The Flower Shop Ghost

I’m a former floral designer. A few years back I was employed by a local shop. Where I did floral design & deliveries. 
 It was summertime while I was employed there.  And there where many occasion’s when I would be standing at my workstation in shorts and I would hear fast paced footstep’s behind me and actually feel a “breeze” on the back of my leg’s when they went by.  I brought this oddity up to my Boss and other employees.  A couple of the other women had experienced similar things too. The Boss lady however tried to come up with excuses for it.

 One of her favorite”explanations” was that it was the employee’s in the business next door walking around.  What I felt when this entity passed by was way to close to have came from the adjoining business next door.  I could actually hear that these were fast paced footstep’s on a carpeted floor. 

One day after work I decided just to prove the Boss wrong.  I decided to visited the business located next door.  It was a Cellular Phone store.  I walked in and low and behold hard wood flooring no carpet in sight anywhere!  So therefore that proved my Bosses theory to be all wrong.  There where many peculiar occurrences that happened to me while I was employed at the shop. Two days per week for about 3 hours I would be alone in the shop.  Responsible for closing and locking up etc.One afternoon while there alone, with no customer’s in the shop I went to the back to use the restroom. 

We had a stock area in the back that you had to walk through to get there.  We had a large basket of decorative Lawn Flag’s like you decorate your yard with.  When I came out of the restroom those flag’s were scattered all over the stockroom floor!

Then on another day while I was alone in the shop I was designing an arrangement at my work station.  And I had a bar stool sitting to the side of my table and on the end of the work table was a shelf.  Which we kept candle’s on. I walked to the stock room to get some supplie’s  and when
I came back there was a Lavender colored Votive candle sitting upright dead center in the middle of the stool seat. There’s no way it could have rolled from the shelf it would have landed on the floor if that had been the case. It has been strategically placed where it was by “something”.

Another day I had a sizeable delivery I had to make to a local Funeral Home. We had a fairly late model delivery van. I opened all the doors and began loading all of the arrangement’s. I shut the doors one by one.
I opened the driver’s door to get in and as soon as I shut the door the door’s all locked by themselves. This scared me because I knew I hadn’t hit any lock button. I started the van and said out loud “I guess whoever you are you wanna tag along with me today”. 

Upon returning after my delivery;  I told the Boss about what had happened with the van’s door’s locking by themselves.  And of course once again; she started trying to come up with excuses.  She said she thought that the van had a electrical problem.  And she followed me to the garage where she regularly took it for maintenance and repairs to have them check it out for a wiring problem.  They couldn’t find a thing wrong with it.  I also would hear voice’s in the shop’s showroom,  when there where no customer’s, windchimes we sold chiming by themselves too. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that the shop I worked at was haunted. The area it is in was all farmland years ago. So my assumption is that the entity is from a bygone era from many years ago. I believe the tiny fast paced footstep’s were that of a young child spirit.

 Sent in by Marlaina, Copyright 2010

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