Only One Experience Ouija Board

I’ve had one experience with a Ouija board, and I won’t ever try it again. The reason? I don’t need to.

My experience wasn’t hurtful, angry, or frightening in any way. I know there are a lot of negative stories concerning Ouija boards, but I just wanted to leave one light story to remind everyone that not all Ouija boards want to kill your babies.

My mother, two sisters and I all bought a Ouija board, having stupidly done no research for it. We set it up, and before long, it had started to cooperate.

Now, I’m a total atheist, but the paranormal interests me no end. Do I believe in ghosts or spirits? Hard to say. But when we asked the name of the Ouija board spirit it revealed itself to be a woman named Avril, who’d lived in out house before we did. And she was nice. We asked her a couple of frivolous questions, about how old she was or when she’s died, or whatever. The answers were straightforward, and direct.…

The Flower Shop Ghost

I’m a former floral designer. A few years back I was employed by a local shop. Where I did floral design & deliveries. 
 It was summertime while I was employed there.  And there where many occasion’s when I would be standing at my workstation in shorts and I would hear fast paced footstep’s behind me and actually feel a “breeze” on the back of my leg’s when they went by.  I brought this oddity up to my Boss and other employees.  A couple of the other women had experienced similar things too. The Boss lady however tried to come up with excuses for it.

 One of her favorite”explanations” was that it was the employee’s in the business next door walking around.  What I felt when this entity passed by was way to close to have came from the adjoining business next door.  I could actually hear that these were fast paced footstep’s on a carpeted floor. 

One day after work I decided just to prove the Boss wrong.  I decided to visited the business located …

Spookiest Night I’ve Ever Known

It was a dark, calm night when I had finally decided to go to  sleep. I was only seven, and yet I didn’t feel like going to bed early. I had just gotten my brother’s room in the basement, since he was old enough to move out. I blinked and I saw a shadow moving near the window, then I blinked again and it was gone. Having no clue what it was, I remeber I
layed down and pulled the covers over my head. That’s when I began to hear rain outside my window. Hail was banging on the window pain, and I wondered why it had started raining so quickly. Even at my age I knew rain didn’t fall that quickly. The thunder was beginning to get louder and louder. I couldn’t even sleep! I sat up, trying to ignore the rain, but that’s when I heard the thunder erupt. A very loud sound erupted, like it was telling me that my life was going to end. “Dun, Dun, Dun.” Was what it sounded …

Be Careful What You Wish For

Ok, I was brought up around ghost stories. I’ve basically heard them all. When we were growing up my cousins and I used to trade them like baseball cards. So, when I was warned not to ever say “I wish you were dead!” I laughed it off. That is until….. one night.

You see I was around 12 years old and my sister and I shared a room. We also shared a bunk bed where I slept on the bottom and she on top. We are 11 months apart so it’s not uncommon that we were always fighting over something. Well one night, I cann’t even remember why, we got into a really ugly argument that grew into an actual fight. Well we were pulled apart and I was so angry that I yelled out “I wish you were dead!” to my sister. My stepdad warned me to take it back because “You are never suppose to wish death on someone.” Of course being young, angry, and stubborn I refused.

 We were sent to bed …

Three Ghosts of Oldham Farm

This story is about three ghosts. Oldham farm was my great grandfathers house and now it belongs to my grandfather but when my great-grandfather lived there he went out and took his dog for a walk up his seven fields (each one three football pitches long) but when he got to the third one he could see an old white rusty caravan. He whistled his dog back and went back to get his double barreled shot gun.
He went back up there with two bullets only he knocked on the caravans door and no one answered. He waited about five minutes and they turned up with a dead cow, one of his. He aimed his gun at them and told them to get out of their car and they did. He told them to line up facing against the caravan and he put the two bullets in to it and BANG BANG they were both shot dead both in the head.
He tied a piece of rope to their feet and dragged them back to …

Dolls Origins Magic and Ancient Beginnings

Dolls have been a popular toy for many years. They have also been an item of collection. Plastic or porcelain faces, whether beloved by a child or sitting in a pristine hutch, they look at us with their never ending expressions.

Many cultures have different types of dolls… dolls that were never intended to be used as playthings. They have been used to represent coming of age, as an offering for the hope of fertility, and in some cases… used to absorb the energy of someone and create magic.

Perhaps the oldest doll (or doll fragment) found to date is part of an alabaster doll from the Babylonian period. There are also wooden dolls that have been found in ancient Egyptian graves that date back to 3,000 BC. These dolls were actually intended for religious or ritual use, often depicting the gods and goddesses of their worship.

In Ancient Greece, dolls for girls were often made at the time of their upcoming marriage. The doll was then offered to Artemis, the goddess of fertility. It …

Ghost that Walked My Halls

I am the the oldest son in a family of four, plus two dogs. We have been living in this house now for three years and I personally have had some strange paranormal experiences. Keep in mind that this is a new house. We are the first family that lived here.

I was home alone, my brother was at his friends house and my parents were at work. I was hearing noises coming from upstairs. I thought it was a robber, so I was scared to go up the stairs, but eventually I did. I got to the top of the stairs and glanced into my moms room on the left. Nothing, I looked into the bathroom, straight ahead of the stairs and the toilet seat was fairly forcefully hitting the bowl. I was a believer in ghosts so I thought it was paranormal. I had an urge to turn to my room and there was a crystal clear image of my baby who had died two months ago leaning over my bed, looking where …

House Ghosts

Hi I’m about to tell you a few things that I have seen and felt. I was at a friends house one day cause I was spending the night, we were in her room and my friend and I are in choir so we were singing one of our songs because we got bored. Well, when we were done in her closet we could her
little kids clapping. I asked her if she knew what that was and she told me that her closet and other places in the house are haunted. So I went over there and if you stand close to it my tummy started to hurt and I got dizzy. Later that night when we were getting ready for bed I felt a cold spot and then it felt like somebody touched me.  We laid down then a few minutes later it felt like somebody laid down right beside me but only my friend was here beside me.

I also have had a few experiences in my own home. It was a …

The Black Dog in Hawaiian Gardens

This is what my grandma told me about, she’s told me others but this story is one of m favorites. She’s about 67 years old and she told me this happened to her when she was a teenager. Which is a long time ago.
Its a creepy story, especially about out nature, I’ll tell you this like if she were telling you.

It was way back then when I was a teenager. I always liked to take a walk out in the streets. I always liked to spend time with dogs, cats and other animals. I had went to my friends house to invite her to walk with me. She said yeah sure. So off we went.

We walked through the beautiful park, and the whole block. We came up a hill to a ditch. We both saw a big black dog that looked very friendly, and harmless. At first, but that didn’t stop, it from doing something evil.

We both thought the dog was cute, so we went to pet it.
I felt something …

Did I Just See A Weirdo Or The Hat Man?

This is a story that I happened up on and I contacted the person to ask if I could use his story of what happen to him 25 years ago.

Now there has been the story of what is called The Hat Man.   Many people have  reported that they have seen him.   This person saw what he thinks may have been just that.   If you have not ever heard of this type of being,  then I would invite you to go to two web sites and read up on it. The first one is a forum for the paranormal
The next one is about a woman who has spent many years researching and learning all that she can about them.   Her name is Heidi Hollis and she was the first to give the name Shadow people the name we call them today. You can also go to your search engine and type in Hat Man and get loads of information on this subject and read about many sightings of him.  It is …