Writing Contest – Over $200 Cash + Books & T Shirts

Posted by Roses on August 23, 2010

Talk Paranormal’s Second Annual Fiction Story Writing Contest


Over $200 in cash prizes plus we will be giving away books and T-shirts ~ No Entry Fee!


1st prize $100
2nd prize $75
3rd prize $50

4th, 5th, 6th and 7th Prizes will receive a gift package including winner’s choice of one book from Red Wheel Weiser (book list choices included below) plus a choice of either a True Ghost Tales tee shirt or a Talk Paranormal tee shirt (design line to be completed and available for viewing by Oct. 1, 2010).

8th, 9th and 10th Prizes will receive winner’s choice of either a True Ghost Tales tee shirt or a Talk Paranormal tee shirt.

Red Wheel/Weiser Book Prize Selection List;

Aradia Gospel Of The Witches
Beyond Bizarre
Demon Lover
The Grail, The Stone And The Mystics
The Herbal Kitchen
The Royal Line Of Christ
The Secret History of Consciousness
The Weiser Field Guide To Witches
The Witches Almanac Issue 30
Vampyre Sanguinomicon

For Complete Rules and Guidelines See This ~ http://www.talkparanormal.com/thread-8403.html

Become a memeber of one of the fastests growning paranormal forum on the web. It is easy and free to join and you will not regret being a member there. There you are family and are loved.


So lets get to writting and see if you can be a lucky winner with your great stories.  All of these stories will be published on a separate website.

Submit your story at http://www.bestparanormalfiction.com/submit-a-story/
and be sure to include your full name, user ID and a valid email address (will not be visible on the site) to submit your story. Should any of the entry fields be left blank, your story will not be entered or posted.

(Subject to updates and additions)

Sponsored byRedWheel/Weiser  and True Ghost Tales http://www.redwheelweiser.com

2010 BestOfallTopics.com


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