The iPod sank to the bottom, and as it did, tiny little

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Replica Hermes Maybe he would be willing to take on a different role with the Wolves, but I don see why we would want Saunders calling Hermes Belt Replica plays ahead of Joerger.Fortunately, they most likely know each other decently enough, so maybe they could work together. Flip really liked Joerger and tried to get him here.I think the main thing is that other teams would be interested in having Joerger as their head coach, no other team would look at Saunders as their head coach for the upcoming season.Having Joerger as head coach, with Ryan Saunders as an assistant would give Ryan more time under a great play calling coach and would be beneficial for everyone involved.But, because KAT likes Ryan so much, I would ultimately go with Ryan over Joerger if it meant that Ryan wouldn be with the Wolves any longer.If those two can work together, I would be very excited for the upcoming season. Joerger is the type of coach that can get an extra 10 wins out of just about any team Replica Hermes.


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