holding her back, but it seemed like she got away from it because the pain was pushed away from Riley.

After a while, we started taking about it all, and Tinisha said “I think the grandmother was being held back by a father, or step- father, but it was definatly a male and was in the army at one point of his life.” she continued, “And also that the person that was being held down (who was being ‘played’ by Riley) was someone who was younger then the elderly woman, and the elderly woman knew something was happning to her, so she faught back and went to the younger girls aid.” She also thought that the people who were holding her down were two doctors, one was holding her and hurting her for the joyment in it, but the other was kind of forced to. And that the younger woman was probably the Damend’s mother. We were talking more, then Stephanie gave a small scream and covered her face. When we asked what was wrong she said that she had felt a hand trying to wipe one of her tears away (because she had been crying). Riley started laughing and joked, “I think Damend wants to dance with you!”

We continued talking and stuff, I slid down to the ground and picked up a balloon from Tinisha’s birthday party a few weeks ago, and I felt a tugging on it. I laughed a bit and knew it was Damend, so I played with him for a bit. Then my dad came in and said that it was time for bed.

That night, we think that everyone present who no longer had a body and a pulse, had moved on, except Damend and his grandmother. Every now and then, we can still sence their presence near. A warm calming presence.

Contributed by Tianna and Copyright © 2009 Best Of all Topics all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission. Thank you Tianna

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