Haunted Cow Or a Playful Spirit

It started with my 12th birthday in March of 2009. I was inviting four of my friends to come over to my sleepover party. Everyone was sure it was going to be a blast – just like last year. But nobody had thought the “blast” part might include a playful ghost!
Just a week before my party, I was lucky enough (yeah, right) to win my school’s magazine drive, my prize – a huge stuffed animal cow! Of course I carried it home with me on the school bus and placed it in my bedroom.
When all of my friends arrived, we watched a movie, had some popcorn, and played the Wii game Guitar Hero – a perfectly normal sleepover party.
I knew that three out of the four of my friends believed in ghosts and spirits and that kind of stuff, and I couldn’t resist temptation of scaring them. So when one of my friends said she was going to get her pajamas in a minute, I slunk silently out of the room. I raced to my room where everyone’s stuff was, grabbed my big cow, and placed it in front of the door with it’s head facing it. Task finished, I snuck back without realizing I left.
Within moments, we heard a surprised scream over the blasting music. My frightened friend stumbled toward us, her expression wild as she explained her surprise and how she was sure something in my cow was haunted. But after a while, we all laughed it off.
Nearly an hour later, my friend that did NOT believe in ghosts went to my bedroom to grab her toothbrush. Suddenly, we heard another scream! The three others and I dashed as quickly as we could to our shaken friend, and comforted her as she told her story. We glanced at the cow worriedly, after all, I knew I hadn’t done it this time.
Determinedly, we stuck the stuffed animal on the other side of the room and pretended to close the door, but left it open about an inch. We all piled on top of each other to get a good look if the cow moved.
The five of us were slowly relaxing when there was a huge crash of thunder overhead! Instinctively we glanced upward for no more than a few seconds and then returned our gaze to the cow. But it was no longer on the other side of the room. In the time of the few seconds we looked away, and with no one in the room, the cow had moved itself right beside the door, it’s dark button eyes staring us down!
Of course we told my mom all of this right away, and though she must have thought we were crazy (who wouldn’t if some people tried to convince you of a stuffed animal cow being moved by some playful spirit in your own daughter’s bedroom), but she agreed to put it in the garage. But the night’s events weren’t over yet.
On the stroke of midnight, the door started rattling as if someone from the other side was trying to break it down. Creepy moans of “Let me in, Stefi” and “Help! I need help!” rang throughout our room. Even the lights started flickering. And we were dead scared! The entire time we hid beneath the covers until it ended around one and I’m sure that none of my friends and I got so much as a wink of sleep!
Is the cow truly haunted, or did we just scare ourselves? Did my immature prank wake  something long asleep? And is this new ghost simply intent on mischief, or is it looking to harm?
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  1. Wow!Great ghost story.I know how you feel.I have a haunted raggedy ann doll.She moves alot.One time, she was on her face-side.next, she was on her back as if trying to sleep.

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