Jesus Was a Living Breathing Man

I know some of you are not religious or believe in God ok, I’m not going to start witnessing to you but I just want to share with you some historical facts and some advice that may help you greatly.

Let’s put aside that the bible is holy scripture ok and look at it as a historical document. There are 5 sources outside of the bible by historians of the second century that witness to the events of a man called Jesus. These historians were adversaries of the Christian faith, they worked for the Roman Empire and the documents they created can be found in museums and religious archives that collaborate:

(1) Jesus was a living breathing man
(2) Jesus performed miraculous things
(3) Jesus was tried by a roman governor Pilate and sentence to be crucified
(4) Jesus was seen alive by 500 witness at one time and for 40 days after confirmed dead

Now to the bible. Remember we are looking at the bible as a historical document. In the Bible are documented many things from healing s to exorcisms.

The only demon named in the bible was legion. When Jesus crossed over the lake a demon possessed man, that was unable to be bound and was living in the tombs, ran up to Jesus and begged him not to cast them back to the hell. Jesus asked his name and the demon said “I am legion for we are many,” they asked to be cast into a herd of swine and Jesus did. The herd of swine immediately ran down the hill into the sea and drowned. The farmers witnessed it and ran to town and told the people of the town what had happened. They came and found the demon possessed man clothed and in his right mind. They were afraid and asked Jesus to leave. The once possessed man wanted to go with him but Jesus told him to stay and share what he had done.

The Bible also documents that a man who was not with Jesus and the apostles, was casting out demons and unclean spirits using Jesus name and the apostles went to stop him and Jesus said don’t for if he is doing these things in my name he cant be against us (meaning he didn’t know Jesus but he understood the power of calling on his name) and found it effective.

Even the apostles came across an unclean spirit they couldn’t cast out and Jesus told them this kind of dumb spirit you must fast and pray to cast out (so the power of prayer in Jesus name).

Now here is the advice that will help you even if you don’t believe or know Jesus the son of god he knows you. Try shouting these words when “paranormal” things happen – “In the name of Jesus the son of God depart and Jesus rebuke you!” I found out first hand how well it works.

Please understand I’m not trying to convert you I really want you to be able to help you and all I can do share what I know with out doubt works.

Sent in by Chris McDowell Copyright 2011

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