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  • Word Of Advice About Love

    Never marry At A Young Age I was inspired to write this from some thing that I read that happen between a man and a woman and it made me cry and made me so angry at the same time so I decided to write this in hopes that it may help others before they […]

  • Angels Sent You To Me

    There I stood On the sand of the shore line All alone Love was no where in my mind Love from me had came and gone So many times That I had given up on love Ever being in my life ever again Minding my own I looked up And there you stood Just as […]

  • The Ways Of Love and It’s Power

    Does Any Of Us Really Know What Love Is What Is Love Can any one really know what love is or can you really know why you love some one? No you can not I use to be one of those ones that thought I knew what love was and why I loved my husband […]