The Little Indian Boy in my Room

This is a true tale. Do not take it lightly. Ghosts do not hang on to places; they hang onto people. That’s until they are finish with their unfinished business.

Every night in my room, around maybe three in the morning, a little Indian ghost boy shows up. His name, he says, is Little Bear Claw. His parents were feuding with another Indian family over some land. He was 18 when he died.

The other family had a beautiful daughter. They fell in love. He would sneak around to see her, to just be with her. He didn’t care if they were born enemies. He knew he loved her. He told his parents he was going to marry her, but they said no. So, at night he would sneak out to meet her, where he proposed. She said yes but she wanted to tell her parents. He told her she couldn’t, because he knew they wouldn’t approve.

So, they made a plan. They were going to run away together. The girl’s family found out. Her father went crazy, and grabbed his shotgun. He ended that relationship that night. He put a bullet through Little Bear Claw’s head.
He told me he’s waiting for her to come to him again, so they can be together forever more. I hope it comes true. After all he’s been through, he deserves to find her. Until then, he’ll keep coming to me at three in the morning.

Again, do not take this lightly.

Sent in by Bella30164, Copyright 2010

2 thoughts on “The Little Indian Boy in my Room”

  1. I may only be 15, but, if you are telling the truth, petrty scary. I am a christ follower experimenting with satanism recently. Zozo is one of the Seven Keepers of the Seven Circles of Hell. I’ve read and found mostly that Zozo is an entity that victimizes his enemies (or whoever dares play’ in this area.) by using Deception and Fear. The two together, as you can imagine, can imply that he could be lying about whatever he reveals to you, then again, maybe not. but i can give you this. STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM ZOZO AS POSSIBLE. HE WILL RUIN YOUR LIFE. i seriously doubt he is capable of taking a life directly, but you WILL suffer if you do not be careful. At the same time, any entity that starts with a Z’ such as Zana, Zoa, etc. MUST NOT BE TRIFLED WITH. i fear that these demons are more powerful than most. all in all, stay AWAY from paganism or communicating with entities in general. i am NOT BS’IING YOU. TAKE MY ADVICE. i do not mean to be all catholic, but some holy water and salt really can’t hurt. i’m not sure if it works, but might as well try. and obviously a cross pendant or something of that nature. Goodbye, God bless, and may have mercy on and protect you.[]

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