I am being Watched and Followed

I never really thought something would come to haunt me. But, I guess you never really always get what you want. I especially didn’t want this.

I always feel like I’m being watched. Better yet, I know I’m being watched. I can feel it everywhere I go. I can’t go to sleep at night without feeling uncomfortable, like I’m being watched. I’m not sure if this thing is nice or evil, but no matter what it is, I want it to go away. This thing does not hurt me, but it lets me know that it’s here.

My first experience was when I was with my friend. This experience happened at my grandparents house, a couple of months ago. Actually, I am back, and I’m in the room that this happened in.

One day my friend and I were on my laptop, which I am on now. All of a sudden, my cell phone, which was next to the computer, started going through and playing all my ring tones. My friend and I freaked out, and ran out of my room. When we calmed down, we went back in, and my cell phone was right where we left it, except it was turned around. I’m not sure how to explain that, but it scared me.

My second experience was in the room I am in right now. This experience happened a couple days after my first. I was sitting in a chair, on my laptop when these things hanging in front of my door started moving by themselves. They just started swooshing back and forth. I just sat there, staring at it. I was so scared, I didn’t know what to do. The swooshing stopped, and I calmed down. The swooshing could not have been caused by an air vent, because there is none in the area. I don’t know what it was, but I think y’all do.

My third experience was a picture. I was in Colonial Williamsburg on their Tavern Ghost walk. We were walking on the street when my Nana wanted to take a picture. I was up front with the tour guide, holding the lantern, with a candle in it, while my Nana was in back. My Nana pulled out her cell phone and took a picture of me and the tour guide lady. The picture didn’t turn out at all like it was supposed to. On the picture, it was black, and the only non black spots were the candle light, which was blurred along the picture. My nana showed this to the tour guide and the guide said on the street where my nana took the picture, a girl was run over by a carriage and killed, right on the spot my nana took the picture on.

My fourth experience. I was in my home in Oklahoma. It was around 12:30am and everyone else in the house was sleeping. I was awake, on my computer, when I heard a TV or radio being turned on. Thinking somebody couldn’t sleep, I didn’t think much about it, and went back to my book on my computer. Around 1am, I decided I wanted to go to sleep. I walked out of my room to see who was up when I noticed nobody was up, but something was turned on. I realized that the radio was on. It had come on by itself. I got my dad to turn it off cause I was scared. He turned it off, and said that my 2 year old sister might have accidentally set the alarm. The thing was, the radio was too high for her to reach. No one would set the alarm on it, cause the radio is an antique sort of. I went to bed. I was about to fall asleep when I noticed a noise. I sat up in my bed, and saw the freakiest thing ever. I saw that my bathroom door was closing itself! I sat there in shock, when the door started to open itself!

Let’s just say it took me awhile to go to sleep that night.
I know my stories do not explain that something is following me, but I have had much more experiences than what I wrote down. I need y’all to tell me what to do, cause I have no idea.  Thanks for reading.

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  1. To Whom It May Concern,
    From my own experiences and as an individual who as well has had many paranormal experiences I believe there are two strong possibilities to this matter. Either, one, a spirit has attached itself to you for one reason or another, could possibly be a relative whom has passed on, or even a case of wrong place at the wrong time, where a lost or trapped spirit regained freedom and attached itself to you. I feel this as a great possibility as it seems to not be attached to a specific location, but you as an individual. This leads me also to another theory, it is possible that a spiritual door of sort has been opened and you possess some abilities similar to that of a psychic but not in the sense that you can focus or control this ability. The reason I suggest this is because it seems your experiences occur most when you are relaxed and clear-minded. You could possibly be subconsciously focusing an ability you yet realize you possess. Trust me it isn’t far fetched, I myself am a medium and in my early childhood had many frightening and unexplainable events that I still have lingering memories of, however many years later I have been able to sharpen and control my abilities, if you will. I am curious as to whether you have experimented with an Ouija Board or any other type of occult objects, or have you invited anyone with a shady character into your home? Feel free to Email me at anytime with anymore information and/or questions, as I enjoy being able to assist and clarify paranormal situations for others. God Bless & Keep You,

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