Did I Just See A Weirdo Or The Hat Man?

This is a story that I happened up on and I contacted the person to ask if I could use his story of what happen to him 25 years ago.

Now there has been the story of what is called The Hat Man.   Many people have  reported that they have seen him.   This person saw what he thinks may have been just that.   If you have not ever heard of this type of being,  then I would invite you to go to two web sites and read up on it. The first one is a forum for the paranormal http://www.talkparanormal.com/
The next one is about a woman who has spent many years researching and learning all that she can about them.   Her name is Heidi Hollis and she was the first to give the name Shadow people the name we call them today. http://www.jesusisnojoke.com/theshadowpeople/id19.html. You can also go to your search engine and type in Hat Man and get loads of information on this subject and read about many sightings of him.  It is very fascinating if you ask me.

Ok now to the story.

I would describe myself as someone who is open to the possibility of paranormal I guess, but I am not a full believer of it.
What I am about to tell you happen 25 years ago and to this day it is still so clear in my head that it seems like it just happened yesterday.

I was driving in Torrington, CT. As my wife and I were  driving up a crummy industrial street, I looked ahead to see how the street was twisting. Then about 100 yards ahead of me, on the sidewalk that was by the drivers side , I saw a figure moving along the side walk. I could tell he or she was dark, tall, and they seemed to be walking very fast, as if they were in a hurry to get somewhere.

My wife was in the car with me at the time this happen. I kept my eyes on this person or thing the whole time. As I approached him or her, perhaps within, 30 yards, it suddenly whipped around quickly, and it was looking straight at me. By this time I could see the entire figure.
It seemed to be dressed almost all in black with what seemed to be a black floppy leather hat, a black suit with a white shirt, and what appeared to be a red string tie, and a black cape over the suit with black pointy boots of shoes. I could tell by this time it was a male.

He was over ‘6’ “6” tall, and extremely thin. He had a very long and thin face with a jutting jaw and huge dark protruding eyes and heavy brows but the feature that stood out the most on his face was his incredibly long skinny nose it like it was not real or some thing

He had a grin on his face the whole time he was staring at me and it was an evil grin like he was saying he had me or some thing. As I drove past him it seemed as though he was only starring at me, not my wife nor the car just me, this how it made me feel

After I had driven past him I looked in the review mirror and he was still starring at me and his grin was so wide I can not remember to good but I think it was as if he was laughing at me or something. I kept driving until he was out of my sight.

At the time my wife confirmed that what I had saw was real but now days she says that she is not sure of just what I saw that day.

Was this just some one who was a weirdo that enjoyed scarring people or was it indeed the hat man?
Now after this had happen to me I started reading lots of things about him and shadow people creatures and some things that I seen matches but some does not for he was not shadowy his features were clear as day and it was day time when this happen also.

I was filled with dread when I first saw him and I am not the type of person that gets shaken up to easily. I have sen weirdos before and I just teed to feel sorry for them but not this one he was evil there was just some thing every sinister about this character and I for some reason his face and features got burned into my head and has been there for 25 years and will be there till I die. He has never showed up again to me so thank God that he did not follow me like most people has reported and I am thankful for that because I could not handle that.

I know that the way I have described this it seems like there was nothing at all to be freaked out about, but if you have seen it as I did you would have been terrified just as I was of him.

The simple truth is that I was scared of him and to this day I really don’t know why and may never know why.
If any one has ever seen some thing like this and had the feeling of dread I would like to hear your story and it may help me to understand what I saw that day and to know weather or not I am making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Thanks for any advice and I am looking forward to hearing form you

Written By Nick,  rewritten by TLS all rights reserved BestOfAllTopics.com

4 thoughts on “Did I Just See A Weirdo Or The Hat Man?”

  1. It is so strange how these sightings sound so much alike. I have not ever seen the Hat Man myself, but the image is talked about by many. I have heard of those who see him throughout their whole lives and ones that only see him once. I’ve always wondered what exactly it is…it sounds like a manifestation of some very negative energy.

    I don’t think all shadows are negative…but the ones involving the Hat Man always sound malevolent in nature.

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