Ghost Girl in My Bedroom

Moving into our new home in California was so exiting because I used to live in England and never flew on a plane in my life. I thought it would be brilliant hitting the hot air. My mother loved this house in California and it was amazing my auntie from over there sent a picture of the house that was on sale and nobody lived in the house for years so we thought well its a 3 floor mansion with 8 bedrooms so we thought lets go for it.

Well we got off the plane and we got right outside of this gorgeous house. I couldn’t believe my very eyes when I saw this house it was beautiful until I thought so the house looked so friendly and very warmly outside until me, my mother and dad and sister took our first step into the house. It was so unpleasant, I didn’t feel welcome one bit and I felt so sad. My mother looked at me and said, so what do you think and I said I’m not too sure but I should get used to it because I wasn’t used to moving into a new house.

A week passed by and I just unpacked all of my stuff in my bedroom. It was in the afternoon, I sat on my bed exhausted. I was about to lie down for a nap until I felt a horrible breeze come over my legs. I thought well that’s strange it was hot about two seconds ago but this breeze was like it was winter, it was very cold. I tucked myself in until I heard a whisper say ”leave my room.” I jumped up looking around thinking it might be my sister playing pranks on me so I went to lie back down when this cold air just hit me even more. I got out of bed and went down stairs. My sister and mother were making the dinner. I looked and said to my sister ”Kayleigh were you just in my room being stupid whispering ‘get out of my room’ in a creepy voice?” My mother said “no she was here all along with me.” I said ”well that’s weird I had this bad feeling that someone or something was watching me but I would try and ignore it.”

One night, after a first night out with my new friends, I came in around 7:45 pm. After I came back from the pictures my mother and dad and sister were out on a meal and I had my own key by then. I came in my new house and sat down stairs watching TV for a while then I was tired, it was around 9:05 pm by then. I thought I should go to bed anyway. My parents and sister were due back at 10:00 pm. I walked up the stairs and all I heard were little foot steps running across the hall into my bedroom and bang my bedroom door shut. I screamed and stayed down stairs for about 10 minutes until my TV went off. I ran as fast as I could up the stairs into my bedroom and hid myself under the quilt until my parents and sister came in. Later I told them and they just ignored me and thought I was lying. They said I’m just scaring myself because I’m not used to our new home. Later that night I had a weird dream that I woke up in the middle of the night to find a little girl standing at the foot of my bed. She was a very cute little girl but she said to me “leave my room or I will kill you.” I ran out of the house to never return again. I woke up and saw the little girl standing at the foot of my bed. You might think I am crazy but she said ‘leave my house or I will kill you.’ I ran to my mothers room to wake my mother and I slept on the floor next to the bed.

The next day my mother asked a physic to come over. The physic said he would come over on the Wednesday after school so on Wednesday he came, and straight when he entered the house he said “this girl doesn’t like you.” I asked, “Why?” He said, “because you live in her bedroom,” he started to explain to me that she got murdered in the house of her dad and her mother got murdered too and she wont leave and she said things are going to get worse if you stay in that room. I looked at my dad and he had a shocked face. He said, “I woke up to go the bathroom and I saw a woman standing on the landing.” He said, “I thought it might of been my mother but she said it wasn’t. He went to look closer and this ghost disappeared. He said, “it might of been my imagination but I don’t know.”

That night I was furious and thought this little girl is not going to make me leave this house after I moved all the way over here, no chance! I started to try to get her angry which I shouldn’t have done. My mother and dad went to my aunties to see if she was okay as she was feeling ill so it was only me and my sister left in the house. I started shouting leave my house! And I started shouting its my room and your not having. Then my sister ran into my bedroom and said what the are you shouting at and all of a sudden the door slammed. Me and my sister screamed, and this is the honest truth, we heard a lot of doors being slammed and foot steps running every where, and the window flew open. We ended up opening the door and ran out. We were crying because we were scared. We waited for our mother and father outside on the door step. It got so cold I went to the cupboard for our coats and all I heard was a little girls laugh like they were laughing at me. I turned round after I picked the coats up to see that little girl standing in our sitting room. I ran through the passage and outside.

Our parents came about 45 minutes later, it was 10:46 pm by this time. My mother was so shocked she started screaming and shouting why are you out at this time of night? We told her and she said she was getting sick of this. So the next day she went around to the church to get a priest to cleanse our house out and send the girl to the light. He came and we all sat there while he started to read from a page in the bible. He got the holy water and started putting it around the house to send the woman and the little girl away. He mostly read it in my room. The woman wasn’t any bother, even now I never see her. I wouldn’t realize there was a ghost in the house if it was just the woman. Anyway I just felt this big relief off my shoulders and felt so welcome in this home. I was so glad that the ghosts got sent to heaven or wherever.

To this day my mother and father still live in that house and I don’t feel scared any more but that memory will always be stuck in the back of my head. At the same time I wish I never angered that ghost because it was the scariest thing ever.

Sent in by Elisha, Copyright 2010

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  1. Wow – reading this story gave me the chills. I’m glad things settled for your family after the priest cleansed your house, Elisha. And I’m glad your folks have been able to stay in the house afterward with no apparent fears or further incidents such as you’ve described.

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