Category: Myths & Legends

  • Could Dragons Have Been Dinosaurs?

    We have heard about Dragons for thousands of years and they are so mystical. This is to keep the magic alive and we all know that children loves the thought of magical dragons,  This picture and others alike is what comes to our minds when we hear the word dragon. That is only because it […]

  • The Eternal Mystery of the Great Pyramids

    Often in my life I have wondered about the great pyramids of Egypt. Whenever I saw photos or watched documentaries about them they seemed like they were out of place, not part of the particular time that they were built. The long accepted theory was the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids, with a work force […]

  • Animal Spirit Guide – Owl Wisdom – The Shadow Masters

    Darkness is no obstacle as I have enough light inside to see through the illusion. Metaphysical Meaning Psychic Energy, Independence, Wisdom, Third Eye, Spirituality, Protection, Intuition, Supernatural Power, Connection with Night time and the Moon, Mystery, Magic, Secrets, Intelligence, Transition, Telepathy, Afterlife. The Owl & Spiritual Symbolism Spiritual Owl ( Night Eagle ) has the […]

  • Why Do We Think This Way About Death

    So many things have made me think of this, one song that really made me think of this is no other than a song by Larry Cordle titled Gone On Before, this song is about him having a dream about his mother and she tells him that she is with Jesus and all is wonderful.  […]

  • What would It Be Like To meet Jesus Face To Face.

    Have you ever wondered what it would’ve been like to meet Jesus, face-to-face? I’ve always had an endless fascination for our Lord in his human form, especially in regard to his eyes. What color would they have been? Since He was a Jew from an arid climate, they probably would’ve been brown, but we can’t […]

  • Jesus Christ, King of Kings, and Lord of all

    In all of human history, His life was the only one lived in complete perfection and utter innocence: not one single sin committed by thought, word, or act. He chose the company of society’s dregs, the poor, the prostitutes, the uneducated, and offered them everlasting life and healing. Time after time, he took a stand […]

  • BIOGRAPHY Of King James VI of Scotland and King James I of England

    King at 13 Months. Mr. King James name was James Charles Stuart. He was born in June 19 of 1566 at the Edinburgh Castle in Scotland. Henry Stuart, Lord Darnley was his father and was murdered on February 10th 1567 at the Hamilton’s’ house before James was even a year old. Mary, Queen of the […]

  • Jesus Was a Living Breathing Man

    I know some of you are not religious or believe in God ok, I’m not going to start witnessing to you but I just want to share with you some historical facts and some advice that may help you greatly. Let’s put aside that the bible is holy scripture ok and look at it as […]

  • Illuminati History and Basics

    Illuminati The very word brings to mind images of conspiracy theorists ranting about a New World Order and world leaders having secret meetings and rituals to decide what events are going to take place. Some of it sounds too incredulous to believe, but what if that’s what ‘they’ are counting on? Could there be truth […]

  • Atlas The Bearer of the Heavens and Mother Earth

    There are many different stories that tells about Atlas but this one is most accurate from what I can find it comes from the first stories that told of Atlas and how he became the bearer of the heavens and earth. Atlas was son of the first generations of the Ancient Greek Gods which were […]