Is my house haunted?

One night me and my best friend were on the computer. We started hearing various songs by Nickelback. We didn’t think it was a big deal, so we just shrugged it off our shoulders.

Well, the next night we heard a different song by the same artist. We began checking everything from radios, CD players, limewire, etc. We found no explanation.

We went to my room to get something, the radio turned on. Man were we scared. But, instead of running away like we should have we stayed there staring like idiots. Finally we snapped out of it and turned the radio down then off.

We then went to the living room to watch T.V. We turned it to The Grudge Two. A little while after the movie went off, we turned off the T.V and decided to go to sleep. Needless to say, We didn’t get much sleep that night.

When I was getting ready to lay down, I looked into the reflection off the T.V and it looked as if a girl was …

Summer Vacation

It was the summer of 2007, in June, and my sister, my cousin, my friend Riley, and I were all jumping on the trampoline outside in the back. We were having a great time, then I suggested that we should have a sense (considering we were all into the paranormal and ghosts and stuff), everyone agreed, but we decided to jump a little longer. So we continued having fun, when my friend Riley glanced at the back sliding glass door to the basement, and screamed. We all looked over at the door, but saw nothing.

“What’s wrong?” We asked.

She shivered and said that she had seen two pale, transparent figures in the window. She wasn’t afraid of ghosts, but she said that their faces were only a shadow, so she couldn’t see their faces, but she could sense them watching her. She said that there was a girl, about mid 20 or 30s, and a young boy, about 8-10.

We were all kind of shaky, but we sat down on the trampoline and decided …

Haunted Hotel

Alivia-There were some very strange thing happening at a hotel we were staying at. The things that happened to us were both scary and made us a little curious that is until one night.

Mariah-It was one night when we were goofing off, we ran so fast that I fell on the stairs (on purpose). I layed down pretending I was dead. I look in the reflection of a window and saw a pair of brown trouser and a pair of leather boots on a person walking up the stairs behind me. I was thinking it was someone who was going in who thought I needed help.
I looked back and to my surprise I saw no one. But I had heard heavy footsteps walking up the stairs before and after I looked. I rushed to my friend Alivia and told her what had happen, she didn’t believe me until…

Alivia- I thought Mariah was completely  until I saw some one  looking like a foggy image of a person. I was in shock cause no …

Strange Happenings With The Paranormal

I believe my house is haunted, very haunted. No one seems to agree with me in this, because they haven’t had as many experiences as I have had. This is my story.

I live in a big house that was rebuilt about seven years ago, we were the first to live in the residence, but the property was owned by some movie stars a long time ago. My mom and I loves antique stores, whenever we see one, we usually go into one, also estate sales. My mother went to an estate sale with my stepfather, and I trailed along. We got a huge rocking horse, with menacing eyes, that would stare at you the whole time. Since the horse has been in our basement, occasionally it starts to rock, and it is really hard to rock mind you, it glares at you, changes expressions, and it moves from one part of the basement, to the other. I usually refuse to go to the basement, for I see the horse is evil. I think a …

What are ORBS?

We all have heard and seen what we all call orbs. What are orbs? Are they paranormal? Some tend to think so but here are some pictures that might make you think differently about orbs. Take a look at these and then you can decide if you still think that they may be from the paranormal.

Now after seeing these pictures what do you really think orbs are? You be the Judge here. Contributed by Debunk Paranormal and Copyright © 2009 Best Of all Topics all rights reserved. No part of this story may be used without permission. Thank you Debunk Paranormal

A Trial of a Werewolf on Record

If you are any thing like I am,  I like to find out where things such as the vampires and werewolves came from. Like trials and sightings and where the first stories came from.

I have been researching this,  and here are some things that I have found out about the first Werewolf.

Are they real? If not then why did people start this rumor?   Was it just like the stories that you tell your kids about the Boogyman just to scare them? Lets take a closer look at this and you be the judge.

Now we all know what a werewolf is,  right?
Well,  just in case you are unsure, it is a Human wolf.
A human who takes on a transformation of a wolf much larger then your common wolf and stands up right like a man… but with running speed like no human on the face of this Earth.   It is much stronger then any human or wolf.

This is a sighting and a recorded trial of what is thought to be …