The Kraken

Posted by Roses on November 23, 2010
the kraken taking down a ship

the kraken taking down a ship

The Kraken is one of many mythical creatures but it is one of the most fierce and horrifying sea creatures in history. There have been many if not thousands of sightings of this creature. The last sighting of it was about a century ago. We don’t know if there were or are more then one Kraken or even what the sex is, but studies are still at large for this magnificent yet horrifying creature today. There are certain legends that says that there were two krakens made and that they can not and will not die till the earth itself dies. This creature was said to be able to reach the tallest mast of a  ship and take it down with ease along with its crew. The ship would be torn apart and the ships crew would be drown or eaten by the creature. Marie Celeste was and still is thought to have been victim to the kraken even though it was still in tact but the entire crew was gone just missing. Could this be possible?

Just what was or is the Kraken?

Lets take a look at the possibility of what the kraken might be.
In the deepest depths of the ocean lays the most fierce sea creature we know of today beside the Colossal Octopus . It is the Giant Squid. Never has one been caught alive and it was only until December 4 of 2006 that one was ever caught on video.

It has been said that they can get as large as 66 feet in length but the average size is about 44 feet for the females and the males are much smaller.

Colossal squid have well-armoured tentacles This the Giant Squid

Colossal squid have well-armoured tentacles This the Giant Squid

The Giant squid is armed like no other marine life we have seen before. On two of its tentacles are rotating suction cups which are lined with serrated tips. There are eight species of the giant squid and we know very little about them. The only known predator that the giant squid has is the sperm whale but  even a sperm whale can have a bit of trouble with them and sometimes fells in killing them and gets killed themselves.

The Colossal Octopus is another thought that may have been the Kraken. The ones that we have seen and studied can be as big as just a few inches or up to 23 feet. Although there is evidence that there is a living unknown species of a type of octopus that dwells in the deepest part of the ocean that can get over 100 feet long and weighs as much as 10 tons.

colossal octopus found in 1896 remains

colossal octopus found in 1896 remains

Only one have been found dead that had been washed ashore but had already been dead for some time and was decomposing very badly. It was found in 1896 by two boys in south of St. Augustine, Florida beach.
What was left of this thing was still very large. Just the body alone  measured in at 18 feet long and ten feet wide when the arms which were unattached to the body were extended they measured to be 36 feet in length and 10 inches in diameter and was thought to have weighed at least four to five tons.
The Smithsonian Institution houses the remain of this creature which is only the stump of the arm. There are still studies being done on the remains because there are many who are unsure of just what it is but if we can never get one alive or dead I guess we may never know.

colossal octopus found in 1896 remains

colossal octopus found in 1896 remains

Now if one of these creatures got that big then it would have no problem in taking a ship down. A giant squid that may reach up to 66 feet would have no trouble taking down a small ship in length of 23 feet.
Both of these creatures have large eyes and can see fairly well but they are use to the darkness of the ocean and sees shadows much better.

It is widely known that The Colossal Octopus as well as the Giant Squids has attacked ships many times. The thing is, is that they never meant to hurt any humans. Due to the way they see the shadows of a ship resembles that of a whale and they were only after pray when they would attack a ship.

Back to the Kraken for a moment. With this info could there really be such of a creature that is called the Kraken? Very possible. We know that the Kraken was held responsible for many ships that disappeared and its crew men. The stories of the Kraken goes back as far as the 12th century Norway.

The Kraken was said to have been so large that it was often mistaken for a small island or many islands for it was so huge and it is said that it was at least mile and half just across its back. Some stories even claim that they would have been at sea for so long and longed for land that they mistook the monster for an island and went to it only to lose their lives and their vessel.

A vortex would be caused when it would surface or de-surface which would bring many fish close to it of all sorts because they would be drug into the current that it caused. Some fishermen even claimed to have risk their ships and their crew men and fish over the creature knowing that they may not survive if the creature took a notice to them. If they survived and headed back to the port they would with out a doubt have a loaded down ship full of fish.

Olause Magnus in 1555 wrote of a creature that greatly resemble the Greek Mythical creature Scylla.

Scylla was a monstrous sea creature which was a goddess of the seas and hung around the rocks between Italy and Sicily. She was described as to have 12 feet that dangled beneath her, six necks that darted around with their grisly heads attached to them and each head were lined with three rows of large sharp teeth. When her voice was heard it sounded like a pack of dogs whelping at the moon. If any ships were to cross her path near the narrow straights the crew were sure to lose at least 6 of their men due to her rampaging heads. She was said to have been a beautiful nymph at one time but was turned into a hideous creature due to the jealous witch Kirke.



Could this have been thought to be the Kraken as well. It really is not in the fitted description of the kraken but it is possible that it could have been. Did Olause Magnus see this creature himself or just made it up? We really don’t know what to believe when it comes to reading the journals of sailors because after being at sea for so long they kinda loss their sanity in a way and their minds can play tricks on them but then again being at sea there would be no dogs about I should think so what was heard or seen? Here is another thing is that even the pictures that are found that were done thousands of years ago shows that the kraken had three rows of sharp teeth just as Scylla was said to have.

Here is a funny thing about the Kraken and Greek Mythology. The Kraken is in no way part of the Greek legends.

the Kraken of Clash of the Titans but was really Ceto

the Kraken of Clash of the Titans but was really Ceto

In the Clash of the Titans Perseus is faced with what is called the Kraken to save Andromeda but what he really faced was the Greek mythical monster Ceto. The Kraken has been adopted by many myths because it is such of a fierce creature. This is really a Norse and Scandinavia mythical creature. Many people has adopted the thought of the Kraken and has placed it in other myths when it don’t belong there at all. The reason for this is because it is so terrible and mean looking and it terrifies every one on the seas. Some even thinks that the Kraken inspired the great H.P. Lovecraft’s creature called Cthulhu. We have and will see the kraken pop up all over all in different looks and actions but still fierce. It is funny how these mythical creatures can change so much and soon lose what it really looked like just like the unicorn.

the sea of abysmal where it is thought that the Kraken Dwells

the sea of abysmal where it is thought that the Kraken Dwells

Many believes that the kraken is still alive if it has not been killed out by the pollution that is spilled in the water all of the time. Many hopes that it has been driven further into the open ocean floor and is in hibernation of some sort way beneath the sea of abysmal, which will mean that it will awake again and rage havoc on the ships again. Although there are still ships that goes missing still today with out a trace and no one ever knows what happens to them. Maybe the kraken still is lurking around in the northern waters and around the Scandinavia waters. But with its stealth movements and cunning ways of getting around in the ocean will make it impossible to get a glimpse of and if it is seen most people would not even believe them which would make the kraken still able to continue on its way doing what it or they do best.

the kraken

the kraken

Another sad thing is that it probably is not meaning to harm any one just as the Octopus and squids don’t mean to, it is just hunting for food and mistake’s ships for food. But if it ever is found it will be hunted down and who knows if any human weapon can kill it  but it would be greatly tortured. Mankind has to destroy every thing even when they don’t know any thing about it. Some times I wish some thing would hunt mankind and not find out why we do things just be afraid of us and kill us. Maybe then we would understand what we have done to so many things.

What do you the reader think about the Kraken. Did it ever swim the oceans or maybe still does. If it did and you seen it what would go through your mind afterwords? Many things would go through mine like wow I wounder what else that is said to be nothing but myths be true.

Written By Tasha Slone copyright 2010 all rights reserved


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    Excellent article! I never knew there was so much information about the Kraken. Great website you have with lots of killer articles keep up the good work.

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    amazing, i have a real interest in giant squid & there connections to the kraken, and this really helped, but the part about humans killing it i think is wrong, wether the kraken is morally innocent or not has nothing to do with the fact its killing people, and if it is real it should be killed. but thats just difference in oppinion. thanks again :)

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    Very nice article. i kinda think the kraken is very interesting.i love learning about creatures like the kraken.i find them very interesting.

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    Great article! It really helped me for my marine science essay: compare the kraken to the giant squid. I loved it, thanks again.

    PS: about the killings and all that, I think it would be the same as to what sharks is going through. Think about it, sharks are one of the most feared marine creatures in the world yet they are still being haunted for their fins. SHARKS DIDN’T DO ANYTHING. They just mistake people for seals or other stuff they eat, like the Kraken and how it might have mistaken the ships for whales – I mean, it makes total sense! People should really think twice before they do stuff ’cause really, all they are doing is destroying the planet by killing innocent creatures and polluting the Earth – our home, we share it and we should care for it.

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