Mike the Miracle headless chicken

Can a chicken live for a long period of time with out its head? Looks like they can.   Usually this is not really the case… they can stagger around for no more then 60 to some times 90 seconds due to the nerves jerking.

A rooster in  Fruita, Colorado on September 10th of 1945 named Mike lived for a total of 18 months and he was headless or nearly so. WOW I bet he  ran into walls. Wonder how he ate?   That is a very fascinating thing,  and so many things goes through your head on how and why this might  happen. Here is  how it did  happen.

Mike the Miracle headless chicken
Mike the Miracle headless chicken

Lloyd Olsen was sent out by his wife to get a nice pan fryer.   Keeping  in mind that his  mother-n-law (who loved chicken necks)  was coming for dinner, and  he wanted to be on her good side,  he tried to get high enough on the neck so there would be a nice neck piece for his dear mother-n-law.

When Mike was beheaded by his owner (Lloyd Olsen) the farmer misjudged how he did this and he went too high.   A very large part of the chicken’s brain and brain stem was left intact,  as well as an ear…so Mike was not beheaded completely. There was also a blood clot that blocked off  the main artery and kept poor Mike from bleeding out to his death. He was a healthy chicken and carried on with his every day life. Right after this happen Mike was determine to live I guess and he quickly shook of what had happened  and went on with his business as if nothing ever happened.

Lloyd Olsen fed Mike with a dropper every day.   He was given grain and water through this dropper, he went from a 2 1/2 pound chicken to a whopping eight pound chicken. He was a very famous chicken and was valued at a whopping 10,000 dollars.   He had the same insurance on him and was used for side shows.    One day on the way home from a road trip from one of his road side shows poor Mike choked to death in the middle of the night due to the fact the eye dropper was unable to be located and his esophagus closed off.    Poor Miracle Mike passed on at a Arizona Desert Motel.

Every one in Fruita, Colorado remembers Mike on the third weekend of May with a big celebration that consists of a car show, chicken some great entertainment, chicken, games,  eating contests,  more chicken, Mikes Market,  and much more. It is just a great all around family fun festival.

written By T.L.Slone copy right 2010 www.BestOfAllTopics.com

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