Did I See a Vampire in Kentucky?

I’m 20 years old and I’m married to a U.S. Soldier. We got married last July and he moved me from my home town in Michigan all the way to Kentucky. I know it’s going to sound like I’m babbling, but I swear everything I say is relevant to the story. I’m not the type of person to believe in vampires. You could say I’m a complete skeptic. “I’ll believe it when I see it”, that’s my motto. and it was working out perfectly fine… Until I saw it!

I’m really not sure what happened to this day, we were living in a tiny house way out in the country, surrounded my nothing but cornfields. Here’s where the real story starts. My husband knows I love animals and he got me a puppy as a surprise. He was perfect and I named him Barney. If you can picture the perfect dog, that is him. he was potty trained really young, always ate his food and never barked or showed any aggression.

So one night my husband had to work late, I was waiting for him to get home and I decided to watch a movie to kill the time.

I started watching The Dark Knight and I went into our kitchen to make some popcorn. While I was waiting for it to get done, Barney started going crazy and barking and snarling at something. I ignored him. I put the popcorn in a bowl and was walking back when I noticed that Barney was on the back of the sofa, barking and snarling at the window. It then occurred to me that he’d never done that before. I figured he was probably barking at our neighbors dog, Shadow, who kept coming in our yard and getting into our trash.

But when I peeked out the window it was no dog, it was a person! A man! Directly on the other side of the glass, staring straight back in at me! My first thought was to call the cops. Then I saw his eyes. Something in the back of my mind started screaming “vampire”, like I jut knew what he was. He had the darkest eyes I’ve ever seen. It was like he had his pupils dilated at the eye doctor! The white was there but the rest was all black. When I made eye contact with him it was weird, like I wasn’t alone in my mind. Like he could hear what I thought.

I was concentrating on thinking about the cops and telling him to go away. But his eyes got even wider and he showed his teeth at me. I seriously thought I was going to die! But then I blinked and he was gone. I kept all the doors and windows locked until my husband got home. I was scared but I didn’t tell him about it because I thought he’d call me crazy. The next day I had the urge to go outside and look around. I guess you could say I wanted proof of what happened, I didn’t find any, but my husband did, he just doesn’t know it.

When he got home he asked me “Babe, what is your sweater doing outside in the tree”? So I went and looked. Sure enough, out in the middle of the cornfield, way up in a tree, is my neon green and blue hoodie! I lost the sweater about a week before any of this happened. But there it was, blowing in the wind in the middle of field, up a tree!

It was our neighbors field so I went to his house and asked him if he’d get my sweater for me. He didn’t believe me when I said I didn’t know how it got up there.

But it gets even weirder than that. My dog, Barney won’t leave that particular sweater alone. If I leave it laying on the floor he’ll start dragging it around the house, and if I wear it he just won’t stop sniffing me. He’ll follow me around and beg me to pick him up just so he can sniff the sweater. Thank God that my husband and I moved out of that house. We live in TN. now.

So was it a vampire? I think it was, but I guess I’ll never know for sure. Or am I just crazy? Well I guess I was hoping you could tell me… What do you guys think? I just need some peace of mind, I can’t get it out of my head since it happened, it’s been 3 months almost. But I still remember it very vividly. I’ve tried to convince myself that it was a dream but I know I was completely conscious for the whole thing. I don’t know for sure what it was, but you know my theory. I can honestly say I’m not a skeptic any more!

Sent in by Becca, Copyright 2009

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  1. Wow!
    That is really scary, but you probably just saw a peeping Tom. As for the black eyes, it was dark out and I have friends that have really dark brown eyes that at night look black.
    You said he showed you his teeth, were they fangs?

  2. Becca,
    That is terrifying! I can say that I have always had a hard time believing in vampires or werewolves (were-creatures); however, they say that your first instinct is usually the right one. If your gut said “vampire,” you very well might have seen a vampire.

    I would be curious to know if vampires actually exist after this story.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. But it wasn’t very dark outside. it was probably around 7pm. My husband didn’t get home until 9pm. I thought it was a peeping tom at first too. But we had a dirt driveway right next to the house and there were no footprints or anything like that when I looked the next day.
    and yes, there were fangs. the teeth looked kind of rotten, yellowish color.

    1. I would like to know the location….i would like to make a trip out there sometime and look for clues myself…..i guess i am just really curious if they do exist.

    2. becca listen your not crazzy i am a vampire myself even my freind is to im only 10 years old my freind is 9 years old

  4. Becca,
    that is so so creepy! I am glad you moved from there!! I don’t know what you saw, I’m just glad you are safe!

  5. Are you sure it was not a “crack-head” ?
    They have really black eyes, rotten teeth, tend to creep around on other peoples
    property looking for homes to break into.
    Sounds like a crack-head to me.

  6. My Goodness!!
    I can’t imagine the fear you must have felt peering into the eyes of this creature. I believe you. I believe that for every myth and folklore has some truth to them. And I would suggest you find ways to protect yourself in case he returns. Wow, I really can’t imagine what that must have been like but I am glad you were not attacked or had any other encounters with this man. Please be safe!!

  7. whoa!!! creeped me out good story. and glad you did move. what a weird place to find your sweater. and you have a great companion in your doggy!! thanks!!

  8. Becca,

    That is quite a story. As everyone has already expressed, it is a good thing you moved away..

    I have a couple of questions:
    What did his face look like, aside from black irises and rotted, yellow teeth?
    What was he wearing / etc..? Please be specific, if possible.. thanks..

    I ask because I instantly got an image in my head while reading your story, and I wonder it it is accurate..

  9. btw – Camille – while we all know the human mind can play some rather strange tricks on us when we are under stress, or frightened…I highly doubt a crackhead, with starkly black irises and yellow, rotted fangs would decide to stand in front of a window of a house in the middle of cornfields. Maybe if the environment was urban.. and maybe if he didn’t have fangs..

    hahahaha Vampire-Crackheads. WOW. Watch out! If you have crack, money, and blood in/on you..

  10. It was the scariest thing that’s ever happened to me!
    Sometimes I do worry that he’ll come back. and then I try not to think about it b/c I worry that if I think to much about him it would bring him back. I’ve thought about throwing away the sweater or burning it but it’s my favorite sweater. lol

  11. Robert
    It was in Allensville Kentucky, it’s about 5 minutes from the Tennessee boarder.
    Now I live in Clarksville Tennessee and it’s 20 minutes over the boarder.
    Robert, Icis, and Jamie.
    The clothing I couldn’t see below his waste b/c he was so close to the window.
    The shirt I do remember, b/c I thought it was weird for someone to wear a sweater in the middle of summer, It was the end of July! It was a black, zip up sweater, he had it zipped but it didn’t look like he had a shirt on underneath it.
    He had a weird necklace on that had an eye on it, I don’t know if that means anything.

    1. Hi Becca im from México and the eye in the necklace well i have the answer this weird necklace are made from lapizlasuli a gemstone which made vampires came out to the light of sun i have a doubt was blue where the eye was?

  12. very cool love the story i belive you head on and i would also like to know what he was wearing please becca!

  13. Wow what a story. Did you talk to your neighbors and ask them if they ever seen anything strange or a stranger walking about? Maybe they knew something but didn’t want to say anything unless you asked them. I believe it could have been a vamp. I wonder what he was doing there though and if he followed you. Why if he was the one who took the sweater why did he take it and returned it back to you. Strange indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Do you ever feel like if he is still in your mind from time to time?

  14. i would wear the sweater just to seee if he comes back just to make sure your not going insane. just a hint

  15. Tabbycat
    there is already a comment on here explaining what he was wearing lol I can’t really remember much b/c I was so stuck on the eyes!
    Child like
    I think he is the one who took the sweater but if so then he would have had to be around for atleast a week before I actually saw him! I don’t know why he gave it back. No I don’t ever feel like he’s in my mind. but sometimes I feel like someone’s watching me. Maybe it’s just me being paranoid.
    I do still wear the sweater,=] it’s my favorite sweater and nothing has ever happened again, except that Barney stalks me all day! lol

  16. Wow… what it must have been to experience this… cant even imagine.. do I want to go through it .. hmmmmm… dunnow..

    Be safe..

  17. That was pretty freaky! Seems like the sweater isn’t ‘bad’ since Barney seems to love it. If it had some type of tie to the ‘creature’, I would think Barney would HATE it. Just maybe the sweater is a GOOD thing that something GOOD got a hold of; watching out for you.

  18. I don’t even know what to say! That is so scary! It’s funny so many people got such a vivid image of him. I did, too. Maybe because our curiosities were so piqued. You should research the necklace. I believe anything is possible. We don’t know what all is out there.
    Ugh… I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight. The mental vision of him showing you his teeth freaks me out.
    Glad you moved and all is well.
    Thanks for sharing!

  19. that’s scary, but vampire’s don’t exist. probably some creep with no life trying to scare you. maybe he has really ugly teeth and was wearing contacts for more effect. as for the sweater, any animal capable of climbing a tree could’ve done it. sounds like a prank to me.

  20. Melissa
    If vampires don’t exist than where is the proof?
    We may not be able to prove it, but we can’t disprove it either.
    Therefore, I think it’s still possible, there’s plenty of species that haven’t been discovered by science yet. Just b/c there’s not proof doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.
    If you would’ve seen what I saw then you would believe too!

    1. HI I’m only eleven but even I’m not stupid enough to believe that Vampires r real I mean I like watching stuff ’bout vamps and werewolves I even dream about being a vampire BUT!!!!!! Vampires And werewolves BUT they’re a complete and total MYTH!!!!! SORRY ’bout ur luck c ya!

  21. Ok, just to add more detail, I had to log off, the Chicago story had a similar sounding “thing” more than one person saw it, and they also saw it jump effortlessly over a high yard fence.

  22. Becca – I just don’t know why I’m so naive to believe they don’t exist.

    However, for once, I’ll stop being so stubborn and open up my mind to your experience.

    I cannot claim my knowledge of their history, but, if in real existence. I would think that there’s a great difference between actual true vampires and fake human ones. Supposedly, true vampires are supernatural undead creatures with specific identifying characteristics, and such characteristics are definitely lacking in the modern human vamps, who sometimes call themselves ‘‘real vampires”, but are in reality simply misguided humans. I think a vampire would be some type of fallen angel / demonic entity, and if in fact did exist, would be something extremely rare to ever witness. I guess that was your lucky night. Blood vermins! Hee Hee 😉 Eh, who knows.

  23. Vampire?? Come on how about crazy serial killer out in the middle of nowhere??

    Wake up people.

    And to the author of this, I am glad you are okay but I don’t think it was a vampire. Too many vamp movies are up in the hype because of twilight and the mind is a powerful thing. You are lucky, girl, I bet it was some crazed psycho killer.

  24. I do believe it was someone who was looking to see if you were home to give back your sweater… and when he saw you looking at him he might’ve gotten scared and run away and hung your sweater in the tree for fear of confrontation…

  25. I was just wondering what makes you think it was a vampire? There’s no such things as vampires.

  26. wow :O
    becca this is one scary story
    that would have freaked me out
    im glad your okay 🙂
    i didnt believe in vampires but your story has made me believe maybe they do exist :S
    and omfg black eyes and sharp yellow teeth
    i would have called the police if i was you but you was probably in shock and scared that if you took your eye of him he might dissapear and then got i somehow
    lucky your windows and doors were locked.:)
    anyhoo good story and awww your dog sounds really cute and barney awww cute name lol 😀 xx

  27. Becca
    I love your honesty and you know most people trust in their intellect a lot and I’m telling you there are things that we have’nt seen with our naked eyes.We people we are ignorant to believe in things that are spirits we only care about ghosts that’s all ,we don’t care about wtchcraft but it exists and we don’t care about spiritual warfare but that exists too and we also don’t believe in demons but we believe in angels and how’s that possible.I don’t like poeple who say there are no vampires but they don’t have proof.
    The bible said”nothing new under the sun”,every that is here exist.Tell em who got an idea of creating a vampire out of the blue and it get so famous,let’s not be fooled most things that are on T.V are rplica of something that is there.
    As for me ,I fully believe you but most people are ignirant because they never been exposed to spiritual warfare and I’m exposed to that but I’m on the winning side which is God’s side because without having Jesus in your life you can’t fight these things,they will keep on hunting you but there’s a peace of mind.I fully believe you and my advice to you just receive Jesus as a personal saviour and be cleansed by His blood and you’ll live a free life and no fear of anything.I hope you can make that move

    1. Andile:
      Forgive me, but I find it amusing that you assume that Jesus is part of the ‘good side’ and that Vampires and Spirits are evil and intent upon harm.
      If you believe in the Trinity, then g/d, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one, and if g/d is as all powerful as he is believed to be, as is the creator as the Catholic Myth dictates, then he would have created things such as Vampires, Spirits and Demons. Thus, if they are created by g/d, would that not then make them automatically good by default? And though, like most things in nature, they may have to kill to survive, must that really make them evil and malicious? Thus, why fight them? Why not embrace them?

      I thank you for putting this tale here online. It must have taken some courage for you to relive and recant that story and for that I applaud you. I believe in what you are saying and envy you this experience, terrifying though it must have been, as it was a chance for you to potentially glimpse what so few have.

  28. Becca,

    I agree with you and about the UFO story it’s not that I don’t believe it happen I only wanted to say to be careful and check it out because I been there and with my collected evidence that I thought I had after the professionals checked it turned out the Navy was conducted a secret testing of their new jet plane like looked like a black sting ray. But I do believe anything can happen. lol

  29. Child like
    It is my favorite sweater, it’s the one I wear the most, It’s a really bright green, (not quite neon but almost) and blue and white. It’s made out of the same materials as my other sweaters, so nothing really special about it. Except that it’s my favorite and I wear it a lot.

  30. Andile,
    it’s nice to have someone who sees things the way I do. I am a religious person and I have been my whole life. I was exposed to spiritual warfare at a very young age, 3 or 4 years old. My mom has told me stories about when I was younger and some of the things I used to see. I didn’t understand it then so I blamed it on the boogie man. It got worse as I got older and my mom didn’t know how to explain what was going on, I remember seeing angels and demons and sometimes they’d say things to me! When I was about 14 it started happening less and less, Now I’m 20 and it hasn’t happened in a very long time.

  31. Interesting story. ON the “having to prove something doesn’t exist” is just silly though. I don’t beleive there’s an effeminate grizzly bear dancing through the woods of eastern oklahoma playing a ukelele singing “tiptoe through the tulips”. But I don’t have to prove it.

  32. I’m curious, what did the necklace look like? Could you describe it, or draw a picture of it and post a link? Thank you 🙂

  33. I know everything thing there is to know about vampires and i do believe you saw one.

  34. i bekieve you have seen a vampire. iive had something like that happen to me as well. so you arent crazy. Oh thanks for the story.

  35. I’m going to do some research on the necklace b/c a few people have asked about it. It looked like an eye and the eye brow was over it, then it had this squiggly J shaped line under it. I don’t know how to describe it better. It reminded me of like an Egyptian hieroglyphic I let you all know when I find out more if I find anything at all.

  36. Awesome encounter!

    Hey, have you considered the possibility that what you saw could have been a black-eyed person?
    You should google them, because the description of the eye was uncannily similar (though there eyes are meant to be completely black, sclera included)

    The vampire i saw had red eyes with almost an incandescent tinge to it… but then again, that could not have been a vampire….

    it’s the word ‘vampire’ that causes most problems!

  37. hi i belive you after seeing one up here in saskatoon sask in1987, trying to get my 11 yr old son matt,i was too mad too be scared.he was my only son,my love over came fear. her teeth were white and shiney, her eyes were dark and shiney i was standing there for a few seconds going how the hell did you get up in the air???she never spoke just hissed.and glared at me.and hid her eyes had i not been protected by the mark of christ
    she would of killed me for sure she was pissed off.in 1983 i tried to end my life christ stopped me medims have told me i have the mark of chirst i cant see it. on my forhead.
    thats the light she covered her eyes from. i never saw her again and i am still stupid i still take trash out to the alley after dark.after what i have seen i should be ether nutts or terrified of the dark my son never saw her rise up in the air he was too busy running home today matt doesnt belive in ghosts or vampires etc he has gov job and he is a father now with a young family i am proud of him and i have never talked to him about it
    the vampire was a young indian girl of about 17 with waist long black hair and skinny
    wearing jeans that were tight and a white t shirt.she was very pale her teeth were like a large house cats fangs.but her face was so paleshe disappeared in a fog she was about 12 to 14 ft in the air above a street light in victoria park here i hope i never see her again once was enough.folk tales say they have the power of 10 men she could of broke me in half and had me for lunch and dinner i never want to go threw that again
    i have never had nightmares i guess i except it as part of the strange stuff in the world
    can not do any thing about it.who iam i going to telll.the vampire police the police would send me to the looney bin i dont need that………so iam going to forget about it.

  38. I have grey eyes but when theres not a lot of light my pupils are sooo huge that a lot of people think i have black eyes!…oh and i kinda have fangs too…but i promise i’m not a vampire lol

    I think it was probably just some crazy guy trying to scare you

  39. Jewel Shadden,

    I am so glad you and your son are ok and she couldn’t hurt you. lol
    I believe you!

  40. the eye of horus is some kind of symbol that protect from evil. Maybe vampire is not an evil being

  41. I think vamps has it’s good and bad just like humans has it’s good people and bad people. I am glad you are ok . He couldn’t of hurt you if that was his intent but Idon’t think he wanted to hurt you just curious of who you were at least that is my opinion. Anything else new that has happen? keep me posted ok lol

  42. My aunt reads the card to people and he has a necklace like the one you are describing.
    She used it for protection against evil people and their evil energy around people who also hangs around with bad influences. She told me once she was going to get me one but so far I still haven’t gotten it yet. She says it’s hard to get it but not impossible.

  43. Alpha, you mention a black eyed person….is that like the “black eyed children’ that are supposed to be like vampire demon children…..do you know anything about that phenomena?

  44. becca,
    this story is really interesting i keep reading it over and over again because the image of the man/vampire at the window keeps comin into my head and i really wanna know if vampires are real cause im starting to think they are and another thing is you should install a security camera try and catch him to see how long he hangs about if he comes back :/ anyhoo glad your safe 😀 xxx

  45. Caretaker-
    I knew it was a long shot by far but it sounded similar in look. Just giving suggestions.

  46. I doubt it was a vampire, but I do know that there are alot of places in Kentucky that are haunted. Your husband is staitioned at Ft. Campbell, right? I know a few people that have lived in Kentucky in older homes ( there are alot of them, aren’t there?), and they all say that the houses are haunted. I’m sure you saw a face, maybe the entity was trying to scare you and took a form that would be most scary to you. I’m glad you’re not there anymore, I would be scared to ever look out a window again !! Take care !

  47. I don’t think it was a vampire but that sounds really weird, maybe it was a ghost (lol) or as someone said a crazy guy. i don;t know what to say about the sweater is a mystery to itself, maybe there is a logical reason. I kinda believe in vampire do but as you said i have to see one to really believe, i liked the ideas of vampires being real though call me crazy. Jewel what you saw could be real or your mere imagination.

  48. I do apologize for my grammatical errors it’s not that i can’t spell or write properly i don’t want anyone to think that but i did not read over what i wrote before i submitted it. Ok guys (lol).

  49. Sorry I haven’t been on here in a long time.
    I just found out I’m pregnant and I’ve been really sick. My doctor finally did something about it last night when I had to go to the hospital for an IV for the second time in 2 weeks. I’m feeling much better now.

  50. Hi,
    I’m a full believer when it comes to Vampires, and “Mythical Creatures”. I always have been.
    You say you knew instantly that it was a Vampire and that you felt he could hear your thoughts? It sounds almost hypmotising. I would like to ask you to be very careful about going places alone in the dark. It’s not lightning. It could easily strike again. You were so very lucky, and your story makes it sound like Vampires are not the horrifying creatures people claim they are.
    Take Care,

  51. That is a scary encounter and it would spook me too, but vampires don’t exist, it was probably some psycho lunatic running around trying to scare people and break into there houses. And as for the large black eyes and fangs, you can order special effects contacts online, and purchase vampire fangs also. You can also have a professional/do it yourself makeup job done to make it look as though the skin is pail.

    And as for there being no ” proof ” it’s easy to cover your tracks, so he simply covered his tracks. Anyone could do it.

  52. I was thinking way would someone you dont know be at your house in the night in the country without a car and disappear right there in front of you i believe your story and i don’t think it was a peeping tom at all i dont know what it was but im stating to think that it was a vampire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Whoa…I think you did see a vampireXD it was the first thing that came to mind so maybe your instinct knew it too. Oh can you tell me what he looked like, like his face, haircut, color of hair, skin, and nose, lips etc. Im just really curious

  54. always trust your instincts… it was a vampire. i firmly believe it. im also like really curious. i know it was not completely dark outside so maybe if you could’ve caught a glimpse of his other traits?? i really love your story!! Thanx Becca!!
    Oh, congratulations on your pregnancy!!!

  55. I believe you. This is one of the first stories on here that I truly believe. I have such a vivid and freaky image in my head. I would be interested to see what everyones mental image of him looks like. you should post a drawing of him.

  56. Becca –

    You mentioned he wore a black zip-up sweater, with possibly nothing underneath. You could not make out what he was wearing below the waist. He had black eyes, and yellow, rotted-looking teeth, with distinct fangs.

    Now – what color was his skin? What color was his hair, and how was it styled? The image in my mind is that of a black haired person, with a big fanged smile on his face while looking at you, eyes open wide. Am I right? Please advise.. Thanks!

    …and congratulations on your pregnancy!;)


    Have you written up a story about your encounter with that young Indian girl who you thought was a vampire? Please do! And be very, very detailed.. try not to leave out a single particle of information – for some reason that story sounds…familiar, but not because I’ve heard it before.. I don’t know why.

    Please write it up!

  57. becca,

    its hard to say..but there are telepathic who could instill scary thoughts at you by just looking at you….and dogs are really sensitive creatures..he could just be a crack head..or then maybe he was really a vampire…but what ever it is i’m glad your safe.take care and always PRAY…

  58. i sorta do wish they were real (thats if they already arnt 😐 ) but im sure if they were real the scientists woulda found them by now or sumthin. i get told i look like a vampire coz im always very pale! people say its unbelieveable that im so pale. and my eye colour changes lighter and darker sometimes 😐 i dont like blood tho. i always choke on meat, every single time i eat it i choke. that kinda proves i aint one then haha. and im from england, not really the place where vampires would be. id be really fasinated if i saw one but scared at the same time.

  59. Becca

    Can you please let me know, what color his hair was and what length it was, approximately how tall he was ect…?
    Keep researching the necklace it sounds significant, and let me know if you find anything.
    Congratulations on your pregnancy, hope everything goes alright:)


    The reason your eye color changes is probably because of different lighting, when its dark your pupils get bigger making your eyes appear darker, and when its bright your pupils get smaller making your eyes appear lighter.

  60. it was most defiantly a vampire.. trust me.. and hunny.. movings not gonna stop him.. he got your clothing and he has your sent… he will always know where you are… he must really want you to sreal your stuff and come to your house.. putting that jacket up in that tree was a warning.. and dear.. locking the doors and windows isnt gonna stop us vampires.. promise!

  61. Samantha,
    Why u said “putting that jacket up in that tree was a warning”.. im very interested to know about it Samantha.I want to know whether it’s revenge? whether it’s impossible to kill someone out there??
    Very eeriee….

  62. Hi becca

    i personally belive it was a man trying to fool you perhaps to make you leave the house, after all the pupils dilate during the dark probably why you saw the dark and white part of his eyes only , fangs can be faked and dogs do tend to stare and bark at strangers, they also have strong smell sense which means barney must have smelled the changes in your clothes after you found it in the tree he probably smelled the person who handled or wore your clothing. You were watching the dark knight a bat symbol could have put vampire in your head as they are associated with bats.

    However if it was something supernatural i beleive what you saw was a jinn not the genie in the movies but a jinn muslims christians and jews believe they exist as it is written in their books. jinns are ghost like creatures that can have many forms one is of a beast/man with big teeths others can have a purely human form some can appears as humans with big teeth and dark eyes in this case however sometimes they can also appear as humans but with very hairy body. animals are intimidated by them
    and they tend to live in areas where humans dont/rarely inhabit and only certain people can see them any question do ask

  63. sabrina: becca dose not know it but that was a warning to let her know she is his.. normally when vampires do that they want who ever it is they have done that to.. and now she belongs to him weather she likes it or not.. he will stop at nothing to get her.. he will probably turn her and make her have an eternity of loyalty to him.. sometimes it may be revenge because she has done something hurtful to that vampire or he just is lonely and has just chosen her.. i dont know why this happens but it just does.. i personally dont like it. it shows disrespect and i believe if vampires want respect they need to give respect… and the same for humans. but some vampires have been around so long they see them selves as god and think they need the respect and dont have to give any back.. if you have any more questions i would love to answer them 🙂

  64. wow so he will come back for her? But when and how?And does he know where she is all the time also?? Sorry im asking so many questions you seem very educated and know what your talking about.

  65. hey samantha.. TQ so much for your explanation…. really appreciate it!! Hope we can be friend ya?
    i will be back to ask u a few questions about vampires.. im really interested..!!!

  66. i think it was a vampire cause no one would be out on somones property w/ dialated eyes. dogs have a good sense of smell and barney knew that scent on your shirt was not yours or your husbans. and why would your shirt be in a high tree wen no one knows how it got up there…..so i think you were visited by a vampire

    btw that is a scary story id be runnin like hell if that happend to me lmao

  67. Ariana he will come back for her.. and when i dont know and how he’ll just walk/or fly in to get her.. he will know where she is at all times.. he will follow her.. and she only seen him in that window because he wanted her to.. vampires are only seen because that want to be seen.

    sabrina its no problem. and yes we can be friends. 🙂 and ask me anything you like 🙂

    tommy girl even if you run he will still know where you are… always

  68. You know what makes your pupil open up to where you can see very little white? Its called ectasy. Those teeth you saw, you can buy at any novalty store. The sweater you lost, and ended up in a tree, a bird or squrel carried to make a nest out of. Oh, and that all important proof you didnt find, it was a peeping “TOM” at your window.

  69. PantyCricket you try and have answers for everything.. but just stop and accept the truth… and how would the stupid bird or squirrel get it out of her house?? and that was indeed a vampire… get over it.. one could come for you.. one could come for everyone

  70. Whoa! That sounds scary. If I were in your position I would have glued my face to the floor. XD
    Glad your safe Becca. oh and congrats on the baby! 🙂

  71. samantha

    Have you got any ideas on what the necklace he was wearing could mean, if anything?
    and can vampires really fly, hope you don’t mind me asking?

  72. To samantha- My parents have suirels in their attck right now. She could have droped it somewhere and not have known. Yes, I look at the logic of things. No one has proof that they saw a vampire, but plenty of proof where animals find clothes from somewhere to make a nest out of. Plus, you dont know this person, do you beleive everything you read or hear? I hope not. Someone could easily take advantage of someone like that. There are alot of weirdoes out there. Yes, I beleive she saw someone out her window, but she didnt see a vampire. She said that he showed his teeth to her, but she never said they were sharp looking or were fangs did she? Reread it. Every story I’ve read on this site has holes in them. Read all my responses, I have pointed them all out.

  73. Victoria no i have no idea on what the necklace could mean. and yes some vampires can fly. i cant 🙁 but i can run super fast and it feels like flying. and no its not like they do in twilight. its much faster.. you cant even see me 🙂

    PantyCricket i dont know if this story is real.. but if it was (which im not saying i dont believe it) thats the case someone might have if that happened, how do you know it wasnt a vampire?? you dont have the answer to everything miss fix it. your not a god and you dont know! have you just ever stoped to think?? you dont want yourself to believe it. but what ever you have made your point. quit trying to fix everything. gosh..

  74. Your right, I dont have all the answers. All the answers are in these stories that “vampires” are writting. I dont have to prove they dont exist, thats done by no one being able to prove they do exist. For some reason no one will go get tests done to prove it once and for all. Its pretty simple, right? Why do you call humans the weak ones, and your the scared ones that cant go get a simple finger prick or a harmless ex-ray. If you want me to quit denying it, all I need is proof. Thats gotta be a simple thing to go and do.

    1. If someone came here and posted that they went to a doctor and had tests run that confirmed that they were different, ie a vampire – would you believe them?

  75. I laughed hard at Victioria’s comment : ‘Whats twilight?’

    best question but funny, its a movie. a like vampires.

  76. This story is really creepy I would be terrified and pee in my pants 😛 but really i mean a vampire? I do believe in them but for what reason would he or she have gone there?

  77. hi becca i was researching vampires and stumbled upon this website i like your story and kind of believe it not because i think your lieing but because am scared that they might be real in other words am in denial that it can exist.. i personally have been thinking that everything has a reason to be here in this world i look for reasons why vampires exist but dont find one.. but hey like they said their are alot of things we dont know exist yet.. so try to keep safe okay oh and congrats on the bby=-)

    oh yeah when did this happen??


    wow r u really a vampire??( srry if i ofend u just a really curious person)=-/

  78. Wow amazing story…
    you know sometimes i think these kinds of things happen in specific parts of the world they are part of the culture of that place….like in my culture we have the chupacabras…now i moved to Australia and no1 has heard of it here….and we have different mythical creatures believed to be true in my culture and act in my country like make ppl desapear or go crazy but not where i live now…..
    now please don’t take me wrong i do believe that these things are not a product of the imagination or of stories …..it is knowledge that has been passed down from a long time ago where maybe it was easier for these creatures to live a bit more freely because there were no such things as cameras or anything with which evudence could be taken that they were “monsters” not that i think i they are like seriously we are probably monsters to them as well.. like am i making any sence??? sometimes i say to myself this is all nonesence because like becca i have to see to believe….but inside of me there is something that sort of feels like its true…you know all those ppl who just simply desappear …..
    BTW Samantha… how long have you been alive???(being a vampire) did someone turn you??? or you just decided randomly to start drinking blood???(dont mean to be offencive) its just the only way i can put it ….I;m still learning english lol….
    and Becca congrats on the baby… remember to be extra careful now as you have a little person growing inside of you ….
    Now this is oppen to everyone and i would like some oppinions….Lately i have been having nightmares almost everynight ….of someone hunting me down like chasing me to kill me or get rid of me ….would anyone have any idea of what this could mean???? they are not the same dreams its basically the same tihng in different situations and places ,,,,,,

  79. Hello!
    I don’t even know what to say…This is really strange..And i believe Becca and Samantha and everything…I am just a really paranoid person..Andthis weird stuff has been happening to me lately,and i have the feeling somebody is wathcing me,and this black bird sometimes watches me…
    But anyway,I wanted to ask Becca one question…Have you considered that you are psychic?Because you wrote that when you were small you saw things and as you grew older it stopped happening?’Cause im confused if i am psychic or not…Although i don’t want to be psychic,so im just gonna stop thinking i am…..
    Soo…I have a questions for you…How can I now that a vampire is near or is watching me?And how do you kill one?

    NOTE from Admin – Edited to remove your request for others personal contact information. Why do so many insist on posting that sort of thing? In the future such comments will be deleted instead of edited.

    <3 Eliza

  80. Im sorry,the last questins were for Samantha..The only question I asked Becca was if she considered that she was psychic!!

    Sorry,again..Oh and congrats on the baby Becca!

  81. very interesting story, i just wonder why your dog likes your sweather so much, I do believe in supernatural things, since I found out what I really am, never met a vampire before but other things, I’m looking forward to hear from you, take care

  82. pantycricket: I’ve seen all ur comments n u belong to this category-critic, quick to disbelieve. U rely too much on Science to back u up. Anything nt proven scientifically, u r quick 2 dismiss. Is it becoz u r afraid tt wat u believe in can be wrong??
    I’m a scientific person, acing in subjects like Physics, Biology, Biochemistry etc. I analyse what people say, n do pick up subtle hints.. Yet, i do believe in the mysterious side-ghosts, vampires, God(s), aliens, reincarnations etc. people dun claim to be Cinderella or mermaids transformed into human beings. So, there has to be some truth in pple claiming to be vampires, werewolves etc.
    Science is everchanging, with all those new theories n evidences. What we know now will definitely change. Ancient people of 11th century dun believe in the existence of brains. But do brains exist even though we cant see them?? Think about it.

  83. Hi Becca,
    Congratulations on the pregnancy, how wonderful!
    Your story is truly scary and with my ever active imagination I have conjured up an image of this person you saw. I have read all the comments and please don’t take this the wrong way, but have you washed the sweater yet? You probably have and I don’t mean to offend, just asking. If it is the scent that could potentially attract the person, then I would think washing the sweater would get rid of that persons scent on it as well. Maybe adding a huge dollop of Downey would do the trick 😉

    Also if the person is a vampire would he be able to detect that you are pregnant? Maybe Samantha can answer this question but it goes out to everyone. And if the “vampire” does realize you are pregnant, what would he do?

  84. Holy Cow, you guys are freaking me out !!

    So basically some of you are saying there’s no escape from this guy? ..well he’s got another thing coming with all the stuff about “belonging to him” I’m happily married to the man of my dreams ! The whole thing happened in June, right after I moved. We were in our house for maybe 3 weeks.
    To everyone who keeps asking me to draw a picture ..I’m not the most artistic person in the world and the chances of the drawing turning out to look like what I actually saw would be slim to none .. lol
    I haven’t had any other experiences since it happened ..no signs of the man ever coming back around.
    But we are probably moving again next month ..we need a bigger house with a baby on the way ! I’m almost 20 weeks along.

  85. Becca,
    I was curious when you said that “vampire” was screamed in your head. Do you mean that you had a conscious thought that the person was a vampire or that your guardian angel/spiritual guide tried to warn you of what this individual was?

  86. becca,
    its very astonishing whatever happend with you. but there are many things in this world that we can’t understand. just forget it and move on with your life.

  87. Wow, I wish that was me! i love vampires- real or not real. But at the same time I would be freaked out. I have read on a website, that their are different types of vampires. Im just curious do you think that the vampire you saw was charming and dreamy like Edward on Twilight, or a total bloodsucking demon? from what you saw though.

  88. its most likely you saw a black eyes person (spirit, demon) they like to haunt people ….they have wide black eyes, and their appearance is similar to what you describe …..
    they are like lonely spirits …maybe thats why he took your jumper and was stalking you …some of them were once alive and had a sudddent and or violent death so they haunt other people …apparently if you let them in your house you will die ….but there is no evidence of such thing happening , then again so many ppl die everyday who would really know….but a vampire is not likely as it would have just killed you to feed it wouldnt have just been there looking at you ….some black eyed people or children are demons though so you have to be careful …try to keep religious objects around your house ..that will most likely keep anything away ……

  89. Becca
    wat was the address. My family and i are moveing to a house withh cornfields around it in the contry and i just want to see were it was that you saw the vampire,

  90. Becca,
    First of all i’m really glad that the man did not hurt you and please dont listen to samantha she’s just trying to scare you, the way she describes vampires as ominous creatures reminds me of angels, even though i dont believe vampires exist, folklore has always claimed they are evil and i dont think evil creatures would be given the power by God to know everything about everyone. If it really was a vampire then why didn’t he attack you? maybe you should ask samantha what she does with her victims, does she leave them and come back?.
    As for the necklace he was wearing, i believe it might have been a Nazar of some sort, i used to have a friend who wears it all the time, it looks a bit creepy and when i asked what it means she said its for spiritual protection sort of like a cross i think, so i don’t see why a vampire would wear protection made to scare him off.

  91. I would like to ask samantha and all other sudden vampires the same question Anya just asked ….what do you do with your victims….which i may tell everyone has to be a lot ….for any creature tu survive only on human blood the “vampire” would have to kill 8 to 12 ppl only in 1 day!!! im not talking about a bite and suck a bit im talking about bleeding the person to death!!! this is because blood has such low levels of minerals, vitamins and other essential things that are requiered to survive…this is the reason we seek them in food such as meats vegetables and fruits and even as far as suplements…..otherwise our body wold not be able to fuction …think about it all animals that live on blood are no bigger than a large human hand ….. i think most of the people here that claim to be vampires just have a very boring life or they have problems in their life and this is a way to escape it pretending to be something that doesnt exist and for the time you spend online pretend you have no problems … i would recomend these ppl seek some sort of couseling or help as creating multiple personalities in the long term can cause many mental issues and make the person unaware of reality and fantasy …….Becca i am not saying your story is false …not at all but just perhaps what you encauntered was some other kind of thing…maybe a spirit …. the house you were living init is possible the last personwho lived there was murdered or commited suicide ….or the ppl who lived there called spirits to the world and didnt put them back to rest which is sad because they go wandering around the house unseen unheard and unloved ….i know this to be true as that is what i am experiencing right now ….the house where i am living, the last ppl who lived here somewhere in the early 1900’s used to practice witchcraft ( or whatever the spelling is) and called spirits to the house and never put them to rest again …. there was this once i woke up in the night and one of the spirits was standing in my door looking at me …( it was soooooo creepy!!!) he then vanished …b4 my own eyes……

  92. I just did some research on the eye of Horus and maybe this might help.

    Eyes, eyes and more eyes. They were prominent in ancient Egypt, and they even survive today in superstitions surrounding the evil eye. Eyes in ancient Egypt could symbolize protection or destruction, offerings, various goddesses, and sometimes allowed the dead to see the living world. However, this all makes for some very complex mythology……………………..

    source http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/eyeofhorusandre.htm

    A lot of information but to sum it up the eye represents either destruction or protection, hope this was a least a little helpful

    – Ariana 🙂


    Note from admin – please do not type in all caps. The rules near the comment box state clearly “Do not write in all caps.”

  94. Hi,

    Sometimes the things which come back to you from other world creatures help you protect yourself from them, it never means that they will come back to your life again. Yes it is true that bad spirits/vampires who have died but haven’t got peace after death exist. Also they are barely noticed in urban areas, they love lonely places like you have discussed here. Also if you feel scared at any time just remember these two words “Jai Hanuman” and your fear will vanished !! let me know if you face any other similar incidence ever.

  95. Just letting everyone know that things have been going good. There have been no further sighting of the “mystery man”. I think it was a one-time thing. Honestly I think that a lot of people on this site are just making things up. I have a family to think about and soon will have a new daughter. I don’t mean to offend anyone, but I’ve moved on. Even so, this is a true story that really did happen to me. I don’t know why it happened, I don’t believe I will ever know. There are a lot of things in this world that I will never understand and I’ve accepted that. Thank you to everyone who tried to help me figure it out, but I think it’s time for me to just let it go.

  96. Thats great Becca. Congrats for the baby and I wish you good luck for your future. May you life blossom every day !! Take Care ..

  97. i do belive in vampires and i do belive that you saw one..im glad you are safe but if i was you then i would get rid of the sweater just in case.. i live in burnley in lancashire and there have been a couple of sightings over here of people dressed in black walking around at strange times..they also had yellow fangs which a lot of people thought were scary i would embrace what happened and think there must be something about you he liked because most vampires would of just come into your house and bitten you! im glad you moved..you were very lucky

  98. Becca, first and foremost I am pleased that you are safe and sound and have moved far away from Kentucky. But there is absolutely NO WAY that you could have seen a vampire. Next you are going to be telling us that your friend rides to work on a dragon. I don’t know what you saw – but you are deffinitley over reacting a bit. I mean consider the odds. You are home alone, at night, watching the Dark Knight with a psyco dog.
    So before you go scaring the crap out of people like you scared my girlfriend Eden, then please consider the facts.
    I hope that you recover from this traumatic experience but consider the facts.

  99. Dear Becca your gut was right it was a vampire and what your gut says is right i just got back from iraq with my kid brother and when were out doing a safety patrol cause we got a call in that some people were walking around with guns well on the way to the spot where the call was called in my gut told me to tackle my kid brother im glad i did if i wouldnt have done it he would be dead his name is Matt just as i tackle him a bullet whizzed right by his head scrapping my helemet we ran for cover and then retreated cause there were snipers all over the place my brother and i have never really been close but after thight we have been like 2 peas in a pod so what your gut said is true you did see a vampire and ill i can really says is may godspeed your path allways

  100. so i didnt use to believe in vampires, or ghosts or anything of the sort, then i had an eerie experience of my own. i live in kentucky as well, also right at the tn line in clinton county. there is absolutey nothing to do in this town, seriously we just got a mcdonalds two years back. me and my friends were out driving around aimlessly back before gas prices elimated that. we went into russell county to an area known as creelsboro, because there is a place there called the rockhouse which is right beside the cumberland river. basically an open ended cave. on the otherside of the river you can see a place called wells bottom which we had been to before through clinton co, and we wanted to see the otherside. so there we were and as we were hanging out in the cave it got dark, we decided to leave. truthfully because it was creepy although none of us would have wanted to admit that. as we got to where you have to climb up to get to the parking spot to our left was this… thing. it was definately human in shape, and it was incredibly pale. it wasnt pitch black out yet, but still too dark to make any real sense of it… it seemed to almost glow tho and didnt appear to be moving. we all just kinda froze up and stared at it. my friend would later go on to say it was like something was in his mind telling him to come towards it, i cant say that was the case for me but it definitely had my full attention. and then it just took one step back and seemed to disappear. for some reason the word vampire popped into my head as well… although i am not sure how accurate that is. it was the quietest drive home ever, you would thank after something like that there would be so much to say, but none of us said much of anything. its always creeped me out. i suppose it could have been someone out there just wandering around, and maybe it just seemed like they disappeared. but i dont know. a few years later i was with another set of friends and they were telling me all these crazy stories about the place and they wanted to go… i told them that one which only increased their desire to check it out. but, not long after you cross the dam we got a flat tire… never made it there. havent been back sense. its all just really strange. the native americans used to take shelter in the rock house and bury their dead on top of it, or so the big engraved marker says when you pull up to it. i have seen several odd things since that in this area… it definitely opened my mind to the possiblity of a vampire or the paranormal.

  101. for reals? u saw a vampire???? WOW!!! i would love to be you….and trust me, if ur mind was shouting vampire…then it probably was one.

  102. Becca, I belive you! i’m glad i’m not crazy my aunt lives in Allensville Kentucky, and i stayed for a weekend there. and i noticed someone watching me all the time, but i ignored it, and i was taking out the trash when i felt heaving breathing on my neck, i spun around and no-one was there, well i thought it was the wind, so i didn’t think anything of it, so i went to the end of the driveway and put the trash in, and i heard something rustling so when i turned in that direction i saw a older man, just standing there, he looked about 25-38, i guess, he had king of shaggy dark hair, and black eyes like you descibed, well anyway he didn’t do anything he just stood there staring at me, then just slowly faded into the night, he didn’t hurt me or say anything, just stared. I’m so glad i found your story because i thought i imagined it. Was that like the man you saw Becca, because i really want to know!?!

  103. wow!! i dont really believe there r vampires but how could i be sure? i do believe in ghost. ohh and people if u didnt relize becca said she wanted to move on so you can stop asking her these quistions just please give that poor lady a break.

  104. well i will be happy to answer something the vampire wanted to return something or he was bored hahahahaha but only a vampire can climb a tree with a sweater in one arm to the top and sinced you blinked and it was gone it was 100% vampire

  105. Becca, i really believed what you said..but don’t you feel like to find it out????????i mean,what you saw was actually a vampire or not……??????

  106. If you believe in that sort of stuff, then you may as well be right. If you don’t then don’t.

    Studying most myths, one vampire case, and several fictional stories to see how vampires are portrayed, it seems that anything is possible in this world, we have yet to see the truth. I would like to see some more details before deciding on an actual conclusion to your story. It seems believable, but there would be cases were you were imagining some details, and misunderstood others.

  107. wow thats really creepy. i would be thrilled if it was a vampire cause the idea is very mysterious but i have to say that whole crack head thing is a possible explenation as well. ur gut might have been tellling u vampire because you were scared straight. and the dog mighta smelt the crack and the wind brought the hoodie in the tree and ya. but i dont know the vampire thing is possible. just go with what you saw. If i was with you at the time i could probably determine. so good luck and make sure you have a huge guard dog to scare people away. i am not too much of a skeptic but there are options. see ya sista!

  108. Hi! Becca!!
    I have for always felt dat,vampires are somewhere for real,gud to hear dat u r alrite and not been victimised,.i just wanted to ask u something, after so many days,of having the incident passed,do u ever have any dreams,of the same vampire trying to say u something or when u r alone do u feel its presence??and do tell me how it looked??the eyes u mentioned are a chatacteristic feature of the vampires,. Hope everything’s fine wid u and u wil never have to face any other odd situation in ur future.
    Wish u gr8 luck 4 future!!!!!!

  109. I’m glad you got away from that place it scares me that it was able to get a personal item of yours do you remember the last time you wore it before your experience happen?
    And just think of how many people die in home invasions im took a forensic class last semester and they shoe us pictures of crime scene most unsolved for one reason or another idk why but i have believed in vampires for sometime now because of some things that had happened to me and my cousin anyway this just makes me wonder if any of them may have been attacked by a vampire because some of the picture just quiet frankly gave me nightmares

  110. Haven’t been on here in a while but just wanted to check and see if my story was still out there. 🙂
    Maci, just to answer your question.. My house was in Allensville, KY. !!
    Wow, very creepy, I think we saw the same thing! haha 🙂

    1. I came across your post, while doing research for a story. Amazing encounter, Becca! I don’t know if what you saw was a vampire or not, but I’m glad he didn’t harm you. I’m more inclined to believe in psychic vampires than the blood-sucking ones. Have you ever been around someone who’s mere presence made you tired and you walked away feeling like you’ve aged 10 years?

      Lol. As for Samantha, the comment-posting-vampire, what ever happened to her? Lol! I don’t know if “physical” vampires exist, but if they do, I doubt they would be on the internet drawing attention to themselves. They’re supposed to be elusive creatures. The internet provides some anonymity, but not a lot.

  111. This story really freaked me out.I am very glad that u are safe.From this incident of yours I have started to feel like,maybe vampires do exist

  112. I believe that vampires do exist as well. I was doing some research online and i did find a slight connection to the necklace of Horus and Sekhmet. And as you all should know, Sekhmet was an egypian goddess that had a history for drinking blood. however, the eye of horus is an emblem that provides diety protection and royal power. As i read a different page about the eye or Horus, it’s said that the power of the wedjat eye helped Horus to restore his father Osiris to eternal life in the netherworld where he reigned over eternity. so do i beleive what you saw was a true vampire? yes i do. goodluck and be aware.

  113. You will never find a vampire among other humans or walking in our cities,villages etc..
    But with luck you can find someone who can take you to them.
    Don’t believe in all this people that say they are vampires with 200, 10,9 years old…(vampire age). True vampires don’t turn people for more than 800 years..They are very selective, and believe me, they don’t like our modern generation.
    You can’t call a vampire ”vampire”, there’s no word in our language to describe them. The best one would be demi-gods.
    Vampires don’t age, don’t live (simply exist), don’t only live on blood, they are not afraid of a church or any religious object… Female vampires can appear to you in many forms (human, ghostly, animal…), this I don’t know for sure (I never met a female vampire), just what I’ve been told.
    Vampires cannot walk during daylight because they can’t appear to us. They are ”creatures of the night” thus they can’t exist during the day. (as fish can’t breath in land, men can’t breath in the sea).
    Blood is their faith, their holy grail, their ritual. They need blood to exist, but not only blood..

    One last advice, don’t look for them. You will regret it.

    ps: sorry for my bad English

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