Angels Sent You To Me

There I stood
On the sand of the shore line
All alone

Love was no where in my mind
Love from me had came and gone
So many times
That I had given up on love
Ever being in my life ever again

Minding my own
I looked up
And there you stood
Just as if the Angels had
Sent you down just for me

Your eyes so blue
Your Smile so sweet
The Warmth of your touch
Felt like a warm fleece blanket
Wrapped around me

The moment I saw you
I knew that love was
Here to stay for me
It was meant for me
I was always looking down
Instead of looking up

You came to Me
On the wings of angels
You saved me from many things
But None the less you gave me some thing that
No money or any thing
In this world could ever Give me
You gave ME True And ever Lasting LOVE.

Tasha and David on our wedding Day
Tasha and David on our wedding Day

This is for my wonderful husband who has always been there for me through the most terrible times. No matter how bad things got he always loved me and our love is so strong that nothing can ever break it up though it has been tested many times but always fails. We have a love that is unbreakable. We Have True Love.
I Love you David

written by Tasha L. Slone

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