How Pay-pal is no Good and Scams People Like US

Hello to every one who uses pay-pal. If you are reading this then take every thing in consideration about pay-pal and if you are using them I urge you to stop before you get burned like my family has as well as millions of others out there.

My husband has had pay-pal for a good 12 or 13 years and never  had much trouble with them.

I have had them for about five years and never had a problem with them.

I decided to try and start my own little business selling on EBAYand working for drop shippers. well it turned out very bad.

One person scammed me badly but I am not here to talk about that I am wanting to tell you that if you have pay-pal then you are at high risk of losing what ever money you have in your account, if they feel that you have done something wrong then they can freeze your account and keep your money plus if you have a bank account linked to it which you have to in order to become verified with them, they can take all of your money out of your bank account and there is nothing you can do about this.
(note: you are not notified about this.)

Pay-Pal is not as safe as they claim they are. They are a dirty company and if you get scammed they will not do nothing to help you, you just lose your pay-pal account and your money.

Now back my husbands account.

 He gets money all of the time or did through pay pal. I was working with some one that wanted me to send them payment through Western Union.
So due to the limit that pay-pal has at a ATM you can only draw out 400.00 a day from a ATM. So I decided to send money to my husband so we both could draw out enough for me to send my payments.

I only sent him money twice. They kept freezing my account.  I made I don’t know how many phone calls to pay-pal and never getting any answers about what was going on. Thank goodness I have unlimited long distance calling.

Just a few days ago my husbands account was closed as well because they linked his pay-pal account to mine. Now the thing is is that he has had this account for a very long as I said above. He got most of his money through his pay-pal account and now we have to find new ways to get those payments. I called them up again and begged them to please reopen the case on my husbands pay-pal and I told them that I was the one that was scammed not them. I was told that Pay-pal did not want to work with me any more although I had done nothing wrong. I gave them so much info and every thing that they asked for but it still was not enough. I sent them invoices I sent them photo copys of my SS card my bank statement and some utility bills to prove who I was. A few days later I was told that my SS# did not belong to me. The best answer that they gave me was that the public records had not been updated from the time I got married. I was married in 2006 this 2010 so I am sure that was just a bunch of BS there to keep from telling me more. I have been reading horror stories about pay-pal and they are not nice at all.

Now after I talked to pay-pal about my husbands account they reviewed it but guess what they did nothing at all. Told me and my husband that we were never allowed to open another pay pal account. we did nothing wrong at all. This is what I got for just trying to make some money and due to this pay-pal they ruined me and my business as well as my husband he got the worst end of the deal on this I mean I am still paying out lots of money but pay-pal will not help me at all. And one more thing after your account is frozen or closed you can not take your bank account off and if they wish to take the money out of your bank they will.

They are privately owned and you do not have control over your funds in your account. E Bay owners pay pal. So not only does e bay get the fees from you selling and listing on their site but they get the fees from pay-pal as well. So they are making a killing off from us. Also I just read that Pay-pal raised their fees on personal accounts and did not tell any one at all. It was said that:

““We didn’t want to make a huge formal communication out of this pricing change, because we weren’t really adding any fees, and we were hoping it would be a more useful experience for people.” — Charlotte Hill, Pay Pal PR Manager

I urge you all to read this from these web sites there are many stories of what Pay-pal has done to others just like what they did to me and my husband.


This goes to show you that you can not do any thing with your own money while using pay-pal.
Why people loves pay-pal so much I will never know.
I want to get the word out about this to every one I can.
Here is some good news. In July  the 14 or 18 places like E BAY is going to have to accept more then just pay-pal. People are starting to realize that Pay-pal is being a monopoly.

When all of this first started I got a hold one person that reopen my account gave me enough time to send my money over to my bank which was about 800.00. The very next day it was closed again. I fought and fought with them and even gave a few choice words to them as well. I had another account that was a back up so I could save some money up. Well that account got froze as well. So here we went again on the phone over and over and then I got to the point that I was so pissed about them that I laid into them again. And I told them that if I was a scammer then I would not be touched but us honest people out there like you and I gets the shaft with things like this. I manage to get that account open one time as well just enough to make a mass payment of 700.00 to my bank account. Then I got anouther large payment to that back account and just as soon as I got it I sent it over to my bank but guess what the next day they retracked that request held my funds and closed my account. the payment that I got was 1600.00. Then when I asked them to just send a refund back to the buyer they only sent a most of it and tried to keep the fees from it for them selves. So I had to call them again and tell what was going on (note I had just got off the phone with them no more then 2 minutes before I was calling again). They fixed it but if I had not called them about it they would have kept the 62.50 that they made from the payment and I would have had to pay that as well.

They have outrageous fees plus just when ever they fill like they want to keep your money they can. I know it sucks very much.

I say Screw Pay-pal and lets start looking for other ways to pay and get paid.

There is a payment system that I like right now. It is called paymate and you link it to your bank and it take s few days to clear but it goes to your bank were you have the rights to your money not some one like pay-pal. http://www.paymate.com.
Check them out and read about them. then get an account with them and use them not pay-pal. There are many alternatives to pay-pal and I am looking into many of them right now.

I want to see pay-pal go down and burn for what they are doing us.

Keep yourself updated with what is going on with pay-pal by going to these sites











On this website I do not allow any one to reuse my writings but feel free to take this and share it with every one and place it on your blogs or web site make sure you give me credit for it that is all I ask.
Please spread the word about pay-pal and e bay. Let me tell you all something this piece is only on Pay-pal but E Bay is just as bad if not worse on us.

Thank you all very much for reading this and I hope that I have helped at lease a few. Please read this and tell every one you know that has a pay-pal account.
You may say oh well this person is against them because of what they did to her no because you will be fine and then one day they just say hey look lets get this person over there and your money is gone.
It is so not fair at all.


Written By Queen Icess copyright 2010.

I also Give great thanks to my Husband who has supported me all the way through this. Thank You My Love

Any One may use but I take full Credit For it. Help me get the word out about paypal.


  1. I have had much proplems with pay apl and ebay as well if paypal closes your account e bay will too.
    here is what you need to do if this happens to you or to keep it from happing to you

    if paypal does limit there accounts to close the bank account asap so paypal can not get any of there money out of the bank

    send everything with tracking

    only accept payments as personal, as they can not be disputed by the payer

    and always withdraw all funds as soon as you have them in your account before paypal have a chance to freeze

  2. Oh wow! That is awful! Especially when it is a company that up until now you have trusted. I am sorry this happened to you. I only use it to get paid, and I take the money out and transfer it to my bank as soon as I can..but I will certainly take what you have said and warn others as well. Thanks for exposing what they did to you.

    1. We have been fighting with them for weeks and weeks and we are lied to and threw from one person to the next and no one will give any info and then tells us that me and my husband are using the same finacial info and this is not possible at all.
      I would suggest that any one who has them to get rid of them as your primary money pick or sending to any one.

  3. You made various good points there. I did a search on the theme and found most folks will go along with with your blog.

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