I’m scared

I am currently 12, living in a townhouse that is over 100 years old. Everything started happening shortly after getting a cat.Well,about a week after getting a cat strange things would happen after my mom went to bed.I would usually be sitting on my computer playing games and stuff, when all of the sudden my cat would just disappear.

I don’t know where he would go but when he did disappear and I would be all alone, strange things would happen. Some of the things that would happen were like hearing whispers,seeing shadows,and stuff like that.Well one day really strange things started to happen, whenever I would go to bed I would close my door all the way, I made sure my cat was in his room before I went to bed, I would just be watching TV or listening to my MP3 player when my door would open wide stay open for like 2 minutes and close back like somebody had came in and closed the door.

Well every since that it has happened. One night I got tired of it scaring me so I tried to do one of those evp thingy’s with my phone and nothing came up.well the next night I got in bed the door opened and closed like always but something really freaky happened that night,my right leg was out from under the covers,well something rubbed up and down my leg. I was freaking out.

The next morning I got up to take a shower.I had turned on the hot water and left the room to go get my clothes, when I came back in there was a handprint on the mirror.I was shaking all over, I went downstairs to ask my mom if she had went into the bathroom and she said no. I came back up and the mirror was smeared.I brushed it off and proceeded with my shower.later that night it was on the computer when my cat disappeared I had recently got this fish tank which we had put beside the computer, well all the fish were always in this one corner of the fish tank, my cat disappeared and they all quickly swam to the other side of the tank.then I herd whispers in my ear saying my name,then I gained enough courage to say what do you want.I heard a short laugh then out of nowhere my cat jumps out and tries to attack something that isn’t there.well about 2 and a half months passed everything was some how normal when one day I was at the top of the stairs and something pushed me down the stairs.

Later that month my cat wasn’t even 1 year old and had mysteriously died. About 4 weeks had passed nothing had happened. well my mom surprised me with a new cat. She is my current cat.well ever since I got here she has been also attacking air.recently I have seen them.one is a soldier he sits at the bottom of my stairs gets up and walks right out my main door this happens ever 3 days.there or 3 more. One is a little girl who likes to mess with my cat.

Another is a black figure that’s the one who keeps opening my door I think its a grown up. the last one sits and peeks out at me from the top of the stairs.I think its a little boy cause its hair style.recently the black figure has been coming downstairs and grabbing my legs, I think its a molester spirit.well its not the best story but its true and its still happening to me.plus I know I’m not crazy cause sometimes my mom will see the soldier when she is alone.

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  1. Hi,
    Your story is intresting not like usual. If it is still happening with you, are you not trying to prevent these paranomal activities. How are you living in that house with all these incidents. Are you feeling safe in that house.

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