Pros And Freedoms To Home Schooling Your Children

homeschool2First of all, No one wants to have a certain time to go to bed, especially kids and no one enjoys getting up early in the morning, having any wheres from 15 to 30 minutes to get completely woken up dressed then gather all of their things up and head out in the cold or rain waiting for a bus or being driven to school to start the days all over again.

Next, all kids would love to be able to be in their PJ’s and do school work in the comfort of their own home.  Also this is a proven fact your child(ren) are 100% more rested then when they are in public school. When in public school they have to go to bed at a certain time and get up at a certain five days a week. Making them more tiered then ever.

Now Days it is 100 times easier to get access to learning materials for all ages. It is so easy to search for educational things online and a lot of every thing you need, you can get for free or very little cost to you. Here are several great websites that Use daily for my days.

So no, you do not have to pay for a school or work sheets. You can also take the extra time saving your ink for your printer and copy the work sheets in hand writing and it is just as good as a printed one.

I have spoken to many people about the Ky school systems and other states school systems and they have been dumb down so much that it is scary. I have heard this so many times “What do our schools teach our children now days.?” Seems as though our children are being taught as little as the school systems can get away with. Allot of articles have been written about how the school systems mainly wants to keep our children under control and being no more then slaves with very little educations.

Also I just read from a 15 year old girl that she wants to be home schooled (her words here ) “I’m a 15 year old girl currently attending a public school and I am seriously considering homeschooling. School has shaped me into a conforming mindless zombie, just what the government wants! ” The funny thing is that if you do lots of research on this matter, this is pretty much the same thing others are saying. More and more children are being home schooled every year, any from 7 to 15% a year. More then 200 million children are being home schooled.

Homeschool-Questions-Answered-Reasons-to-HomeschoolYou do not have to worry that your child will not be able to get into a collage and get a good job. In fact when they are taught at home they are allot smarter then high school grade point graduates. After they are done on home school they will need to take a GED to prove that they have the proper education to go to collage. If you are considering home school for you child(ren) and you start to try and out weigh the bad and good, I promise that the good will out weigh the bad. To be honest I have not found one bad side to home school.

In public schools there are at least thirty kids in one class room and not one of them are on the same learning abilities. Some learn fast, some learn slow, some just can not grasp things with out some one on one which they never get now days. With home school you can work your at own pace and teach your child(ren) on their level not someone else and they will get every thing that you teach and retain the knowledge.

Bullying is some thing no one wants to deal with.

Once again with this method you don’t have to worry about your child(ren) getting picked on for their clothes or hair or the way they play some thing.

Freedom is one of the best thing of it all. Freedom in how your child(ren) learns and studies. Freedom in just being free. You don’t have to plan your vacations around school hours or days worrying that you will be late to pick your child(ren) up or that you may not be home when they get home. That completely disappears. Go on vacations any time you want to. Freedom in how many hours you do your school days. States will give you a guide line on how many hours and how many school days you should do, this is nothing more then a guide line, not saying that you have to. Making sure that you keep records of your hours and days in school is very important so no one can say that your child(ren) is not doing school work.

Summer vacations can be longer, you can also take days off with out asking any one. Child(ren) sick, you don’t have to worry about parent or doctor excuses any more or be worried that you have forgot to send one and that you may get into trouble for missed days not excused. Once again freedom complete.

imagesChildren becomes more close with family when they hit teen years, they are less likely to be rebellious or go into drugs because they have not been exposed to these kinds of things. The child(ren) will be much more closer with their family because they get to spend much more time with them then they would have in public school.

Now days our children start way to early learning about sex because our schools are teaching it to them. Don’t teach them till they are ready and they will not be interested in it. There fore you get to chose when this is taught by you and not by some stranger that you don’t really know.

When school starts you save tons of money because you don’t have to go buy special clothes for school. No cool back packs. No cool pencils and binders trapper-keepers the list can just go on and on. You will save hundreds of dollars if not thousands in just one years time.fight for home school rights

Money makes me think not only about school starting and buying all of that stuff but also the breakfasts and lunches, which is for my state five dollars a day making it be 25.00 in a weeks time, and the food that is served is never any good not in our school at least not even healthy. So home schooled children gets better food and gets to eat when they want too and how ever much they want too.

When it comes to learning. In home schools or in public schools what may take the child(ren) that is home schooled just a few hours to learn can take children a week or more to learn in public schools. Making the child(ren) learn more in a school years time in home school.


Now I want to go to some thing much more important. All of the dangerous things we hear going on in schools. Shootings taking our young children s lives that never got to live their life, drugs that are brought into the schools and many other things that are done that we don’t even hear about. Bibles not being enforced any more or aloud at that. Bringing our kids further from our God and learning about all the good that he is about.

Then with all of the bad things that goes on our kids are locked in their schools with police officers standing guard. Come on now that scares our kids. Some may not say any thing about it but it scares them and teaches them to be scared once again going back to the first thing of being under control at all times.

I chose this way because it is the best for my daughters. Not because it was the best for me which it is the best for every one in my family.

homeschool1I don’t have to worry about my children not being supervised or being taken care of. My children watching things on TV that is not appropriate for them. Learning words that will scare flies away. Learning dances that is a to every one. I could go on for ever.

The one thing that most people say is the worst thing about home school is socializing. There is all kinds of home school groups all around the world so finding these are easy and that gives your child(ren) plenty of socializing and making friends.

I hope and pray that my post will make if just one person to save their child(ren) and keep them home and safe and turn them into the people we need in the world and smart and kind and kids the are themselves and not be molded to be slaves or zombies.

One final note is this. Here is a website to check out that is free and it has every thing that you need to teach your child and is from a Christian based mother who made every thing on here and she works hard on it and it works so well. 100% free to every one. EasyPeasy all in one K-12

Written by Queenicess copyright 2014 no parts may be used with out permission.

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