Unicorns Fake or Real

There are so many different types of mythical creatures that was said to have roamed our beautiful earth at one time, but were these all just made up stories or did some thing like these things really exist?

They did and they still do today maybe. But are they magical and powerful? No they are not, they are just animals that was born with a deformity and it has happened for centuries and still does in all types of creatures.

We hear that most of these mythical creatures were said to have been evil and man eating creatures while others such as the unicorns were powerful and peaceful creatures that stayed to themselves and did not want humans to find them or bother them.

The only creature that lives on Earth lives in the water that has this type of horn is a Nawl Whale and that is just the way it is. This is not a deformity it is the way God made them. Many of these creatures gave their lives for people who would take their horn and grind it up then sell it as to be a unicorn horn and would get a nice profit from it. Some of the things people will do and say to get a buck is sad.

If they were all just tall tales where did they come from and why do we still hear of them today? Why do they still fascinate us so much today? Unicorns are in many paintings still today. Books has been written about them, poems are written about them people like me still write about them as well. They inspire us so much but why? I mean they are still just as much alive in all of these writings today that it is hard to believe that they were all fake.

Just what was a unicorn and did they have any powers that could help man kind?

Way back when there was story tellers although there still are story tellers today but then, there was many more and it was much more common then today. These story tellers went from country to country telling their stories. Most of the time they did this to get something warm in their bellies a nice warm place to sleep and some times they even made some money at this as well. Story tellers were always welcomed where ever they went.

Maybe not only with the writings that has been found that has told of unicorns and what they looked liked but maybe the story tellers also helped to change the appearance of this creature as well to make it more interesting and more magical.

Where did they come from, the stories that is?
Well they started in Ancient Greece. These stories has been around for more then 2000 years. Any where that you go in the world you will find stories of these mythical creatures all different in looks but same in many other ways.

There is a myth that goes with the unicorn, because of their powers and that they were a symbol of pureness, if any one were to have killed a unicorn they would suffer great pain and sadness until they could prove that they were pure of heart then the unicorn would live again and the curse would be lifted from the one that slayed the beast.

Also some says that a unicorn could not be killed and others say that they were able to be killed, but there had to be a trap set for it.

One of these traps were to find where unicorns had paths and to lay a virgin in its path and that it would lay down beside her and lay its head in her lap and fall asleep and when this happen the hunters would kill the beast.

Here is a story from Europe
Once upon a time, a hunter in the forest saw a brilliant white unicorn in the distance, emerging from a river and gleaming like the moon. Enchanted by the sight, the hunter called together his friends and gave chase. But the unicorn knew that men could never catch him, so he playfully waited for the hunters to draw close before bounding out of view. After a while, the unicorn came to a stop in front of a beautiful young maiden sitting under a tree. She reached out, combed his curling mane and rubbed his horn until he lay his head in her lap. But it was a trap! Looking up at the maiden, the unicorn saw her brown eyes were filled with tears and realized her deceit too late—the dogs and men suddenly seized him and carried him away. Afterward, the maiden remained in the woods, despondent. As she leaned down to wash away her tears in the stream, a movement in the distance caught her eye: she couldn’t be sure, but she thought it was the shining horn of a unicorn disappearing into the night.

—Adapted from medieval European folktales; Greek authors told
similar stories over 2,000 years ago

came from

Now there has been many people that was just trying to make a buck or two and said that they seen a unicorn but they did not. But there are some that says they have and was not trying to make any thing off from the sightings. Could there be some real sightings out there of unicorns?
I would love to think so.

One thing that I would like to know is all that you read you hear that unicorns were many different types of creatures and were not at all pretty as what we have turned them into today. As a beautiful long main and tail white horse with a golden horn arising from its forehead. In the late middle age time period a Greek physician named Ctesias of Cnidus, wrote many things about the unicorn and described it as being a very ugly beast and ruthless. In Ctesias fourth-century B.C. work he gives in greatest details of just what this thing looked like. He said that is looked much like an ass with a horn that was some foot and a half long, black and white in color. It was swift and very powerful. It seemed to be mixed up of many different types of animals which that being of a deer, horse, even an elephant was in the making of this thing, tail of a boar, the feet were the elephant part of it, head of a deer and the body white in color and of a horse.

Wow, I would not want to come face to face with one of these creatures and it does not sound so sweet and beautiful but more like a freak of nature. It sounds as if God played a very cruel trick on this animal.
So how is it so beautiful to us, now makes me wounder. The way we picture a unicorn today is pretty new of how it really looked, but that is the part that is fake.

In many parts of the world like China, Asia, America, Europe, Africa, India, Russia and many more places around the globe tells of creatures like this but in different looks. Some say it looked like a dragon then it looked like a rhinoceros. What I think is that there was some animals of many kinds that were born and after they grew up some what they began to develop a horn in the center of its head. This was some sort of a symbol. But this symbol varied in every part of the world.

Most looked at it as peace, harmony, strength innocence, freedom, beauty just about any thing that seemed to be positive is what people took it as.

The Christians took it as a symbol of Christ. The reason that they took it this way was due to the stories that were told of a virgin was able to catch the beast and it was took as it was remembering the Virgin Mary and the baby, Jesus laying in her lap. The unicorn became a big symbol for the church. The unicorn is even mentioned a few times in the Good Book itself. The Bible mentions this beast a few different times. But was it like the unicorn that we know of today or was it meant to be of some thing else? Christ was compared to as a unicorn for he could heal just as the unicorn could. He was one with God as the unicorn had one horn in the center of its head. The unicorn is looked at as being strong and is on the royal crest in England and the UK.

UK Royal Coat of Arms unicorn and lion two strong beasts

Just lately we have had animals that are born with a horn in the center of their fore-head, and yes this would make it a unicorn as well. But the two that comes to mind fist is the deer and the goat but, in no way did they look strong or seem mean nor had any powers. I wounder what may have went through some peoples thoughts when they heard of this strange happening?

Why did people change the truth of the unicorns to some thing that was all powerful and magical? As I said above, it was to make the stories sound more interesting and exciting. For some reason women are very much into the thoughts of unicorns. Kids love them and this is the reason that the story tellers changed things in order to please people so they would be sure to get something in return for their stories.

There are thousands if not millions of stories about unicorns and as time passes I will find many of these stories and rewrite them and share them with you then you can see how story tellers worked.

Maybe some of the stories that are told about unicorns has some truth in them and maybe just maybe this mythical creature did roam around mother nature and was magical. It would be so wonderful if this was true it would show that there are things that can never be explained.

Here is one more thought for you ponder on.
Even though there are so many claims of sightings of these mythical beasts and books that date back to the 1400’s and before with painted images that give such great details. You have to remember that these were people that were traveling through unknown lands to them and they had been traveling for many days and maybe even months that maybe their minds played tricks on them and they thought that they seen such of an animal.

If you are in the desert and you are tiered and thirsty your mind will play tricks on you that are called mirages, which is some thing that you see but is not really there and if you have others with you and you tell them what you see they will see it too. So Maybe these things were nothing really and perhaps the unicorn was just born and breed within the human minds and that is why all over the world the unicorn is described as looking different, along with the story tellers that added lots of character to the beast.

What Do you believe? Did they exist as all of these stories tells us, or were they just as I’ve said, they were and just animals that were deformed in some sort of way or just made up from people that was tiered? You be the judge of that.

Could there be some that may still be lurking around in parts of the world that has not been touched by man in many a thousands of years?

                                                       Any thing is possible.


Written by Tasha Slone 2010 all rights reserved no parts of this may be used with out permission BestOfAllTopics.com

5 thoughts on “Unicorns Fake or Real”

  1. All the pictures illustrating this article are wrong. In all litterary sources from The Middle Age and in all pictures of unicorns from The Middle Age the unicorn has a tail like a cow or a lion, not a horsetail. Besides this a unicorn has clowen feets like a cow or a goat. Unicorns should not be pictured just like white horses with a horn on their head.

    1. I do agree with this 100% but I want every one to look at them as they were and how we have them looking now.

  2. Andria (me writing this) does not believe. IT IS A FAKE IT IS CALLED A MYTHICAL CREATURE GET IT.Celeste (my friend) does believe in UNICORNS beacause i don’t know a possible world without unicorns. they come from zebras and raindeers.

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