Women have also taken the lead throughout our history in

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In India on the other hand, I think, for anyone to win elections, they have to be like Bernie Sanders. All parties seem to have a welfare minded, socialist form of thinking that blurs the line between the Left and the Right. The dividing line seems to be very much along cultural issues secularism and so on but on economic issues, the line is blurred.

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Canada Goose Outlet In 1887, she conducted a survey of water quality in Massachusetts. This study, the first of its kind in America, led to the Nation’s first state water quality standards.Women have also taken the lead throughout our history in preserving our natural environment. In 1900, Maria Sanford led the Minnesota Federation of Women’s Groups in their efforts to protect forestland near the Mississippi River, which eventually became the Chippewa National Forest, the first Congressionally mandated national forest. Canada Goose Outlet

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