Category: Paranormal

  • Why Do We Think This Way About Death

    So many things have made me think of this, one song that really made me think of this is no other than a song by Larry Cordle titled Gone On Before, this song is about him having a dream about his mother and she tells him that she is with Jesus and all is wonderful.  […]

  • Christmas At Mystical Aunt Amy’s

    My two siblings and I always spent part of Christmas Eve at Aunt Amy’s… the most mystical woman I have ever known. Aunt Amy’s wonderful white washed cottage, sat beside a brook. On the riverbank, a majestic weeping willow bowed its branches over her very special bench. This had been made as a memorial to […]

  • The Dark Shadow Figure Person

    I have read several stories here and have finally decided to share mine. I was 17 when this occurred. I have always been a skeptic about ghost and never really thought a person could see ghost or anything of that nature and would often tell people my point of view when the topic ever came […]

  • A Haunting By My Brother

    I was 17 my brother Josh passed away from a car accident. Josh and I were best friends, and always stuck together through the hard times, he was in his car one day and this drunk driver came from no where and swerved hitting my brother from the front. The other driver had claimed to […]

  • It’s back

    To understand exactly what is back, you may want to read my other story. Not So Friendly Ghosts This is a really long story, that explains what I think I’m seeing now, 8 years later. I am now 16 years old, and until a few months ago, I thought I had escaped whatever was haunting […]

  • The Little Indian Boy in my Room

    This is a true tale. Do not take it lightly. Ghosts do not hang on to places; they hang onto people. That’s until they are finish with their unfinished business. Every night in my room, around maybe three in the morning, a little Indian ghost boy shows up. His name, he says, is Little Bear […]

  • HIM The Angel Of Evil

      We have all had dreamt of “him”. You know him when you see him you are frighten of him but you are intrigued by him. He is beautiful he is tall about 6’3 very long dark hair, a very old European look and absolutely gorgeous other worldly in fact . He automatically puts you […]

  • I’m scared

    I am currently 12, living in a townhouse that is over 100 years old. Everything started happening shortly after getting a cat.Well,about a week after getting a cat strange things would happen after my mom went to bed.I would usually be sitting on my computer playing games and stuff, when all of the sudden my […]

  • Don’t be Scared, Just Dealing With It

    I can not say exactly when it all began, but all I know is that it has been happening as young as I can remember, and now I am in my twenties, and it still happens, I’ll share one of the 100s of unexplained stuff that has happen/happening to me.    It all started in […]

  • Haunted Cow Or a Playful Spirit

    It started with my 12th birthday in March of 2009. I was inviting four of my friends to come over to my sleepover party. Everyone was sure it was going to be a blast – just like last year. But nobody had thought the “blast” part might include a playful ghost!   Just a week […]