Who Was Jesus Christ?

Posted by CareTaker on December 22, 2017
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Who was Jesus Christ? Who was this astounding individual who taught peace, love and sacrifice for our fellows, and whose real-life legacy has unfortunately been responsible for more death and human suffering than all the plagues and pandemics in human memory? Well we know with reasonable certainty that he was the second son of a carpenter from Nazareth named Joseph, or possibly Yousef, that he may have also had female siblings and the numbers of his siblings contravene depending on the text.

jesuschristOn a purely personal level, when one digests his teachings, those vaunted lessons such as the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. “Turn the other cheek”, “Let he among you who is without sin, cast the first stone”, these are valuable humanistic lessons, but are they really holy concepts? Of course not. They are intrinsic human values that are essential to our survival as a species. Yes I agree that Jesus was a charismatic and unusually enlightened (especially for the times) individual, but to call him any more the son of God than you or I, is a mistake and I think Jesus himself would bare me out on that. He called himself “The Son Of MAN”.

Yes… from what we know, he taught that one could find salvation and spiritual enlightenment through him, but don’t most teachers say the same? [Listen to my lessons and you will be enlightened.]

Now we have the whole concept of man being made in God’s image but let’s not get into that because at the end of the day, it’s purely conceptual. The point I’d like to make is that Jesus was in the game for the sake of mankind. Personally I think that his plan of attack was deluded at best but you have to admire his conviction and ultimate sacrifice.

Also he had strong confederates and not the least among them was Judas. This man loved and cherished his friend, worshiped him. He so loved this man that when Christ explained to him that only his martyrdom would affect political change, he did what was asked of him unflinchingly and later took his own life out of the sheer misery of it. And what is HIS reward? To be vilified down through the ages as the devil incarnate
The whole saga of Jesus Christ as I see it is bastardized and misunderstood. Jesus was an intense political activist who saw wrong and wanted to right it. I believe as with many pivotal figures in history, he got caught up in the intense emotion and perhaps was even a bit delusional. Did he perform miracles? Very possibly. We see them today. Reiki is a FACT, not a vague concept…hands on healing…FACT. Who knows what things are possible through faith and conviction? But the travesty and sad truth of his love for mankind and his sacrifice, is that so many religious factions have pointed the finger in blame and brought down the scythe of death as penance. We’ve chosen to make those with different beliefs human anathema and ostracize and punish each other in the name of Christ and his love for us. I’m sorry, but what a bunch of hypocrites. And that is shitting all over the memory of a man who whether he was the only begotten son of God or not, was certainly far better than those who kill in his name.


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