Only One Experience Ouija Board

I’ve had one experience with a Ouija board, and I won’t ever try it again. The reason? I don’t need to.

My experience wasn’t hurtful, angry, or frightening in any way. I know there are a lot of negative stories concerning Ouija boards, but I just wanted to leave one light story to remind everyone that not all Ouija boards want to kill your babies.

My mother, two sisters and I all bought a Ouija board, having stupidly done no research for it. We set it up, and before long, it had started to cooperate.

Now, I’m a total atheist, but the paranormal interests me no end. Do I believe in ghosts or spirits? Hard to say. But when we asked the name of the Ouija board spirit it revealed itself to be a woman named Avril, who’d lived in out house before we did. And she was nice. We asked her a couple of frivolous questions, about how old she was or when she’s died, or whatever. The answers were straightforward, and direct.

We did not ask her if she was a good or bad spirit, or if she wanted to hurt us. We didn’t goad her into becoming angry or vengeful. We did it in the middle of the afternoon, on the kitchen table, and before we asked her anything we told her that we were respectful and were only interested, not wanting to pry. As soon as she said ‘Goodbye’, we packed up the board and left it.

Handling Ouija boards, I think, is about handling whatever comes along with it. I suppose it did kind of convince me about the existence of spirits, because after a lot of close observation, I knew no one was pranking, and I didn’t look scornfully or skeptically upon it. The trick is to be respectful, open minded, and take it as it comes.

Sent in by Your Spirit Guide, Copyright 2010

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