Pandora The First Woman of Greek Mythology

Do you wonder some times why we suffer so badly and why there is so much heart ache, blood shed, greed, death, old age and the list goes on and on.

Could there be some type of truth, that is in the legend of Pandora herself and the box or urn that was given to her. The name Pandora means “the one who bares all”. Pithos pandora's box

Today opening Pandora’s box means to create or unleash evil that can not be undone. The Pandora’s box was really a large Urn or jar (pithos) meaning all gifted.

In the Ancient Greek Mythology the First woman to ever walk on Earth was named Pandora and was used as a secret weapon against mankind.

Epimethius and Prometheus were Titans of Olympus was ordered by Lord Zeus to take a special gift to every animal on earth. Epimethius had gotten to the last animal which was mankind and he had nothing left to give to him. Prometheus, was gifted with foresight and with this gift he was able to steal fire from the gods as he tricked Zeus he hid the fire within a hollow stalk of a fennel plant. Upon Prometheus giving man fire from Mt.Olympus he then gave a firm warning to Epimethius not to take any thing at all from the heavens above for he said to Epimethius that it would be a trick and that mankind would suffer very much.

Soon Zeus found out about this and was so furious about Prometheus giving fire to man.

He had decided to punish both Prometheus and man kind.
The Titans are immortal beings so Prometheus was sentenced to be bound above the Olympian Fire and have an Eagle to eat out his liver every day and every day it would grow back just so he would have to go through the same torment over and over every day for all eternity for the theft of fire.

As for mans punishment Zeus had a woman created, a woman that look like a goddess. She was extraordinary as well as beautiful.

pandora and her box after she was ready to be given away
pandora and her box after she was ready to be given away

She was made from clay by Hephaestus the God of craftsman every god and goddess were ordered  give her a certain some thing to make her perfect. Aphrodite taught Pandora how to be feminine and perfect as a woman should be. She was taught crafts and making things by weaving by Athena. Apollo gave her the gift of music while Hermes taught her how to be deceitful but also he taught her how to be curious.

A painting of the Making of Pandora
A painting of the Making of Pandora

Last but not least her final gift was from the great Lord of the Gods himself. It was a box or an urn that was full of our worst night mares. Pandora was told not to ever open the box, for if she did then havoc would rain down on man. So she knew that is was forbidden to open this.

Within this container was toil, illness, hardship all things that would bring mankind against each other and cause havoc in the world as we know it today. But Athena had placed some thing else inside the pithos, that was hope, it was placed at the very bottom of the box.

After Pandora was ready be given as a gift to Epimethius, Hermes took Pandora down and presented her to Epimethius for him to take her as his wife, being a kind and honest man as Epimethius was and not to mention that he had forgotten what his brother had told him about accepting gifts from the heavens he  took Pandora in his arms and made her his wife.

With all of the fine gifts the Gods and Goddesses had given her, Epimethius could never have thought that she would have been the fate of mankind. She was perfect and beautiful. Epimethius loved her very much but he was not home allot of times because he was tending to his humans.

Due to the gift that Hermes had taught her about being curious she often wondered what was within the pithos but never opened it. One night she was alone again and could not resist opening it as she did many times before.
Before this night humans never knew about illnesses, disasters no one knew of any type of catastrophes they only knew happiness and lived in peace and harmony.

pandora closing the box
pandora closing the box

This time she open it and what she seen inside crushed her so much for what she saw was so terrible that she hurried and tried to close it but it was to late all of the sufferings and illness and every other thing that was bad had escaped the container but one thing was left inside and that was hope. It did not escape.

Athena placed hope in the bottom because she did not want to see humans perish in the rage of Zeus and wanted some thing left for mankind to hold onto. This is why we can still go on because we still have hope and even though things may look so bad we still hope that things will get better and that is our high light for why we are still here on earth.

There are many others that says and it does make allot of sense. We never knew any of the badness till Pandora open the container so if hope did not escape how would we have it then? If it was left inside then we would never know what hope was and there fore would not have it. It may have been that Athena placed hope inside with out Zeus knowing it knowing that it would help us to survive.

Hope is mankind’s comfort. It has even been said that it was Foreboding that was left with in the box. If that were to have escaped then we would not survive because we would see every thing that was going to happen, with every living day humans would live in misery knowing what was to happen and that it was another day closer. But what about those that can do that. See the future and know what is going to happen. Did maybe some of Foreboding get out just not all. Maybe enough for some to get hold of?

 This myth has many holes in it but yet it holds truth to it as well. Just what was left inside the pithos. One that has never been thought of is truth, many of us wants the truth about how we came about and this and that other life forms could it have been truth that was left in the bottom. Was it left inside to keep us in the dark and in the power of the gods? Some thing to think about.

After the box was opened it was never mentioned again in any myth so no one knows what happened to it afterwards.

The legend of the Pandora’s box has always amazed man and makes ones like me  just wonder if there is some kind of truth to it.

One More thing is that the Best Part is, we still have fire.

Written By Tasha Slone copyright 2010

all rights reservered.

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