Just What is The Wendigo?

Has any one ever heard of the Wendigo,  or maybe seen one?

Well to be honest I had never heard of it until I was browsing around on a forum and some one there  brought it up.
It is a very intriguing creature.

It is not as well known as some other legends,  but with this read you will know more about it.

Some may know of this creature by a movie that was released in 2001 called The Algernon Blackwood Story,  or may have seen it in comic books.

The wendigo legend has a long history behind it.
It came  from folklore and many Native American tribes mostly from the Algonquian people.

How ever it is concerned as many things some says that it is like a Werewolf or a reptile.

Many even gets the two names wendigo and windigo mixed up. The Wendigo is the creature and the windigo is a spirit.

Allot of people say that the wendigo is just a version of Sasquatch and Bigfoot.

The creature is more like a combination of a werewolf, Bigfoot and a troll. It is a man- beast that lives in a forest alone and feeds on human flesh…usually  the flesh from kids.

This thing is believed to be  a human. It is said that the reason for a human being to be transformed into a wendigo is if the human has fed on human flesh before.  It is then possessed by an evil spirit, and the transformation will take place.   Human flesh is all it can eat from that time on.

It has been suggested that this was just a tale that was made up in order to prevent the tribes from becoming cannibals during the times that food was in short supply.

Also many have said that if you are bitten by a wendigo then you will start to crave human flesh. After a period of time the person will soon be possessed by the evil spirit and and there is no cure at all. So in other words don’t get near one where it can take a bit out of you or you will be DOOMED.

It has been called the spirit of the lonely places.
It does live alone in dark wooded areas and will hide while it stalks you silently just out of sight and bids its time until it has you in the right spot… then it will pounce on you and  feed on your flesh.

A question has been asked if this is just a myth. This really can not be true because the wendigo is in the cryptozoology section and as most people know,  Crytpids are not myths but are real creatures that stay hidden.

Many sightings has been reported and many disappearances has been linked to and blamed on the wendigo.
The wendigo is sort of  based on a Bigfoot like creature.

The wendigo has been sighted mostly in the colder parts of the USA.
The most reported sightings have been in Minnesota where it is believed that the creature dwells in the woods there.

The sightings started to become more common in the early twentieth century which is what may have gave the idea for the Movie Algernon Blackwood.

With all of this the question I have for you is, going by what you have just read and knowing where the creature has been seen the most…in the colder parts of the world…where the Yeti has also had the most sightings.  Could it be  possible that this creature is some how related to the Yeti and Bigfoot?

Who knows for sure…but  with all of the different legends that go with this creature what do you think about this?

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