The Gate that Opens On It’s Own

Jess and I have been friends our whole life and when this happen we were 12. We were hanging out with our boy friends and we were playing man-hunt with them and our cousin Twig and Nick’s sister Rohl  (Nick’s sister).
We had taken a little break in Jessica s garage when we heard some weird noises and a cold breeze every once in a while but we didn’t care cause we thought we were safe in the garage. We sat there and all of the sudden Twigs cell phone was thrown across the room. We thought that Twig was pulling a trick. We got a little freaked out because you know would not anyone be thinking what is he trying to do here scare us?

The boys and Rohl got called home so they went home. Tristen, Jess and Twig went back to the house. On a path that the boys and Rohl took they had to pass a little fence that had a gate. About an hour later they called back and said that they were done with what they had to go home for and that they wanted to hang out in the barn. But they also said that when the went through the gate it opened all by it’s self they did not have to touch it. We were all like now that’s impossible and it was not the wind because it was facing the wrong way.

We didn’t believe them so we walked through the gate when we went to go pick them up, and it did the same thing to us we were so scared we ran like little kids back home. We called them and said you come pick us up your boys so you come and get us. So they did come and they were running through the door and they said that some one was out there. We have seen them scared before but nothing like this. They were terrified.

We went inside and started to play spin the bottle and we were about ten minutes into the game and the bottle shattered we had no clue what to do. So we all decided to go to Tristen’s grandma’s for the night and nothing happen at all. Nothing has really happened sense then only now the gate always opens when you go through it.

So what is wrong with this gate is it being open and closed by a ghost whom is a gentleman that use to work at a hotel or some thing and is use to opening doors for every one or what.

Written by kristen jess copy right 2009 all rights reserved by no part of this story may be used with out permission

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  1. Maybe the gate haz photo-cell. Those kind of things are scary. Every thime u come near them they open. I myself expirienced that aswell. As a metter of fact i expirience it every day when i do the shoping…0_o

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