Clara the Ghost

Ever since I was a little girl, I been obsessed with the supernatural. Me and my best friend often saw and heard things together, and thought they were cool rather than scary. Experiencing these things runs in both our families (my dad and brother and me only experience it, rather than my mum or other brother). At the time we lived in some apartments. I walked across the street to her apartment like I did everyday. I was planning on spending the night at her house, like usual. Her mom always set blankets and pillows down for us in the living room where it was more spacious for us to sleep.

At night, when one of us had to use the bathroom, we always woke the other up so we could accompany each other. But one night, at maybe 2 or 3 in the morning, my friend woke me up and stated she was going to the bathroom. She did not ask me to accompany her. She merely got up and left. There was a hallway, but the bathroom was right next to the living room. I sat up on the floor, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes wondering why she hadn’t asked me to go with her. For some reason I had a strange urge to look into the television. I did so, but I saw nothing except my reflection. But when I turned around to look at the hallway, I saw somebody standing there.

It was a girl. She was pale white, had black hair and an old-style ruffled dress. I could only stare at her, and after a few seconds she vanished. I grabbed my teddy bear and told myself there was nobody there with me, and my best friend came out from the bathroom. I explained to her what happened.

After that, we experienced many more interesting things in her apartment. We would often exchange stories about our homes, because it seemed mine was haunted as well. We had evidence such as photographs with ghosts in them and everything. There was a few different spirits that lived in her apartment. One of them was the little girl I saw. My friend began seeing her more and more often, usually in the bathroom, and once said she’d seen the girl behind her in the bathtub. She always described her the same way I did. She said she thought the girl’s name was Clara.

I moved out of the apartments in late 2004 but my friend remained. I visited constantly, and still the girl ghost appeared to be living there. My friend into some new apartments about two years ago. She says that Clara remained back in the old apartments, but there’s a new ghost in her place.

I don’t know about her, but I kind of miss Clara. She was never intimidating, and felt like a friend rather than something evil.

Sent in by Arii Z, Copyright 2010, all rights reserved

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  1. After making a hmmaoede ouija board my room has gotten odder than it was before. I thought I was crazy so I used a recorder and recorded a man on tape. I will show you if you want me to.I also think I opened a portal because I saw a black dark thing by my t.v it was about 5 or 6 feet tall. I covered my head and saw it again. Look Ouija boards are not fake if you said they are then you must not have used one.References : Note: Its not the ideamotor effect. How can it spell at words perfectly? How does after using the ouija board odd things happen? How can i spells out sentences when other people are using it too.How come other people heard my recording?How come some people die from using them. I read ths thing about a lady who asked the ouija board when she is gonna die and she died like a week later got hit by a car. These things are not a toy.Science is useful but it can’t explain everything.

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