Some Thing In The Woods

Well my story takes place in northern Manitoba in a little reserve called Norway house. It was just an ordinary day out with my friends at first we were skateboarding and got bored so we got some hot dogs and had a wiener roast. It was just me, Melissa, Heather, Brain, Greg, Travis, Jordan, and Marissa.

It was spring and there was three feet of snow left but it was still chilly and cold out. We were hanging out on a rock behind a few trees so people would not see us to much or bother us in any way. The rock we were on was beside a river.

Well after we had hot dogs we sat around on this rock. Just hanging out playing on the ice. After a while it got dark out but we stayed anyways just to hang out alittle longer. But one of my friends, Brain had to go home because he was not aloud to stay out late because of his grandpa, so he went home. A few hours later when things started to happen it was around 10pm.

At first it was lights moving all over the place, so we got freaked out and decided to leave. We put out the fire and started our walk through the woods. Once we finally came to the road Jordan,Melissa,and Greg forgot the skateboards so Jordan and Greg left to get them. We told them that we will wait on the rock that was close to the road. A little while later we felt like we were being watched and it was hard to breath then Jordan and Greg started yelling for us to met them in the middle so Melissa and Travis went and left me and Marissa there.

Five minutes later my sister and cousin showed up looking for us. We got kind of annoyed because the other group didn’t show up yet so I called Melissa and asked where they were and she told me they were on the trail coming to us so I said ok and hung up. A few minutes later we started walking on the trail to meet them but didn’t meet up with them then all of a sudden Greg came running up the hill looking freaked out of his mind and he was scared of us and ran away.

Then as soon as he was far off something started throwing sticks and rocks at us at first we thought it was the other group so we started yelling at them to stop at that same moment Melissa phoned me and asked where we were so I told her and asked where she was and she told she was at the road and I could hear everyone in the background laughing and yelling and yet these objects were still being thrown so we got all freaked out and I told Melissa what was going on so they said to stay on the trail that they were coming to meet us and to see what was going on.

Before she hung up I asked her if Greg was with her and she said yes why? But I asked if he left her at all and she answered no so I said ok just get out of here now!

And we all just ran but some how we all got split up and I was alone. So I tried to find a trail out of the woods then Greg appeared so I asked where everyone is and he told me they were all waiting for us at the rock so I said ok lets go then he just stood there looking at me all strange then out of no where he screamed and ran away. That terrified me so I kept walking and yelling for anyone to help me. Suddenly two weird looking things came in front of me and moved around in the weirdest way making whispering sounds to each other.

Written by Jessica Menow, Copyright 2010

2 thoughts on “Some Thing In The Woods”

  1. Jessica,

    Would you wage a guess at all as to what the two weird looking things were on the night you’ve written about?

    This sounds like a terrible experience! I’m glad you got out of there and had someone to come pick you and your friends up that night.

  2. sounds like it could have been something very old. like what the native americans would know. i can’t rememember what but something like a elemental. canada is full of american indian land. thanks slone:)

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