Zeus and Greek Mythology

God Zeus
God Zeus

Greek Mythology  has always been one of my biggest interests. When I was little I could not get enough of this kind of thing.

Now as most people  know the Olympians are made of 12 Gods who after the Titans ruled. All of these Gods were related in some way or another.

But has anyone ever noticed that the Greek Mythology  is a lot like the bible and has so many of the same things that happened  in the bible. Lets take a look at Zeus in this read.

First off any one who has the name today Jesus they pronounce it as Zeus.   Strange don’t you think?
Zeus was the main and almighty over all just like our God.
Now Zeus was the great God over the Skys and the ruler of all of the other Olympian Gods.

Cronus was the father of  Zeus but Zeus over threw his father with help from his brothers Poseidon and Hades.
He is the supreme ruler of all of the sky and the rain God. He has a weapon that he uses allot with is the thunder bolt. He will hurl these at those who has wronged him or for some other reason.

Hera is the wife of Zeus but he is well known for the many affairs that he had. We all know of the story of Hercules that Zeus was his father because he became fascinated with this woman and was so over come by her beauty that he forced himslef up on her. But I will tell that story at a later date.

The reason I brought that up was because in the bible I am referring to the King James version by the way but it says that The Angels came on to the Daughters of men. I think you get from where I am coming from on this right?

Zeus was the rain God the gatherer of the clouds. His tree was the Oak Tree his bird was the Eagle. He had  abreast plate that was aegis. He has been and still is represented as the protector of the weak the punisher of the wicked and as the God of Justice and mercy just as our God is seen as well.

His Brother Hades is the God of the Under World and Lucifer is our God of the under world which was Gods right hand Angel so there is just so much similarity  in the Greek Mythology  and our Bible. It makes me wonder if some of this is true and was based up on our thoughts of God or the other way around. What do you all as the reader think of this idea.
As I bulid this up more you will see more and more of what I am talking about.

Written by Tasha Slone Copyright 2009 all rights reserved.

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