My sister sees ghosts

This all happened last week. I was babysitting my little sister while my mum was outside gardening. My sister was playing with her favorite toy, her Lego blocks as usual when she stopped for a second and stared. She looked like as if she was trying to listen to something. I was surprised because my little sister is 18 months and she hardly focuses on anything but her Lego blocks. So I watched her concentrate on what she was doing. Then she quickly got up and ran down the hallway. I followed her and stood at one end of the hallway. I hate the hallway because the doors always slam on me when I go past them even on boiling hot days. My sister continued running down the hallway till she got to the end then she stopped and stared. Then I hear a big “BOO!” and she runs to me screaming I pick her up quickly and ran into the lounge room away from the hallway. The “boo” sounded like a deep man’s voice. I thought I was hearing stuff from those silly movies were the ghosts jump out and say “boo” but the fact that my sister heard it to was a bit strange so I talked her into going back down the hallway with me by her side. She finally agreed after me begging her to go back down with me. This time I held her hand and went down with her. She stopped me at the end of the hallway like last time and we both stopped and I stared in the same direction as she did before but this time I could see why she was staring. A face was developing in the wall.

I stood there horrified still staring when it suddenly said “BOO!” this time I knew it wasn’t from those silly movies my sister was about to scream when I pushed her behind me and then I said “LEAVE MY SISTER ALONE YOU BIG BULLY!” of course I wanted to swear at it but I didn’t want my sister to take my words so I continued yelling at it. I said “WHY DON’T YOU JUST DIE AND LEAVE EVERY ONE ALONE YOU ANNOYING JERK!!” The face then turned into an angry face and I started to get scared but then I quickly shouted “GO TO HELL!!” Then the face turned into a straight face. My sister then said to me “I feel cold” so I picked her up and then said to her “I’ll take care of this annoying person” and I once again shouted “GO TO HELL!” then I kicked the face that was on the wall and as soon as my foot released from the wall it was gone. So I walked back to the lounge room and put my sister down near her Lego blocks and played with her till I thought she forgot about this problem.

I have got to admit I felt like a pretty good big sister after that problem. Then my sister looked up at me and said “Your the bravest sister in der world” and if the ghost is watching me from hell type this I hope it will stay down there!

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