Pictures and Information About White Bengal Tigers

These tigers are in danger and not many are alive today due to hunters there are only 200 white tigers alive in the entire world it has also been studies that only between 5000 to 7000 wild tigers are left in the world.

In India within the last 100 years only ten white tigers have been seen.

Tigers love to live alone, the mother tiger stays with her cubs till they are big enough to care for themselves.

Within the past 70 years three tiger subspecies has went into extinct. The Javan, Bali and the Caspian tigers are no long in the world today.

There are many organizations that are trying to get the population of these rare and magnificent animals back up in numbers to help them survive.

The White Bengal Tiger is built differently then most tigers. here is a picture showing how they are built.

Help save these beautiful creatures before it is too late.  Every dollar counts and you can help. You can even adopt one of these White Bengal Tigers …