Could These be Signs that I am a Vampire?

Ok where to begin I guess with the mark that I was born with on my leg it looks like a snake bite and has been there from the time I was born.

Now I was told that my mother was attacked by some strange creature when she was pregnant with me.

Ok on to this from the time I was 16 I have never aged and I look just as if I was 16 still and I am 37 as of now and still no looks has changed in me.

My mother and I both like to eat raw hamburger that is really bloody. Whenever I see blood I get really hungry although I do eat human food but it just seems to never satisfy me at all

I never lose or gain weight at all.

I do have a very rare blood type but I do not know if that could mean any thing at all.

If I get cut I heal like in hours no scars or any thing of that sort no matter how deep it is.

Now I have read on here many that are vampires and after reading all of this from you real ones such as Samantha I have begin to wonder if I may be a half blood vampire due to my mother being attacked while carrying me.

Now I know that there will be some that may not believe me at all but that is fine I do understand how hard it is to believe in some thing like this.

I can not reproduce and no doctors have ever been able to understand why because all is normal with my female organs and I never get sick or have never had any sort of disorder that would cause me to not to be able to bare children. This saddens my heart very much because I would love to have kids.

I have been through things that should have killed me but I always walk away from it with out hardly a scratch on me. I do not know what pain is for I have never felt any.

I have been told that when I get in a raging madness that my eyes turn red I have a temper that is just uncontrollable and I get violent when I get in this state to the point that I can not stop.

Does any one have any thoughts on this?

I mean it has been 21 years from the time I was 16 and yet I still look 16. Something has got to be up here, any pointers?

Thanks for reading and don’t think that I will get mad at any one who will call me names tell me that I am crazy but I understand so just speak your mind.

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  1. Well,all the information leads to the point where basically you are not human..but I’m not sure what you are..a vampire?a werewolf?

  2. I would think that if you were a Vampire, then you wouldn’t have to question it. Have you ever considered the idea that you are under a lot of stress and that is why you can’t get pregnant? Stop trying so hard, relax and not think about it so much. As far as your mother being attacted by “some strange creature”,did she tell you this, because you are implying that you heard it from others, and not her..The raw hamburger, I have an aunt who eats raw hamburger, she isn’t a vampire.. and sometimes the craving of blood can be due to insufficient iron in the body.. As far as looks, I believe those are genetics, I don’t look my age either, heck my grandmother who died at 76, she actually looked to be in her late 40’s she was absolutely beatiful for her age. Point is, if you were a Vampire, I think you would have already known.

  3. Oh great another one I think that the goofy s all follow each other here
    When one comes out then they all come out.

    I will admit though I do feel sorry for you because you can not have kids.

    what is your blood type by the way?

    I have just been reading so much on here that is soooo fake that it is hard for me to take this for real.

  4. Nevaeh Thank you for you in put on this.
    Yes my mother did tell this of what happen and what she could make of the creature but she was in a dark ally in Ohio. She was about mid term with me. she had her brother and two of his friends with her. It was like to hear her tell it it was like this thing was only after her. It slung the others against one of the walls. Mom said that she heard what sounded like wings flapping. I am not claiming that I am anything all that I would like is advice as of what might have attacked her and was affected some how.

    My Blood Type is AB-
    Here is another funny thing before this happen to my mother she had o+ type an now she is AB- as well it happen in like a week.

    It all is very strange to me

  5. Sweet Lady,
    I believe your mother was attacked by a vampire, I just can’t say for sure. Nor can I say why she wasn’t killed, other than the fact the vampire didn’t want her dead.


  6. when u was little did u feel diffent from the others and did u bite your frieds and if they tasted nice u bite harder until they bleed then you carred on drinking the blood but if they didnt taste nice u didnt bite them again

  7. Wow that is really amazing that your mothers blood type changed after she was attack

    Does she have any weird dreams of sort.

    Have you talked to others as well?

    Did they say if her attitude changed after the attack?

    As for you not aging I would count that as a blessing.

    vampire, those are good questions and I would like to know the same thing.

    1. I would be more likely to believe a person could transform into big foot than I would to believe a persons blood type could change…..

  8. Bracket,

    Thanks for the link, I agree with all that you have said. I have been trying to say the same, but you summed it up beautifully.


    I would like to know this as well. I stated before that I schooled for Phlebotomy, for those who don’t know what that is, it is the practice of drawing blood. I find it absolutely rediculous the amount of claims of people who want to be vampires, if such a thing were to exist, then one would not have to question if the were one or not. Another thing I find appalling is the idea of those who feed into these claims, and sugar coat each post with saying “yes, you must be a vampire, or it was indeed a vampire you saw”. I see nothing wrong with asking questions about Vampires, but if you have to ask if you are one, then chances are… you are NOT. I love the idea of discussing or even debating the subject, but the constant claims from those who keep insisting they are one is becoming a tad bit childish and not to mention tiresome. Perhaps, a majority of people are just going through an identity crisis and just trying to find themselves, who knows, maybe it is the boredum of life, maybe they just need this bit of excitement to make them feel alive again. I don’t know what the reasons are, and I am not claiming to know everything. I don’t mean this post towards anyone in particular, I am just stressing my oppinions.


    I don’t understand the questioning. Lots of children or teenagers feel out of place, or that they are different in some ways. Just because a person feels they are different does not exactly mean that they are.

  9. maybe a werewolf im not sure it happens to me to i dont realy feel pain until after it happens yet not that bad ummm….. and also the meat is like us to but not cooked and human food is kinda upsetting and not filling werewolf definetly but it makes me wonder about the ageing and stuff mot sure

  10. No I never have bitten any one I never did that as a child and I was very well liked and never seemed different to any one.

    To be honest I do not think that I am a vampire. I titled this story this because this a vampire site.

    I am really wanting to know if any one has seen such of a creature of heard of any thing of the such.

    Admin I have never seen proof that her blood type changed this is what she told me when I was a teenager.

    The ones that were with her described the sound just as she did and said it was like wings flapping and then with one fling of the dark figure they were slung away from my mother.

    As for getting pregnant I am not trying that is the thing it just wont happen and now I am getting to the age that if it did happen the baby would be in grave danger.

    I know that she has some very disturbing dreams but she dont want to talk about them at all.

    Hey for all I know this is all made up to cover up a bigger mystery maybe I dont belong to my dad so she made it all up to cove things up I do not know I was just reading things of the sort and wanted to get advice from you all.

    I am not trying to be funny in no shape or form just seeking answers to my questions

  11. Sweet Lady,

    Thank you for the honesty in your last post. If I came off as being harsh or rude, I am sorry. You just have to understand that there has been so many false claims on here as of lately, and those claims kind of make it harder for others seeking answers to thier questions, so again, thank you for being honest 🙂

  12. I just want to say that i now believe that it is humanly normal to like the taste of blood. I have lost 4 teeth within the last 2-2 1/2 months and there are 3 left to come out so i know what i am talking about. every tooth has bled, but i know that teeth dont actually bleed; it’s the gums, and this may sound wierd but i have grown fond of the taste of my own blood. the last tooth was reaallly bloody. but blood ( and the stuff in your eyes when you wake up, ew) and tears have some of teh body’s natural salt in it so thats why you may feel like licking your cheeks when you cry or a cut that bleeds.
    this is also why people like reeaallly salty fries.
    my point: tears, blood, and the sleep in your eyes(ew) (and fries) taste good because of salt.
    which leads to another question ive had for a while: do any of you (vampires) loose teeth regularly with “age”?
    and also, why does sunlight “hurt” you? you say that you are strong and samantha you have said that you could kill some of teh peopl that have insulted you. if that is true, why does too much sunlight hurt you if you are strenghtened? ^,.,^

  13. Sweet Lady, It seems that you do have some interesting physical (?symptoms?) I need to find a better word for this… It is amazing that you heal so fast. I do not heal as fast as you- but I do heal faster than a lot of people that I know. If I may ask you a personal question- you do not need answer this if it makes you feel uncomfortable- when do you start your period? I am 31 this year, people say I look 23.I hope you reply. Its as if the search will never end to find someone close to me. 🙁 it is a lonely feeling to wonder if you are made without pair. I hope to honestly know one day if people are alive similar to me. The answer for you is in your heart. There is not any instruction on these matters, that has came from a proven Vampire. So good luck on your personal quest and blessed be.

  14. Okay well, Vampires Can choose when they wanna keep aging or not. Fear can also make us stop aging. It’s all a matter of choice. We Can choose wether to eat human food or not, wether it’s raw or cooked. Everyone is different. As for Me I am an Elemental Feeder, therefore I feed on the elements. Yes We heal fast, but it only heals as fast as long as you’re healthy. Giving birth is hard. It depends on who your mate is. Yes we never get sick. Which is another reason why we’ve lived for so long.
    Sadly, your mother would be half, you no. Since you were born with the mark, who knew what the vampire put in his mouth before biting your mother. Ither way, you’d be whole.

    But anyway e-mail me, I have no need to waste my time on this.
    Blessed Be,

  15. des I start that monthly thing just when ever it decides to hit me.

    I am sure that there are others such as yourself Des just keep looking
    As for me I have found my mate and He knows what I am if I am any thing at all just one with some gifts that was given to me. He is happy with me as I am with him.
    As for Kids I guess it is not meant to be at all for me. I hate that because I really want kids :)(

    Bunnie you say that my mother would be half right?
    Well she has aged beyond her age she looks like she is in her 80’s
    When she was in her 30’s she looked much older. She is always sick and has been from the time she was said to be attacked.

    As for me I am just as human as the next person just as I said I have been blessed and cursed in many ways. If this thing that attacked my mother did this to her and me and I would love it if it would die due to what it has taken from myself and my mother.

    Before the attack she had great eye sight and was healthy as a horse but afterwards she lost her eye sight and been poorly in health every since.

    This is just some thing that has bothered me for ages and I just want to know what it may have been.

    Thank you all for your responses

  16. Your Mother Could Be Like That Because Our Blood And Yours Could Be Ending Badly. It Means Her Body Has Rejected The Change. So She’s Dying Faster Than She Should. You Need To Find A Doctor That Is From Our World And Find Her Help. I Am Too Young To Be Stating Such Out Loud. Thanks. Blessed Be.

  17. Sweet lady,

    Are u still wit your mom right now? are u both living together or something…

  18. no I do not live with my mother if that is what you were asking Cheyenne
    I live close by to her though and see her every day.

    Bunnie where and how would I find a doctor of your world?
    I would love to be able to find some one to help her to be honest I think it is really to late for her.

    As for me I just hope that I either get pregnant or start aging one I mean I am still being carded every where it really sucks some times.

    One more thing now like I said I do not think that I am any thing at all but no animal likes me even strays if I get close they will start to snarl at me and growl like I am evil.
    I assure you I am not evil not that I know of I have never done any thing evil in my life.

    And I do mean any and every animal I can not go into a pet store they are start freaking out they will not get near me. My mother has loads of cats and a dog and it is every thing I can do to even get into her house and then the dog has to be put out side.

    I have been this way all my life with animals I have never harmed one nor ever would they know some thing about me that I do not.

    Just what is it that they know that I dont.

    I just want to be normal. I mean you would never think that I was different in any way if you seen me.

    I guess it is the way I was meant to be or God would have done some thing. I know who I am and I am proud to be me I just have so many questions.

  19. Hi Sweet Lady,

    I read your article today & like you said, I have many questions for you which would make me clear about what & who you are.. Below are the questions:

    1. Did you have any feelings for someone – I mean did you like or love anybody, If yes, did he hurt you?? I asked you this question coz you stated that you never felt any pain & most of them do have a love failure as well.

    2. You also mentioned that animals get furious at you when you are near to them – Here I wonder that you are quite different from others & you got this from your mom, so by default animals would behave the same with her but you mentioned that your mom has lot of pets (dogs & cats), how is that?? – I am a little confused here..

    3. Did you ever speak more about your past with your mom? Did you ask what exactly were the creatures? Were they vampires, warewolf or anythingelse??

    4. Due to your past life, did you try feeding on someone??

    5. Do you believe in god??

    6. Do you have any sibblings??

    I am sorry, i believe i asked you lot of questions.. Please don’t mind.. It’s just that this is our first meeting, i am interested in you & your article, hence i would like to know more about you.. Yes, you should be happy with what & who you are coz no one can be like you & you can’t be like others, everyone have their own speciality hidden in them.. Everyone is beautiful & nice within, we just need to understand them & react..

    I am sorry that you can reproduce but i am sure that there should be some way out for this.. Kids are the most valuable gift on earth..

    Forgive me if my questions hurt you..

    Have a nice day


  20. Lux your questions do not bother me at all I will answer all that I can.

    1 Nope the man that I married to now is and was my first and only love and he has never hurt me. As pain I mean physical pain.

    2 I have wondered this same thing as has she but she can be around them and they are happy with her but not with me it is as if I was infected some how more then she was when she was carrying me. Very Strange I know I dont not understand this either.

    3 We have talked many times about what happen but she does not know what it was that attacked her. She is confused about it as well. She said what she thinks that it was a vampire that got lose and was connected to her some how and wanted to make her as them but it did not take for some reason. We really do not know what it was and have never seen any thing like this ever again.
    But I have a feeling that I might some day.

    4 I really do not understand this question but in this life I have never tried to feed on any one but I want blood but I know right from wrong so I just try to ignore that lust for blood.

    5 I believe. in god 100% and many other things.

    6 No I do not have any other siblings.

    Like I said I really think I am human just a rare breed of the humans or some thing like that.
    I am just lost here and I have read so much trying to research on what I might be and there are so many possibilities that I can not figure it out.

    Thank you for your response to me and I hope that I have answered every thing that you asked me and feel free to ask me any thing.

  21. Hello Sweet Lady,

    You have answered all my questions.. Thanks a lot..You are really blessed that you still look so young though you are old.. Not everyone has that gift you see.. Do not consider yourself as a different creature, you are just special that none of them can be..

    I was wondering if I can ask you, like if you have any special powers?? Can you move fast? Are you cold blooded?? Can you read human minds??

    I will be glad if you answer them.. Oh yea thanks for answering all my first set of questions..

    Take care Lady..

  22. if u r real……y don’t u post a pic of urs…….
    that would be very convincing for all of us…..

  23. Interesting story. You’ve lived with a lot of irregular things in your life. Have you ever considered seeing a doctor about all this stuff? Maybe one can explain some of your irregularities after running some tests.
    Stay well.

  24. Lux, I do look young as I said I am 37 and look 16 but 37 is not old I dont think lol
    I do not think that I have any powers that I am aware of. I can read peoples minds and hear their thoughts but many can do that so I dont not think that this goes with what ever I may be although it may. I am not cold blooded as my husband is always saying how hot I am to the touch.

    enma hello and thank you for your comment as I would love to post a pic but there is so much there that is wrong. One the Admin does not allow us to post pics as that is giving to much info two I could (but would not) post any pic and say this was me just like others do on myspace. If I were to post a pic I would post one of myself but I am just saying that things that you see and read may or may not be true. I just giving good advise here.

    Liara I have been to a doctor and they have ran test on me and never find any thing they say that I am one of the most healthiest people on earth, Hey maybe I will be come a science experiment and make lots of money lol I am just joking there

  25. Hae Sweet Lady,

    Please pardon me, the reaon why I said that 37 is old coz people who wok around me are just 30 & 32 but still they look so old & they get exhausted very soon so I imagined you that way (lol) I am sorry for that, please no offense..
    You are all the more like us, apart from just few things..

    Take care & stay well.

  26. Alright, I absolutely love vampires and the fantasy world of werewolf’s, vampires etc. But you guys are seriously WACKOS! Seriously you guys need to get a grip! I’m surprised none of you guys are not in the nutty bin. None of this is real, until I get proof that it is real you guys need to get a life. And those of you that think and know it is real, get a camera and put it on you tube. Thank you for your time

  27. Jezzica,

    Sweet Lady never said that she is a vampire.. All though she admitts that she looks like 17 even at the age of 37, there is nothing strange aout it coz most of them look young een when they are old. She just told what happend in her past for which i would say that not everyone are blessed with good past, some are weird & some are good.
    I agree that everyone has their own opinion. Everyone has their own good or bad reasons to believe it.. Non one is forcing anyone here.. Everyone has the right to express how they feel like but does it mean that we all are in nutty bin? Does it mean that we are WACKOS?? No, we aren’t, we are just trying to ask more questions to be clear & to help her out..

    I dont mean to hurt you but just coz we post comments here asking questions does not make us nut..

    Have a good day


  28. I have to say Lux you say things very well. it seems many people don’t understand what pasts and questions are. unlike sweet lady my mother was not attacked. she is alot different from me to the point that i like to sleep in the day and i am very hypersensitive. animals don’t always growl or hiss at me like they do to her but each one is different. from what i read in her story it does indeed sound like a vampire. but the fact is that during the time of the indians they had many different names for the supernatural. sweetlady have you had any types of dreams you coudn’t make out. such as seeing places you’ve never been too? do you at any time feel like you are flying or have an intense craving for anything? as for the aging it doesn’t surpise me that you wouldn’t look your age. i unfortunately don’t think you are crazy, you are indeed a very special person. try this excerise if you can and see what happens. sit in a dark room, have it quiet as possible. close your eyes and breathe deeply. let your mind wonder on its own. do you feel hungry? do you begin to feel things that are impossible to feel because of where you are located? do you see flashes of places you don’t know about? as for the problem of not being able to reproduce, there have been cases of females naturally unable to reproduce. see if you can see a doctor and talk about that option if you have yet to do so.

  29. i write to bunnie because she has me intrigued. are you a for real vampire then? because if you are would you create anybody else?

  30. you should be careful on what you are asking of our kind e hallsworth. something like that is not to be taken so lightly. i think you should be intrigued but dont ask her if they would create someone because sometimes the answer you get is not the answer you want. we sometimes arent comfortable being asked these.

  31. dark vampress i appreciate what you are saying but believe me i do not ask lightly. this is something i have thought about for many a year. i have always been drawn to the vampire world and have never felt like i belong in the human world. i have never been able to fit in anywhere. i really do believe i should join the vampire world. you may find me strange but this is just how i feel

  32. no there is nothing strange about it since i too am apart of the vampire world. if you feel comfortable around us then you truely belong but remember not all of us are so nice as i am and if there is anything you need to know about please feel free to ask. just remember sometimes the answers you seek are hidden in what you already know

  33. Hi darkvampress113,

    Thanks for writting to me …
    If you are a different creature (sorry to quote this way but i call everything as a creature).i.e. are you different from humans?? You mentioned that you are hypersensitive, what are you emotional about?? How do you control yourself when you get hyper??? I have read & seen in the TV that most of the vampires do not have a good past ( i don’t know how far its true but would like to know).. I know that you might have to be very cautious about what you say, so you can tell me what i am supposed to know & what needs to be hidden from your end which can harm you in case if it’s revealed. I am here, not to harm you in anyways but to know more about you..

    Have a good day


  34. for a vampire hypersensitivity can range from emotions to how they will react in the sunlight. and as for the t.v they have over dramatized exactly who we are. vampires do sometimes come from backgrounds that aren’t so nice. we are to be careful because those who are more or less don’t believe who we really are usually pose the most danger. there are many types of vampires. not all like to eat raw food i don’t eat too much raw meat as do some. vampires aren’t really emotional creatures as many think we are. if and when we get emotional it usually isn’t a good sign because there is very little that can calm us. yet it doesn’t mean we don’t do things to calm us down. i was born as i am and it is very rare for that to happen since we usually die at birth.

    bless be

  35. thank you for saying i belong dark vampress that truly means the world to me. it would be nice to belong and i would like to get to know you and your world a lot better. i realise that not everyone will be as nice as you seem

  36. your very welcome e hallsworth. and i too would like to get to know you. it is indeed true that not all of us are so kind. i would love to share with you more unfo but we are very careful on what we say for it can put us in danger. well it sucks we cant give our emails out or we can talk more in private. but if you have any questions i may try to answer them as best as i can. and remember because you may be different doesnt make you weird it make you intresting and unique dont let others tell you otherwise. and if its real to you then no one should ever say it is false because we dont know what really is in this world. and we find new species everyday so before you say its false try and prove it first

  37. hi dark vampress. yes it does suck that we can’t give our email because there’s loads i’d like to know that you probably can’t say on here. don’t know how we’re going to get round this it’s soooo annoying. thanks for saying i’m not weird it’s nice to hear that. if you can answer this question it would be great, what and how do vampires actually feed on? human or animal?

  38. e hallsworth you can find me on that site too its the same user name as this one and your welcome. everyone needs someone to understand them. thats why many people dont trust because they are scared

  39. A persons blood type cannot change, once you are born with it your stuck with it. Second you can’t conceive because your in fertile that’s why you cannot become pregnant. Happens to many women out there.

    And why in the hell are you eating raw meat? Are you seriously trying to put yourself in the hospital or kill yourself?

    Raw meat may cause all sorts of health related problems, particularly in the very young, very old, or those with compromised immune systems. Most adolescents and adults have the ability to fight off the germs, but it can still cause anything from mild discomfort to fevers and digestive tract problems. In some cases the bacteria can cause death.

    As for the never losing or gaining weight .. you gained weight, your not the same weight as you were when you were a child.. unless your anorexic then that’s a different story.

    I’m not quiet sure why you suddenly become real hungry when you see blood but perhaps you should speak to a therapist..

    As for looking as you did when you were 16, many women/men go through that. I’ve come in contact with women who look nothing like the age they say they are. I’ve had teachers that are older but look so young. So that’s nothing linking you to think your a vampire.

  40. I doh’t heal that fast but faster than others, i can sense other things in a room. I also like the taste of blood, i can enter any room and scare people just by being there. Certain animals will hiss if i come close, when i look in a mirror i appear normal, but certain days look like my skin is transparent and see an image of a skull. I don’t like sunlight, but can walk in it. I feel much safer and more powerful in the night. I’ve also escaped alot of accidents that would of killed anybody else, includin falling from a 3 storey building and just getting up as if it didn’t happen. Iget very restless a funerals and sense i’m being watched. My breathing becomes heavier and i get angry easily. I can also seem to charm any girl into being with me, but just for a short while as she later leaves. I can tell if if the bravest person in the room is scared. I get visions of things going to happen and experience more than my fair share of dejavu. I go to religious places only if i’m forced to, but soon start swearing, breathing heavy again and feel the need to just throw somebody or break things. One thing that’s different though is i can eat garlic??? I heard vampires are not supposed too. I also don’t fear death the least bit.

  41. i laugh at that…. so typical they sort us into not being able to east certain foods. im like that as well except the falling off the building thing. anyway we are all different and you Vzy4kat6387 are the reason i dont trust your kind so easily…..instead of judging like you mortals do try and understand what its like from our point of veiws. you people think its easy being different. its hard for me to walk in sunlight though no unpossible, its hurts and is uncomfortable. you try being us one night and trust me you wont be the same so before you jugde us try living like us

    1. darkvampress113 You say you dont trust ‘humans’ because of “judging like you mortals do” while at the same instant and with the same words you yourself are judging all ‘mortals’ Just wanted to point that out 😉

  42. Nearly everyone wants to be accepted by society, whilst at the same time an individual within it. Some may even want to go further and believe that they are above society in general.
    I believe a great many of the things various people describe in regards to religion, blood and the night are all merely psychological. Each has connotations of power or that they fit within a certain appealing category, and therefore one will think a certain way about it to fit with their idealistic image. This may go to the extent of actually believing it to be real, as one may read too deeply into almost non- existent emotions. I try and detach myself from emotions, so as to determine what is actually real and what is simply ‘wishing’. One may not even be fully aware of what they are wishing and thus I always look for physical or ‘witness’ proof.
    One should not judge if they themselves do not like to be judged. I do not mind what people think about me, everyone is entitled to their opinion.

  43. i would think your mom got attacked by a vampire, and new she might of had more blood. did your mom live fo a long time? are you freindly with bats by any chanse? are your teeth adnormaly sharp? do like to go outside at night? i would accept it if i was a vampire, as long as nobody hunts me.
    me and my mom llllllooooooovvvvvveeeee bloody meat, but not raw, so the raw thing is the only adnormal thing about it.

  44. You are a half-blood, not exactly a vampire, but for some reason, you inherited the vampire traits along with your mother without becoming full vampires, this is very rare indeed.

  45. even more rare then that of pureblood xavier. thank you for pointing that out Vampire Truth Admin but i still dont trust. i have personal experiences with them. i take it to the fact in truth people fear the unknown

  46. darkvampress113,

    Yes, half-bloods are rare indeed due to the fact most end up with a short life span, and other genetic conflicts.

  47. I was wondering why Xavier would admit that another being is rarer, which can be seen as greater, than himself. It went against my hypothesis. However, it was reaffirmed in the next comment. I like things that are predictable.

    Man will always look up at the sky and admire the stars with the unending belief that there are beings, forces that are greater than their own. These ideas are to encourage hope and the comfort that man is not alone. However, that admiration for that higher plain will always be envied, as why would one want to stay on earth when they could be amongst the stars? If one wants to be of such a higher being, then why would they go and phrase that what they are is not greater than some other random person? However, to secure the feeling of superiority, if one takes the view that the other option is in fact flawed, it then secures their position. One wishes to move forward, not backwards.

    One question, if Xavier is exiled, why on earth is he/ was he going to a vampire ‘party’? I do not remember the details of the events mentioned, but I believe the point of exile is to be banished from the rest of the community. However, I may have completely missed the point of the concept.

  48. I have read the story and all the follow up discussion. My heart goes out to the young lady who can’t have a baby or a pet. She is blessed with a good husband and that is great. I feel bad for her mother. My opinion however is that a true vampire would not sit at a computer and give advice to humans. Why would they? Why would they care? What are we to them, a being that has lived hundreds of years making meals of us. What would they gain or why would they jepordize exposing their identity to anyone? It just puzzles me.

  49. bob the girl 67- true your kind mean nothing to me or my kind but that doesn’t mean we don’t feel for your petty problems. any way i don’t appreciate being accused of feeding off of humans

    1. mist you are sort of confusing. You say “your kind mean nothing to me or my kind but that doesn’t mean we don’t feel for your petty problems” that doesnt even follow logic. If something means nothing to you then you would not feel for it at all. The second part of your statement completely contradicts the first.

      Also, bob the girl 67 offered opinions and thoughts NOT accusations.

  50. bob the girl 67

    Why would your perception of vampires be accurate? Most beings fall within a category but even within these various groups there are individual differences.
    Boredom and mild curiosity can become major influences when making a social decision. Actually caring though is not a necessity. Chess can be very interesting to observe, but not as much as actually moving a piece or two and seeing what then happens.

    Mist makes little sense. Why would one care for a problem if it is petty? I feign interest, but actually feeling for something ‘petty’, in regards to others, seems rather odd. Also, humans are important, and it is an ignorant statement to say that they mean nothing. One could make the statement that you have a superiority complex. It is ignorant as why would one write that an entire species means nothing when that very species is so very much vital for survival. It is more than ungrateful. Appreciate the world around you, because things change, and eventually precious things will be lost.
    bob the girl 67 was most likely referring to, what is believed to be, the proper form of vampires. Vampires are known to consume human blood that is what makes them what they are. If they were not as such, they would be of another name. Many diverse and distant cultures have the belief over this particular feature of vampires. Why be offended for stating what is. That is like being offended by someone if they were to say that in England, most people speak English. What is is, and what is not, is not.

  51. We don’t all feed from human blood you fools. And we care very much about your petty problems bEcause I find it very amusing to watch your kind kill eachother bt hen I do take intrest in some. And as for the figuring ot who is better then who is a waste of time and breathe. Humans think we are monsters who prey on them and I for one would like to day it is untrue. I can feed from blood or psi otherwise known as the natural energy humans give off. For me it’s better to some degree then feasting on humans and lavenit up to hollywood to give us a bad name

  52. Darkvampress

    Vampires are classically and historically known to consume blood from other humans. It is not applicable to the whole, but that is the standard conception which has derived from hundreds of years of combined cultural beliefs. Not everything is sunshine and daisies. Just because you like one aspect, it does not mean you can ignore the darker side. It is similar to people’s fascination with wolves, claiming them to be entirely noble and purer than man. What a ridiculous statement. There is good and bad, as well as majority and minority.
    I do not see life and death a petty, as each has its own equal rights to their time. Your life is no greater than that of a cow. I may eat the cow, but I do not see it as something unworthy or unimportant. Who are you to judge who is and who is not worthy of life? What makes you so high and mighty; perhaps you too have a superiority complex. By your ignorance and lack of depth, following the already predetermined ideal of vampires, one can easily see you as a human with the desire and belief of being a vampire. I read people as a hobby.
    Perhaps you should look up the definition of monster, as that is what a vampire and many others creatures are. They are that which is not human, nor a known animal, and perhaps you should over look the mere connotations of what you believe a monster is. People have called me a monster, but I honestly do not care, they can say what they like. I am as I am.
    Hollywood is for entertainment, not for an accurate representation. If it were, then horror movies would become rather dull very quickly. Only a moron would believe movies to be an accurate portrayal of any creature or monster.

  53. SweetLady,
    I think you are a half-blood but I doubt it as vampires, both half-blood and pure-blood, need to drink blood. Without the right amount of blood, they will die. So, if I may ask, do you feed on humans?

  54. Adamaris ifyou truely can say I am as ignorant. Then you truely do not know who we are as a species. I see the daily horror of your kind. I unfortunately feel no remorse theren is very little your kind can offer for me. And it’s you humans who believe those movies. I will not lie many think us horrid and let them. Yet you think so close minded and yet so wise for your years. Now I fin one who has my intrest what is your view about us other then thee sad truth that you humans want what we have. Think me wicked my dear but be wise in your words

  55. Darkvampress

    I would have never thought I could have offended a true vampire by stating an ancient fact about their consumption of human blood. Is that not the way they gain their truest strength? You are in my opinion a troubled person and not at all a vamp. TAKE CARE MY FRIEND AND MAY THIS PHASE YOU ARE GOING THROUGH END PEACEFULLY.

  56. If not ignorant, then ungrateful would be an appropriate description. Whoever said I was normal? What made you think that automatically there is only you and humanity? I have seen just as many horrors from people like you. Every being has the capacity for evil, and it is down to the individual. If vampires were such a placid species, then why is there all the extensive historical documentation contradicting it. If such ideas were from one culture, then it is understandable, but from almost every corner of the globe? You’re merely entranced with the romantic side of being a vampire, but lack the acknowledgement of reality.
    I doubt you do not have any remorse. I seriously lack it, but I am not completely void of it. I make that statement in regards to events and personal experiences, not just an assumption. People live and people die, it does not mean I have to stop eating my lunch. Humanity offers you more than you could possibly conceive, but you fail to see it. I am not going to write too much on what mankind has offered as if you cannot realise it, I truly find it a pity. I may not like humans particularly, but I will respect those who respect me rather than stereotype an entire species. I may sometimes forget this, as it is so easy to do with what man has done, but I do try to respect life for what it is. I may not agree with the views of society, I may loathe aspects of it, but I try not to place blame.
    Can you blame a human for being afraid? Can you blame them for self preservation and suspicion of the unknown? Humans are strong as a collect functioning unit, but alone, they are still soft vulnerable life forms. The unknown is unknown, it may cause harm or be of benefit, and in either case most know that it is better to avoid such things.
    Every individual has a responsibility over their actions. Each is as they are and what they are is defined by their personalities as well as nature. I have seen people cry when they say see a baby gazelle being brought down by a lion. However, what about their cubs, they must do what they must to survive. Each does what it takes to survive. Survival is not evil.
    I do not want what a vampire has; I have my own issues to worry about. I have been called a vampire on numerous occasions for a variety of reasons, but I am not so ready to start believing it. It just does not fit perfectly. I look at physical evidence in regards to myself, never opinion based, as the strongest mind can be fooled by desire even if it is an unconscious thought.
    You may also find me cruel or arrogant, but I will not be offended. Each is entitled to their opinion and I find watered down and long winded statements to try and portray one as more polite too long winded for most occasions.
    I also would like to clarify that I am not angry, or trying to be aggressive, but tone can often be misinterpreted when one is speaking bluntly.

  57. Adamaris you truely speak your mind completely. None has been so bluntly as to speak to me like that not even those of my kind. You truely have my respect my lord. Your words say more then they are meant to but one skillful o your voice should be. And you dear sir who think me delusional should not be wise to call someone that. You never know what will happen but I will dismiss your words. And Adamaris let them call you all they want for the lucky ones to know you are indeed lucky

    1. “my lord”?! You are calling another person, your lord? That is one of the most unbelievable things I have ever read here.

  58. hey i think u got a big problem..but its not so bad.any way take care.dnt ever try 2 drink the blood r something…..its really dangerous.keep this in ur mind.may god bless u..bye

  59. First of all I am sorry for being away for so long I have been engaged in other affairs and have not had the time to get on here but i will answer what I can and first I will start with you Sweetie Vzy4kat6387 I am not in no way being rude here just stating what is the truth hun.

    Vzy4kat6387 says: A persons blood type cannot change, once you are born with it your stuck with it. Second you can’t conceive because your in fertile that’s why you cannot become pregnant. Happens to many women out there.

    Sweet Lady says: Well if you would have read wht I all I have wrote you see that I said that I was not certain of this with my mothers blood type changing. I answered the admin with this
    I have never seen proof that her blood type changed this is what she told me when I was a teenager. Also I have been to the doctors many times and there is nothing wrong with me at all and they can not see any thing that would stop me from getting pregnant. So you are wrong there. I am not infertile at all.

    Vzy4kat6387 says: And why in the hell are you eating raw meat? Are you seriously trying to put yourself in the hospital or kill yourself?
    Raw meat may cause all sorts of health related problems, particularly in the very young, very old, or those with compromised immune systems. Most adolescents and adults have the ability to fight off the germs, but it can still cause anything from mild discomfort to fevers and digestive tract problems. In some cases the bacteria can cause death.

    Sweet Lady says: Well it is me that does it not you I have not dies yet nor as I have stated before have I never been sick in no way.

    Vzy4kat6387 says: As for the never losing or gaining weight .. you gained weight, your not the same weight as you were when you were a child.. unless your anorexic then that’s a different story.

    Sweet Lady says: I am not anorexic at all I stopped gainong wait at the age of 16 the same time I stopped aging as well

    Vzy4kat6387 says: I’m not quiet sure why you suddenly become real hungry when you see blood but perhaps you should speak to a therapist..

    Sweet Lady says: No I dont think I need to see a therapist this is common for many people to do I am NOT Crazy nor stupid

    Vzy4kat6387 says: As for looking as you did when you were 16, many women/men go through that. I’ve come in contact with women who look nothing like the age they say they are. I’ve had teachers that are older but look so young. So that’s nothing linking you to think your a vampire.

    Sweet Lady says: Once again if you were to go through and read every thing that I wrote I simply said that I DO NOT THINK THAT I AM A VAMPIRE. I have stated many times that I am just as human as the next person just blessed as well as cursed in many ways.

  60. Hello 00000
    I have answered this already sorta and nope I have never feed on any living creature ever, although I want the blood I would never do any thing that inhuman. I have to much respect for life itself to take any thing from any ony living thing.
    Thank you for asking sweetie my best to you as well

  61. bob the girl 67
    I thank you for your compassion very much honey
    As for me I am not a vampire at all.
    Although I hate to be in the sun and love the dark but that dont make me any thing.
    As for the vampires that claime they really are vampires I would say and I am sorry to say this but maybe not all of them but some of them might just want to get close to us and EAT US lol

    I was really just joking there but I really can not answer this hun as I would not have a clue on what they maybe thinking at all.

  62. Written by vampire on June 15, 2010. i would think your mom got attacked by a vampire, and new she might of had more blood. did your mom live fo a long time? are you freindly with bats by any chanse? are your teeth adnormaly sharp? do like to go outside at night? i would accept it if i was a vampire, as long as nobody hunts me.
    me and my mom llllllooooooovvvvvveeeee bloody meat, but not raw, so the raw thing is the only adnormal thing about it.

    BATS I hate bats very much if they are flying near me when I am out side I have a habit of running from them. Are my teth sharp?
    Yes very much. I love going out side after dark I hate the sun light. Any type of light really it hurts my eyes but then again that is normal for many people. As for my mother she is still alive just not in very good health but alive. I have stated this as well in my other posts too but I dont mind to answer them again.
    Thanks for the questions have a blessed day

  63. do all vampires have to be immortal??? because i believe some are but im not sure

  64. Hi Sweet Lady,

    Thanks for getting back to us… How is your mother now?? How are you?? Do you still face any wierd problems???

    Stay well

  65. Clearly the facts you ave listed sate that you are not human, but I don’t believe that you are a vampire nor a werewolf as BooBoo suggested. But I am going to go with the fact that you may possibly be a dhampir. A vampire father and human mother, creates a dhampir. Obviously your father was not a vampire, but the act that your mother was attack may relate to this. Dhampirs do not have the weaknesses a vampire does, nor the ability a vampire has(i.e amazing hearing, incredible speed, etc). But they do indeed have the skills to hunt, and they do feed and want blood, but they are also able to eat human foods, but it does not satisfy them, through they still sometimes like to eat. They also can not go without some form of blood for more than a week, how much do you eat that raw meat? If you have any further questions about dhampirs, ………….
    Note from admin – posting your email address and asking people to contact you is against the rules. Please read the rules by the comment box.

  66. You do realize there’s things such as Energy Vampires? Don’t think everyone is a Blood Vampire. Quit judging people. We hate that. Energy Vampires is a chosen, like a human choosing not to eat animals. Some are born like this because of the way they are raised. Argh, I’m not in the mood for this…again. Good Day and Blessed Be Everyone.

  67. Well, it seems strange and if you could show an image of the mark that would be great then ou might have a chance of me believing you or not?

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