Illuminati History and Basics


The very word brings to mind images of conspiracy theorists ranting about a New World Order and world leaders having secret meetings and rituals to decide what events are going to take place. Some of it sounds too incredulous to believe, but what if that’s what ‘they’ are counting on? Could there be truth in some of what the theorists are saying and there truly is a plan in place to enact a one world government? Or is the real truth about it all so deeply buried and protected that no one, not even the theorists, have any hope of truly uncovering the real facts?

Adam Weishaupt

First let’s look at some of the documented history of the organization itself. Some say that it actually all goes back to the beginning of time, but in truth, the actual terminology came into existence during the 18th century in Upper Bavaria. It originally began in May of 1776 as a five member group headed by a man named Adam Weishaupt, a professor at the University of Ingolstadt and was known as the Order of the Illuminati, or ‘enlightened ones’.

The organization itself was very similar to the Freemasons and based its orders and degrees on much of what had previously been done by them.The premise was that of a group that encouraged free thought, which may have been what separated them from the Freemasons in the first place. Very quickly, political leaders and monarchists began to flock towards its membership.

This period of time is often referred to as the “Age of Enlightenment” when the movement was toward a more rational and scientific way of thinking. It came under a ban however in 1777 by the Bavarian ruler Karl Theodor along with all secret societies. It was the belief of those in power that these societies were set up to overthrow the monarchies.

In essence, they would use the fact that these societies were secret against them and create diabolical conspiracies that were actually taking place.

After the ban, an attempt was made to rise the organization up from the ashes a few years later when a man named Adolph Freiherr Knigge allegedly joined the society and began recruiting more members through the Freemasons, which were still in existence. This ended altogether in 1785 when all of the societies were banned in Bavaria, and the evidence of further historical documentation of the Bavarian Illuminati ceases to exist at this point. However–there are many who say the Illuminati is alive and well in other organizations, infiltrating into the governments, and keeping the fires of war and terrorism alive for the ultimate goal of a New World Order.Illuminati Conspiracy TheoriesThe Biggest SecretThere are several out there who speak of the Illuminati continuing today on a global level. Some say that it is an elite group of world leaders that are running things ‘behind the scenes’..others say that it goes even deeper.

The Biggest Secret

One in particular believes that the Illuminati are actually alien beings that have been infiltrating the governments for centuries. David Icke is the author of several books on the subject, the most well known being The Biggest Secret written in 1999. A former BBC television personality and one time supporter of the Green Party, it is alleged that he was told by a claimed psychic that his presence was needed to heal and teach the world. Due to several statements being taken out of context, his credibility is questionable. That is not to say he doesn’t have his supporters, and they firmly believe that his basic message of the Order of the Illuminati being a timeless entity that is part of the universe’s master plan of a one world government has a lot of merit. Others however simply classify him as another conspiracy theorist.

William Guy Carr is another proponent of the Illuminati conspiracy. Born in England in 1895, he joined the Scottish Navy and achieved high honors during World War I. It was shortly after this that he began speaking about the conspiracies of communism and capitalism, with the large international banking families being at the head of the global financial table. Carr most definitely took the religious viewpoint of the Illuminati–that they were an evil, Satanic based organization which was bent on destroying the world.

The messages in his book Pawns of the Game he indicates the Illuminati and Freemasons as part of the “Luciferian conspiracy” that had actually been in existence since before the time of Christ. He has been accused by many of being biased and anti-Semitic although he has said that his references are for those who claim to be of the Jewish faith and are actually undercover soldiers for evil and corruption as he reiterates in another book Synagogue of Satan. His anti-communism platforms and endorsements of such political leaders as McCarthy during the 1950’s are often thought to have led to the fear and negative beliefs that instigated the Cold War era. The symbolism of the American one dollar bill that he often spoke about is one that is still hotly debated today and will be discussed further in this article.

Behold A Pale Horse by William Milton Cooper

Without a doubt, one of the loudest speakers about the globalist control of an elite few today is Alex Jones (Alex Jones Infowars). His viewpoints come across loud and clear with exposes and ‘evidence’ of world leaders meeting in secret places. The Bohemian Grove Club was one that he claims to have infiltrated and exposed as a meeting place of debauchery and mock human sacrifices.

In actuality, the Bohemian Club was founded in 1872 as an elite club for those during the post Gold Rush days of California who wanted to keep culture and the arts alive. It is indeed a club that many political leaders have belonged to,but the evidence Jones recites is scant at best as far as the members. He hits on a few, but others he misses the mark, so it is difficult to tell where the truth ends and his own theories and agendas begin.

William Milton Cooper (Behold a Pale Horse), another one who spoke of the New World Order and secret conspiracies believed that Jones was actually a tool of the Illuminati and because of the misinformation and crazed allegations, the real truth was getting further buried.

Cooper was killed during a shootout with police in November of 2001 over an issue of a local warrant very shortly after announcing his opinion on his radio show–which of course gave his followers even more fuel for secret and hidden agendas to keep the truth at bay.

Illuminati Symbols

One thing that many of the conspiracies about globalism and the Illuminati have in common are the symbols which are said to infiltrate items that we are exposed to and use every day. It is said by those who support these theories that the Illuminati as well as the Freemasons are obsessed with symbols representing their agendas. Some believe that these symbols being used and easily seen by all of us are actually subliminally programming us to follow a New World Order when the time comes.

The Sun Cycles:

Many of us are familiar with the sign of the Zodiac and don’t think much about it other than the astrological horoscopes that are printed in daily newspapers for amusement. However, the symbolism of the sun being the path to deeper knowledge goes back to ancient times and there are many royal dynasties that have adopted that ideology into their own symbolism. This in turn has led some to suspect that these symbols actually mean their allegiance to a global order of government.

The Tower of Babel:

The Tower of Babel

While the phrase itself is not actually said in the book, the reference to the tower allegedly built on the Mesopotamian region of Shinar is spoken of in the Bible.

This tower was said to contain all of humanity speaking one language and living under one rule. This apparently displeased God and the people within its confines were forced to move about the earth and speak different languages. This reference is often used by those who believe the Illuminati want that type of existence.

A painting that was done that showed one man’s image of what the Tower of Babel may have looked like was used to design the European Parliamentary Building located in the town of Strasburg in France, which further fuels the conspiratorial fires of the ultimate goal of globalism run by a select few.

The All-Seeing Eye and the Pyramid:

The All-Seeing Eye

This has been one that got a lot of its origins from William Carr’s theories, particularly in regards to money. The back of the one dollar bill has the pyramid with the broken top and an eye inside the upper part. The words “annuit coeptis” are plainly written, meaning “He has favored our undertakings” The symbolism of the All Seeing Eye inside the Pyramid is taken as a one world government, a select elite being the eye inside the broken top. This is further expounded on with the words written directly underneath– “novus ordo seclorum” or “a new order of the ages”. Conspiracy theorists have taken this to mean the symbolism of the New World Order.

Symbolism in the Media:

These are but a few of the symbols that are often heralded as earmarks of the Illuminati, and here in the last few decades, the focus has been on the entertainment industry. Everything from the CBS logo to Lady Gaga’s getups and costumes are quoted as being tools of globalism to turn all human beings into compliant sheep. The fact that many people look to celebrities before all else as far as public figures are concerned is often referred to as part of this elite master plan. Anything with an eye, a pyramid, a triangle, as well as several others are placed with warnings on Illuminati websites saying that all of this is geared toward the end times, the rule of the Antichrist, and humankind’s fall from grace.

Illuminati Theories – Is There Anything To This?

There has never been the denial of secret societies, and since the Church sponsored oppression of them in the 18th and 19th centuries ended, there has been little done to stop them. The Freemasons continue as a respected organization and ‘secret’ meetings of elite world leaders (such as the Bilderberg Group) are not denied. And yes, there is no denying that there are secrets that are kept from the masses as a whole. Every few years new secrets are declassified that become open for public knowledge that shows us how little we know about the leaders of our country and what they are really doing “behind the scenes”.

However–when it comes to actual, hard core, unedited, and undeniable proof of what is really happening behind that curtain–we are foolish if we think for one minute that we will ever get the full story. The theories of symbolism and the actual Bavarian Illuminati surviving past its fifteen year span in the late 18th century are chock full of holes and edited information. We are in many cases, simply expected to take someone’s word that they were part of some conspiracy or part of some Satanic ritual that put the plans of terrorism into place. The stories become so convoluted and one must that not part of a plan to keep the truth buried even further? To let the unproven, unsubstantiated, and often too far-fetched theories take hold will have most of society saying ‘that is too unbelievable, therefore NONE of it can be true”.

The one dollar bill is said to hold much symbolism inspired by the Freemasons and the Illuminati. The truth is out of the four men appointed to create the design, only one was a Freemason (Benjamin Franklin) and he was not the one who originated the idea of the design. That was the French artist Pierre du Simitiere, who was not a member of the Freemasons. None of the final decisions made for the design were Freemasons. The symbol for the All Seeing Eye has represented the eye of God for centuries, and certainly before 1797 which were the first references to the Freemasons were made with its association. The entertainment industry certainly has its manipulations on the public, but they are more about the almighty dollar than an almighty government.

Again, none of that is to say that there is no truth whatsoever–make no mistake, we as a society do not get the full truth. However, to look at the facts and the history, it is plain to see that whatever ‘secrets’ are going on under the wire have been buried even farther than the theories about them have attempted to dig. Unfortunately with some that have had their own agendas–in an attempt to create evidence that has been shown to be false, the truth may be buried even deeper.

Written by Angela Sangster, Copyright 2012

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