Gold Coins from Around the World

Coins are just one of the many relics of a civilization, the economy in which the people have learned to trade and grow, to count and spend.  Collecting gold coins from around the world has become a hobby that has brought collectors far into the history of a certain country that many have even invested in gold by buying and selling them over the Internet to interested traders.  Some are familiar with the British sovereign, the French angel, the American gold eagle, and the rest, which are just some of the most popular gold coins ever to be issued and created in the history of man.

Those who collect gold coins from around the world also perform this trade in order to gain profit.  The value of gold coins rises along with the price of gold, wherein investors can earn by selling historic gold coins from around the world.  However these investors can also profit massively as the premium over gold’s value rises as well, which explains the interested parties in the collection of gold coins from around the world.  One good example is the famous Swiss 20 franc, which was traded between the years 1972 to 1979 for an average premium of 64%.  For more information on the famous gold coins from around the world that are being circulated in the trade, here is a brief summary of a few of these precious metals:

French Angel

The French Angel, termed in the United States, was known as “The Lucky Gold Angels” in Europe, having a size of 0.1867 troy oz, 21 mm in diameter and 1.40 mm in thickness with a history dating back in 1871.  A very popular coin, this is just one of the famous gold coins around the world being sought out by gold coin investors worldwide.

American Gold Eagle

The American Gold Eagle is known as the official gold coin of the United States of America under the Gold Bullion Coin Act of 1985.  The coin’s obverse design features August Saint-Gaudents’ full length figure of the Lady of Liberty with the Capitol building in the background on the left.  For the reverse side, a male eagle carrying an olive branch soaring above a nest containing a nest of hatchlings with the female eagle, which was sculpted by Miley Busiek.  It comes in denominations of 1/10, ¼, ½, and 1 troy oz.

Austrian Corona

The Austrian corona gold coin has a fineness of 0.900, being 0.1867 in size, 21 in diameter and 1.4 in thickness.  Containing just under an ounce of .900 fine gold, it is one of the most valuable coins being sought out by investors around the world.  This historic gold coin was first minted during the chaotic period before World War I and is now in re-strike with all coins bearing the year 1915. The obverse of the coin is ornamented with the bust of Franz Josef I, the emperor of Austria (1848-1916) and king of Hungary (1867 – 1916).  On the reverse is the Austrian “Double Eagle with Crown” coat of arms.

Swiss 20 Franc

With a size of 0.1867 Troy oz, having a diameter of 21 mm and 1.4 in thickness, the Swiss 20 franc stands as one of the most wanted gold coins from around the world with a 64% average premium.  Its history began in 1871, where Italy, France, Switzerland and Belgium decided to standardize the face value and the weight of their gold coins so that they could trade on par value. They agreed upon the 20 franc gold coin, which contained around 0.1867 oz of pure gold, making the Swiss 20 franc one of the most sought out for by investors.

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  1. Very interesting stuff! My uncle is very into coin collecting, and I will be sending him a link to this article. The French Angel sounds like one I would like to know more about…and I wonder how difficult it would be to find one.

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