The Cries That I Hear In My House

About 7 months ago me and my ex got into a really bad argument and I would cry, and I’d try to constantly get him to forgive me. For what? I had no idea. All I knew was he was mad at me. He was my best friend ever, and I swore if we were ever friends again I would never go back out with him.

So now we’re friends again. And before we fought he would come over and we would hang out under a small section that almost looked like a house without walls. It had a swinging bench and our friend Justin would put a chair on top of the table and sit on it. Now Keep in mind neither of them are dead. They’re very much alive. When me and Johnny were fighting I would sit on the bench and wait for him to come back. Sometimes I saw him perfectly clear next to me. But he didn’t say anything. So I started staying in my room more. I would cry myself to sleep sometimes.

I finally calmed down about 4 months into the fights. And I wouldn’t cry anymore. But I was angrier than ever. I would sit in my room and stare at the floor. One night I heard someone calling my name in Johnny’s voice. I thought he was outside, so I went outside to check. I saw him sitting on the chair that was on top of the table. It was around 6 in the morning though. I knew for a fact he never got up so early. But aside from that, why was he here? I walked over to sit by him and when I looked back up he was gone. About a month later I went to school and there he was standing. Me and Justin were joking around. Now, Justin was mine and Johnny’s best friend. So we had to “Share” or something like that. So he stayed his distance around me and Justin. He called my name to get my attention though. I didn’t know if I should trust him, or even believe it was him. He started crying though and he said how sorry he was. And he said that he tried to get me to come outside about 2 months ago but my mom told him to never try to come back again. I instantly hugged him and told him everything that happened.

He didn’t let go of me, but I knew he thought I was crazy. I told him how I saw him everyday, and I heard his voice. How I cried for months. He told me it was his dream. He was always there questioning if he should come back. Later that night I heard crying while I was home alone. It made an echo noise almost, so I went outside to look around everywhere. I went to Justin’s house asking if everything was okay, and did the same to my other friend’s house Lizzie. They both said everything was fine. So I went back home. I heard people talking. I checked all the TVs, the phones, computers, and the radio. All was off. I heard it through the whole house. So I started checking closets, then the vents. I could hear people crying in the vents. I asked who was there. (None of this really surprises me anymore, I’ve lived in so many haunted houses.)

Nothing has happened since that day it was the last thing that’s happened that I could connect to this story. I think it might have made me a little crazy. Or it could have just been a great obsession. Who knows, I just want an answer from someone who wont turn me into a Mental Hospital.

Written by Jessica Menow, Copyright 2010

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  1. it was her father who had passed. he were testing the spirit asking questions that only she knew the answers to. after 20 mins it switched over and claimed to be MY mother, once again answering questions correctly.

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