Category: Short and Sweet

  • The Exciting Days With A Smile

    Soon The Sun will Rise This causes me to ponder on whether there will be sun shine or rain droplets To fall on my head on my way to work Wonder if I will need a jacket perhaps a umbrella or maybe shorts and a tank top What shall I hear today, Someone suffering from […]

  • Remodeling Contractors

    1. One lumpy ceiling, scraped, patched, and painted. 2. Four uneven, warped, bedroom walls, patched, sanded, and painted, Rapids Blue. 3. Lopsided window frames, nailed, caulked, sanded, and painted Ultra White. 4. Cracked, loose, baseboards, repaired, patched, sanded, and painted Ultra White. 5.Conclusion: Remodeling Contractors smoked crack on the job!   Written by Debbie┬áHoskins Dunaway […]

  • Saying Love From your Lips

    Roses smell nice, But your breath saying You love is sweeter written by Roses 2012

  • Friends Without Knowing

    Two people meet They learn they would Have made great friends In a different life They learn all the thoughts They thought the other thought and It all made sense some how.   Written By Anna M.Polley 2012