Don’t Even Whisper Bloody Mary!

A couple Internet friends and I were telling stories on December 22 2009, and one of them got this super long Bloody Mary story. The suspense and terror was nearly enough to kill me! I love scary stories so I decided to whisper it as I read it to make even more scary.

I got to the point where the characters in the story said “Bloody Mary” 6 times, I imagined my self spinning every time they said the name. About 10 minutes later I had this sensation that something was on my head, I figured it was just my headband. Then I thought ” Wait, didn’t I just take that headband off?” Then I felt something wet and warm dripping down my head and piercing pain. This was not a fun scary, this was terrible!

I spun my head around to see that a green fog/haze seemed to be lurking behind me. I tried to scream but it seemed as if I couldn’t. I looked back at my screen only to find that every thing was black except one little Verizon wireless ad…

It felt like something was pulling me towards the add, like I had to look at it for one more second – maybe another, or another. Then the ad went away, I expected it to come back and start again but it didn’t. I stared at the white rectangle in the right side of my black screen for what seemed like hours. Then the ad turned black again, but in the middle of the dark ad was a lady. She had blond hair with silver streaks, she seemed pretty until I saw her eyes. Her eyes were bloody holes that seemed to be stretched wide in fear. Suddenly she opened her mouth like she was screaming, but no sound came out. Then as soon as her mouth opened I heard a woman laughing, a male volent laughter. In the black screen I saw The same lady standing over me. She held a bloody knife and the “me” she was standing over was dead with the eyes clawed out.

Too scared to turn around I shut down the computer and closed my eyes. I had no religion to turn to, no prayers to say. I was stranded with my eyes closed and some lady with a knife above me. As soon as I closed my eyes all the glass is my room shattered making horrible noises as if they were being round together.

I sat there in my chair until my mom came in, she prodded me in a joking way as if to see if I was still alive. She must have thought I was asleep because she walked out.

When I finally gathered enough courage to open my eyes I found that the glass had not shattered and that the computer was back to normal showing its start up safari page, and the many email my friends had sent asking me what happened. It turns out I had been staring at the blank ad for hours.

Over the past days I have been working on trying get rid of my habit of reading aloud, my lips were pressed together in a thin line the whole time I was writing this.

I hope that none of you ever read a Bloody Mary story aloud, it will not result in good. This IS a true story.

Sent in by Clair, Copyright 2010

6 thoughts on “Don’t Even Whisper Bloody Mary!”

  1. I’m sorry but I don’t believe any of that ever happened to you. I think you’ve been reading too many silly story’s about this ” Bloody Mary ” Character which caused the paranoia to set in, ontop of scaring yourself silly by repeating her name over an over again.. I’ve stood in a bathroom by myself with only the dim light of the night light and said her name and nothing happened to me. No figure appeared inbehind me or in the mirror no mysterious mist floated about around my head and I felt nothing at all. No pain no nothing. The only thing that was staring back at me was my own reflection.

    It’s nothing more then an old wives tail to scare people. That’s all it is and that’s all it will ever be.

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