Marijuana Comes in More Than Just One Flavor!

Many people assume that a marijuana plant is a marijuana plant, they’re all alike. But, nothing could be farther from the truth. In reality there’s really no way of knowing how many different strains of marijuana there is. It is known that there are at least a thousand different strains and more being hybrid on a regular basis.

The numerous strains can be placed in one of either two basic categories, Sativa and Indica. Many of the strains of marijuana available are actually a combination of the two in growers attempts to combine the best of both plants into one.

Sativa plants grow much taller than Indicas and are usually bigger in width as well. And, since the plant is bigger so are the buds, but they are generally not as dense as the buds from Indica varieties. They usually take at least nine or ten weeks to flower and the buds are also not as aromatic as the Indica plants buds.

The Indica variety are bushier plants that have smaller buds. But, the buds tend to be more dense and have a more prominent smell. They will flower much quicker than Sativas and normally go through a six to nine week flowering period.

Since the plants are so different so are the effects that they have when smoked. If you’re going for a giggly, energetic feeling choose the Sativas, they offer a more cerebral high. Indicas are widely known to enhance senses such as taste, smell and sound, but they give you more of a stoned, relaxed feeling.

White Widow is probably the most popular strain of marijuana there is. It’s also one of the strongest strains there is in the entire world with THC levels reaching about 20%. Another one of the most potent plants is Northern Lights. It’s very popular for it’s yield ratio of low leaf and high flower.

Whatever your taste or style, there’s a marijuana strain that will meet your every expectation! And, if you want a little more fun in the taste, you can even try the bubblegum flavored marijuana. It has a sweet aroma and actually tastes almost like bubblegum!

Written by Connie Corder, Copyright 2010

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