The Birth Place Of Zeus Has Been Found

some of the items found on the site of Zeus birth place
some of the items found on the site of Zeus birth place that looks like a coin and petrified lightning

It appears in Crete Greece that archaeologists may have found the real place of which the Greek Myths speaks of where The Great Greek God Zeus himself was raised. In the myths it tell us that Zeus was raised in Mount Lykaion in Crete to keep Cronos away from him. He was hidden there until he became a man and took over Mount Olympus with his brothers and sister(s)
As of digs more then two years ago has showed that there was an altar with ceremonial goods there that was given to Zeus as they worshiped him. These items date back as far as the legend started of Zeus. They are said to be over 3400 years old which makes these items the oldest known items that was used to worship Zeus that any one knows of. This is also the first place where Zeus was first worshiped then from there it spread.

The Dictean Cave where Zeus was risen, is located on Mount Dicte near Crete

Many items has been found that was unbroken and perfect as if it had just been made. The site that was find strongly suggests that there were huge feasts and drinking ( there were more then over 50 drinking vessels found) there as if there were many ceremonies, there were remains of burnt sheep’s and goat bones, that is always a good symbol that this is a place where some type of worship was taken place. A hand that held a lighting bolt was found as well as petrified lighting was buried. ( for those who are not sure what petrified lightning is; it is Fulgurites (from the Latin fulgur meaning thunderbolt) are natural hollow glass tubes formed in quartzose sand, or silica, or soil by lightning strikes. Lighting can turn sand into glass)  And beings Zeus was the god of Lighting this would mean more then any thing that this was for Zeus himself. All sorts of figurines of human and animals were found, some were broken but allot was still intact and little wear on them. That is pretty amazing for items that are almost if not close to 4000 years old.

one of the ash alters found on the site of birth place of Zeus

The alters that are called Ash Alters that were found on Mount Lykeon was very rare for this time period for the Greeks and not been found any where else or not yet at least. These alters date to the first of Zeus name and when it all began. Coins silver and gold has been found in the layers of the mountain as well devoted to Zeus.

It would appear to me that the people that soon became Greeks that inhabited Greece brought there beliefs with them maybe or they found things that we have not found yet and seemed to believe that it was true so they started to worship these gods as well. The temple of Zeus is one of the seven wonders of the world. It is thought that for many millenams that the alter of Zeus went unbroken for it was used for such of a long period of time and was kept up with.

The Temple of Zeus in Athens

It seems to be that every myth can or most can be proven as some sort of truth behind it. Places of where Gods are said to have been born or raised or lived can be found and there with in you will also find worship items and things of the such. So was all and every myth taken from some sort of truth or made up. Not sure but it is always interesting to find things of the such and if only we knew whether or not any of this was true. Even the laybirth of the minotaur has been found although they are not certain but there is enough evidence there to show that is was the right place that is spoke of in the myths.

If you take the myths of Greek as well as Norse and others and compare them to Our Bible you will find many similarity’s within as if it all was taken from one source and turned into many.

Written by Tasha Slone copy write 2011

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