Could It Could Be A Gift?

I was reading a story on here earlier and I had experienced the same thing the other writer did. I’m not sure if this is a gift I have or if I could possibly be losing my sanity.

I’m not sure why, but I have deja vue all the time and I know exactly what you’re thinking right now; “Well you aren’t the only one.” But, it’s incredibly weird. It seems that I can predict what’s going to happen or what people are feeling.

For example, my friend once was telling me a story that had just happened to her and I was like, “Yeah, yeah I know, I know. You were walking home with your cousin and you passed a few guys on the street and they started following you.”

She was quiet for a second, just giving me a blank stare. I looked at her questionably and asked, “What’s wrong?” She shook her head. “Nothing..just..did Amanda tell you this already?” I shook my head. “No…you already told me this though.”

She continued to stare at me. “No, this just happened to me Leigh.” That wasn’t the first incident either. It’s incredibly weird and when I try to talk to my parents or some other family member, they simply laugh at me and tell me how “crazy” I am or they tell me I’m good at telling stories but the sad thing is, I’m not. I know these things and I don’t like it.

Another incident was the four hours before two of my dearest friends had died. I was sitting in class, fourth period (my last class to be exact) and I suddenly became terribly saddened. I didn’t care about anything that was happening at that moment. I was depressed, torn…hurt. For the rest of class, I was quiet and let me tell you, I’m one of the most talkative people ever. Eventually my teacher looked at me and jokingly asked, “Ah, well class seems awkwardly quiet, Leigh, don’t you have anything to say for once?” I whipped a tear and walked out of the classroom. Moments later, my friend walked out of the room and asked me what was wrong. She too was a close friend of Miles and Zach’s (my friends who passed). I sighed. “They’re going to get hurt…terribly. It’s going to be a crash and they won’t survive.” I cried. She looked at me questionably. After I walked back into the classroom, I went to the counselor and told them I was just upset.

Once the day was over and I was home, I was working on my homework. Once I finished, I took a shower and when I got out (7:12pm), my mom called for me to come into the living room. She beckoned for me to sit down on the couch then exhaled and said, “I’m sorry honey.” I looked at her questionably. “Okay…about what?” “There was a crash…” I froze as she continued. “It was Zach and Miles.” She said. “Are they okay?” I asked through tears. She shook her head with her eyes watering. “They died on the spot.”

I don’t know…maybe I am losing my sanity.

Wrote By Ashleigh 2010

3 thoughts on “Could It Could Be A Gift?”

    1. There are many sweetie that are gifted and we wish and wounder why God bestowed these powers to us but he did this for a reason we just have to know why and learn how to use it.

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