The Dark Shadow Figure Person

I have read several stories here and have finally decided to share mine. I was 17 when this occurred. I have always been a skeptic about ghost and never really thought a person could see ghost or anything of that nature and would often tell people my point of view when the topic ever came up. I was sleeping in my bed which is at the back part of my house but from my bed if I leave my door open I can look directly into the kitchen and who generally leave the light on over the hood of the stove because my mom works as a nurse and works all kinds of weird hours.

This particular night I am asleep door open and for some strange reason I wake up out of my sleep and sit straight up in my bed and I never wake up which is weird. I look at the entrance of my door and there is a black shadow I use that term loosely because I could clearly see its out line and the light behind its form but I could not see through it! It was darker than black if that’s even possible but the best way for me to describe it I rubbed my eyes thinking my eyes was playing tricks on me but it was still there looking at me it had on what appeared to be a pointed hat and when it moved it clearly heard the rattle of chains! It seemed to clothed in a robe or cloak.

I wasn’t afraid for some reason but was trying to figure out how this was possible that I could see a face just a form that was blacker than black that rattled like it was carrying chains when it moved in my doorway. It stood there for 20 seconds, like it wanted me to get look and I did and I wasn’t sleeping I saw what I saw.  As I went to get up it stretched or should I say slid under my bed and vanished I got up turned on the light looked under my bed nothing! I went back to bed and had a vivid dream of my stepbrother coming over to our house and he was wearing a red kerchief around his head and white tee shirt and blue jeans on the next day I walked out on the patio and he steps out from around the house wearing the same thing I saw in my dream I had a strange deja vu moment it was creepy. So I say hi Jimmy and he smiles and says he had talked to my mom and would be over later and we could talk but he had to go home and do a few things.

I went back in jumped in the shower and heard the phone ring and I heard my mom yell and start to cry . I run out of the bathroom thinking something is wrong and she tells me Jimmy has died in a accident I felt as if I had been punched in the stomach and everything that has happened in the last 24 hours come back to me. Was the shadow a sign of death?

Was the dream warning me he would die? Was any of this even possible? I was a doubter but I will never again question the power of the spirit world because there are some things in this life I cant. I think it may have been an omen of death but for anyone who knows more about this kind of thing please comment but I get that same weird deja vu feeling when I go places sometimes for the first time like I have been there before its kind of hard to explain but I just know I have been there and its like I get goosebumps whenever this happens my friend say I maybe sensitive to the spirit world and maybe its a gift.

How can I have a ability I never asked for or sought out? Please help me with your comments I don’t want to open any doors or invite anything into my life but its like I can meet people and tell what kind of person they are by just sensing there vibe if that’s a good way to explain it.

I am from a small town in Virginia. by the way

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