My friends Haunting story

I was fifteen and I had one really good friend. Her name was Kesha. We’d been good friends since we were in nursery and then we were living in a hotel with my parents as her parents had passed away.
One night me and Kesha went to bed at about 9:30 because we were really tired. It was midnight now and I was fast asleep when I got woke up by Kesha screaming. I asked what the matter was. She said she was having a nightmare of her parents coming to haunt her in the night. She really didn’t get on with her parents as they used to be nasty to her. So I got out of bed and turned the light on. Kesha was now shaking and she went pale. She started to cry. So I went and fetched my mum and dad.
When we returned into the room we saw Kesha. She was rolling around on the floor. We asked her what she was doing. She didn’t reply so my mum called the ambulance. When the ambulance arrived they said it might not be anything we could sort out. My dad asked them what they were on about. They said they were talking about calling a medium.
The next day we went to see a medium and she said that Kesha was being paralyzed by her parents in her dreams and she would have to sleep with a little lamp by her bed. The following night we did as the medium had said to do but it didn’t work at all. In fact Kesha wasn’t paralyzed in her dreams it was for real. I was exhausted so I had my ear plugs in and my night mask on so I couldn’t hear or see anything.
The next morning Kesha had told us that she had a nightmare again. She told us all about it that she heard some talking in the night so she opened her eyes and there stood two ghostly figures. She started to scream but the shadows wouldn’t let her. She said the male like figure put his hand over her mouth to stop her screaming while the female like figure grabbed one arm and one leg and started to pull her out of bed.
While me and Kesha were getting dressed I noticed a couple of bruises on her body. I asked her where they were from. She said she didn’t know and both me and Kesha had never seen them on her before.
We see now that that night was actually real but Kesha thought it was just a bad dream as all the others she’s had.
Written by Miley Gladwin, Copyright 2010

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  1. I would go to different churches and find some people that know about exorcism-type stuff and get them to pray over her and help her find protection from these things.

    In many stories I have read of people praying to Jesus to get rid of spirits like this and apparently it works very well. I think it’s because your friend is ‘open’ somehow to this experience that it is troubling her, so it’s probably time to get some good and powerful people to help her, not just some lousy medium.

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