Is There Hope for the Legalization of Marijuana?

For the first time in about a quarter of a century, legalization of marijuana has actually been brought up before Congress! Some legislators are urging that penalties for marijuana use and possession be abolished for anyone that is holding under 100 grams!

If the legislation goes through, you would be able to have around a fourth of a pound of marijuana in your possession without being arrested or fined! Lawmakers stressed that responsible adult usage of marijuana should not be illegal!

The arrest statistics for marijuana use are staggering! Since 1965, over 20 million arrests have been made relating to marijuana and 11 million of those have been since 1990! In the United States some one is arrested for marijuana on an average of every 38 seconds!

Under current laws, marijuana users face much more than just prison time and large fines. A conviction can lead to loss of jobs and any type of government financial aid such as college aid, food-stamps, welfare, medical benefits and low income housing aid. And, in many cases even homes and vehicles are seized by the government.

One legislator stated that the marijuana laws are one of the biggest criminal injustices that exists in America. And, another called it immoral and inhumane in regard to it’s use in helping people who suffer from medical afflictions and chronic pain.

While this is a huge step and a glimmer of hope for the legalization of marijuana it would not affect all the laws. The laws pertaining to growing the plant, importation, exportation and selling marijuana will still remain in effect. And, state laws will still pretty much be left up to each individual state to enact as they see fit.

Finally, some people in authority are starting to realize that the amount of time and money wasted by police enforcement on marijuana could be best spent on the many violent, deadly drugs floating around our streets. It might seem like a small beginning, but it can literally lead to you being able to make your own choices for using marijuana!

Written by Connie Corder, Copyright 2010

2 thoughts on “Is There Hope for the Legalization of Marijuana?”

  1. marijuana in my thoughts should be legalized
    you do not see people who use it killing raping or any thing like that and you sure as hell are not going to die from an od from it no way no how
    It is a medicine not a drug that is the way I see it no I do not like it at all but I have many friends that has and they are fine and there is no with draws from it and no deaths from it so what is the big deal to it I wounder some times

  2. Marijuana, I agree, should be legalized. Look at all the deaths each year that are from alcohol. Unfortunately, I think the government makes more money with it being illegal than they would if it were legalized. The COUNTRY itself would make more money..but the money paid for “looking the other way” is what “they” want to hang on to.

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